OMEGA-CAST #22: Did We Just Become Best Friends?


Well, friends, it’s another edition of the friggin’ OMEGA-CAST. Truthfully, I’ve been sitting on writing up this podcast post for a bit now. Cause, well, this one goes off the rails quickly. Or perhaps more accurately, into previously uncharted territory. Despite evidence to the contrary, Bateman and I are generally completely in-sync with one another. From personal tastes, to underlying ideologies, and an unapologetic love of babes. Which is why I feel comfortable infinitely trolling him, and why he feels comfortable infinitely ingesting it. On this episode of the pod, for some reason, we open up about our mutually tumultuous childhoods. If you ever wondered how we both ended up the way we did, here’s a look at some of the psychological carnage. Aside from that? We get into Bateman’s quest to make ten-million dollars (seriously), uh some other stuff, and Final Fantasy XV. So, uh, enjoy!

Or you can skip all that and just enjoy Rendar going IN on Rogue One! Spoiler! He doesn’t like it. At all. 

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OMEGA-CAST #21: Garbage Lords Gone Rogue (One)


Hope. Hope! Hope, hope, hope. Did you know that Rogue One was about hope? Yes! Yes, it is. Talk about Hope and everything Roguish with us here. Here’s a Rogue One-centric podcast. Done in one take, shuffled out into the night quickly so we can get the conversation coming.

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OMEGA-CAST #20: Doctor Strange’s Socratic Flatulence


The latest descent into adolescent sophistry, scatalogical humor, and irredeemable buffoonery is upon you, folks. Gnash your teeth at The God That Forgot You and curse It for allowing us to continue our podcast.

This latest iteration covers a typical gamut of garbage.

Feauring such topics as “Eating only broccoli that women have farted on” and “Hipster Or Homeless? should be a game show.”

If that hasn’t sent you away, we also mock both Liberals and Trumpers, have half-hearted conversations about Doctor Strange and Arrival, and psychoanalyze Bateman’s childhood pants-shitting and subsequent life-long catastrophic psychological trauma.

We hope you’ll join us!

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OMEGA-CAST #19: They Have No Lightning!


…and, we, are, fucking back! Let’s get it out of the way: Riff completely fucked up the audio, recognizing after we recorded that he recorded it through his laptop microphone. So, yeah. It’s Garbage Audio from the Garbage Lords! That said, we hit on a variety of topics, and we sport a new contributor: our own Eduardo Pluto.

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OMEGA-CAST #18: Watto’s Sex Drive In The Post-Criticism Age


Finally, the goddamn OMEGA-CAST is back. And it’s a bit out there. I’m going to level with you — I was incredibly *not* sober for the duration of this podcast, and listening to it was like hearing my own words for the first time. In this podcast: Watto banging Shmi Skywalker, singing along to Ariana Grande, the post-criticism age, Fargo, the devolution, evolution, and revolution of Rendar Frankenstein and more.

Listen to it after the jump, or on iTunes and Stitcher.

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OMEGA-CAST #17: Existential Mud Butt Upon The Fury Road!


Oh shit! It’s been a hot minute since we dropped a podcast. Life! It happens. Since the last beleaguered, intoxicated collection of Omega Belligerence I’ve gone on a Bachelor Weekend with the Goons. Captured on the podcast! Seen Fury Road. Noted on the podcast! Gotten married, bought a house. Both on the podcast! But that’s not all. Us Four Usual Dickheads spit about a variety of topics. From True Detective, to the eternal debate in art of Form versus Content. From Bateman’s Mason Jar filled with his scabbed-off genital warts to Riff’s alcoholic slaying of Disney World. It’s all here.

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OMEGA-CAST #16: Ultron’s Zany Zeitgeist Genocide


They’re back! This time the Dickheads Chaperoning the Space-Ship Omega dive into their general malaise regarding Age of Ultron. They also discuss that Star Wars movie coming up to the point of nausea. At one point, CaffPow’s discusses the depression that follows signing up for porn sites that haven’t been updated since 2001. We also cover Bateman’s crosswalk stop light fetish, and maybe a little about Daredevil. Dim the lights, doff your pants, and join them in their insanity. You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or after the jump.

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OMEGA-CAST #15: The Hero We Didn’t Want


For the past dozen+ episodes of the OMEGA-CAST, Patrick Bateman has starred in a quality supporting role. However, this time the lovable, completely-stoned sociopath takes center stage in our descent into madness. Laugh at his non-sequiturs regarding the Powers that Be and the Televisor. Marvel at his input regarding the idea of concurrently developed sequels to one movie. Cower before his insanity when it comes to stalking celebrities online to “see how they’re doing.” From Star Wars canon to Dragon Age: Inquisition, he steals the show.

Listen on Stitcher, iTunes, or after the jump.

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OMEGA-CAST #14: Denzel Washington’s Stroke Face


Oh shit! Yeah! We didn’t forget about you! And we didn’t forget about this podcast that we recorded a month ago. #STEVEBRULEWINK. This is pretty much our fucking 2014 RECAP. But. You know. A month into 20-FUCKING-15. We discuss our favorite movies (#OSCAR TIE-IN?!), Denzel Washington’s stroke face, Caff’s disdain for Seth Rogen, and Bateman’s new insulin pump. Among other things.

It’s funny we promise.

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OMEGA-CAST #13: An Awakening In Our Fanboy Glands


Oh boy! This podcast is either going to be the sort of pornographic geekery (not literally, but like, getting your dork glands swelling) you’re looking for, or an unbearable fusillade of Star Wars Dickhead Loser Hype. Either way, we hope you check this installment out. This is our best sounding podcast yet, buffeted by $500 in new audio equipment. Aside from the obvious fluids-spilling meditations on The Force Awakens, this podcast features Rendar’s Venture Start-Up, Caff dropping deuces on Interstellar, Bateman’s butt, and another mutual circle jerk over Michael Keaton’s saggy tits in Birdman. Join us. Become us. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Listen on iTunes or after the jump.

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