‘The Flash’ considering ‘It’ director Andy Muschietti to helm movie. Yeah, sure, okay, just start filming

it director andy muschietti the flash

Apparently, WB is considering It director Andy Muschietti to helm The Flash movie. Man, this movie has been in development Hell for years. Fucking years. So, I don’t really feel anything at this news. This movie has churned through so many fucking writers and directors at this point, why bother. That said, I thought It was about as overrated as can be. But, dude seems competent. Whatever that means.

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Rumor: The ‘Flash’ movie is going to start filming this year. No, seriously!

rumor flash movie filming 2019

I’m excited about the DCEU these days. True, I’ve only enjoyed Wonder Woman. But, Warner Bros. has made a lot of interesting choices in recent times to get me torqued. The one relevant to the Flash movie? Hiring the writers of the pretty fantastic Spider-Man: Homecoming to direct it. So, let’s fucking go, let’s get this filming. I’m in.

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The ‘Flash’ standalone movie to be directed by ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ writers. If you can’t beat them, recruit them!

flash movie spider man homecoming writers

The DCU has been getting its ass kicked by the MCU for years, friends. For years! So, they’ve done what many competitors do when they’ve been so thrashed. If they can’t compete with a competitor’s talent, they make it their own. The DCU has gone full Yankees, friends. And honestly, I’m actually excited by this news. I really, really enjoyed Homecoming.

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‘The Flash’ movie gets new script, by, uh, the dude who wrote ‘King Arthur’

the flash movie new script king arthur writer

The Flash continues to tumble along in development hell, in case you forgot the movie even existed. However, perhaps its stay in hell is coming to an end, as the movie has picked up a new script. Nice! By the writer of King Arthur.Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.

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‘The Flash’ movie is going to adapt that wild ass ‘Flashpoint’ storyline which rebooted the DC Comics universe

flash movie flashpoint storyline

I thought the wild ass DC mega event Flashpoint was pretty whatever, because I’m lukewarm at best on Geoff Johns But, the news that that the Flash movie is going to adapt said storyline? Equal parts bonkers, and impressive. So many questions. Like, are they already rebooting their cinematic universe? Phasing out Bat-Fleck? Or will it be a casual adaptation? Is it going to be GrimDark? I’m intrigued.

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New ‘Justice League’ photo has Flash teaming-up with Wonder Woman and The Batman

justice league flash team-up batman wonder woman

I’m not really sure why I’m sharing this photo, outside of the fact that all the other pop culture slob-blogs did. From Entertainment Weekly, it’s got Barry Allen teaming up with the Mom and Dad of the Justice League, Bruce and Diana. As an aside, perhaps a brief aside, man I hope this movie is good.

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‘The Flash’ News: Sam Raimi passes on directing, Robert Zemeckis might, Billy Crudup leaves film

the flash news sam raimi robert zemeckis billy crudup

The Flash can’t seem to land any good fucking news these days. Rotating cast of potential directors, infinite script rewrites (a DCU staple at this point), and now Billy Crudup has left the flick.

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‘The Flash’ Script Getting Another Rewrite From ‘King Arthur’ Writer

the flash script rewrite

The Flash. Can’t keep directors. Can’t find a script. Who knows, maybe this one-page rewrite from the man behind King Arthur will finally nail it.

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New ‘Justice League’ Photo Has Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash Getting Their Pose On

wonder woman batman flash justice league photo

A new Justice League photo has a good portion of the squad doing what superhero squads do (second) best: posing.

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DC Comics TV Series Create $1 Billion A Year In Revenue

dc comics tv series revenue

Woah. So. Apparently, DC Comics TV series revenue tops $1 fucking billion a year. Holy taint. Which explains why DC keeps churning out them TV series. And, supposedly, they’re good. Not doubting it, just never seen them.

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