‘Wonder Woman 1984’ coming to HBO Max and theaters on December 25. Christmas present indeed!

wonder woman 1984 heading to hbo max and theaters december 25

Holy fucking hell, dudes. This is colossal. Wonder Woman 1984 is dropping on HBO Max the same day it hits theaters. Specifically, December 25. What a rad way to pad a shitty Christmas season, no? Now, please, Disney. Give us Black Widow.

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Watch: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter send out a warm message for World Kindness Day. Most excellent!

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are out here, fighting the good fight. They’re sending out a warm message for World Kindness Day, and we must all take heed. God bless these two dudes for pushing the excellent message, specially in the face of such cynicism and hate.

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ may hit HBO Max two weeks after theaters. Wild, wild times!

wonder woman 1984 hbo max streaming

In these times, motherfuckers gotta be versatile. In every avenue! So, it’s really interesting seeing how movie studios are navigating the COVID Universe. The latest example of said navigation? Warner Brothers may start streaming Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max two weeks after its theatrical run..

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‘Tenet’ available to watch at home on December 15. About time! Get it?

tenet vod release date december 15

We finally know when Christopher Nolan’s latest mindbending, self-masturbating opus Tenet is coming to homes. The motherfucker is going to be dropping December 15, and I’ll admit that I’m stoked. Like, even if the movie sucks, or is a mess, it’s still a Nolan jam. There will be enough to appreciate and pick at, you know?

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Jordan Peele is producing a remake of ‘The People Under The Stairs’ and I’m fucking here for it!

jordan peele the people under the stairs remake

Jordan Peele is producing a fucking remake of The People Under The Stairs, and I’m torqued. If there’s anyone I’m going to trust when it comes to producing a horror remake, it’s this dude.

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Netflix and Apple may be looking to land Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’ in silly money bidding war

netflix apple streaming rights bond no time to die

If you believe one industry insider (laugh at the terminology, whatever, suck it), Netflix and Apple are throwing around silly money. Like, okay, they always are? But in this particular case? The companies are flexing their financial nipples in an attempt to land Daniel Crag’s last Bond flick, No Time To Die.

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‘Uncharted’ set photos offer look at Tom Holland as Young Nathan Drake. And? Dude looks good!

Man, the Uncharted movie is really fucking happening! It’s been in development for, like, 99% of OL’s existence. That said? Tom Holland looks good as young Nathan Drake in this set photo. Or at the least, not actively bad. IMO, IMO, of course.

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Jake Gyllenhaal teaming up again with Denis Villeneuve for the HBO limited series ‘The Son’ and let’s goooo

jake gyllenhaal denis villeneuve hbo the son

Holy fucking shit, dudes. Maybe 2020 isn’t complete diarrhea! Or, at least it ain’t on the pop culture scene. Motherfucking Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve are teaming up once more. This time for an HBO limited series, The Son. The duo previously blew my ass hair off with Prisoners and Enemy, so this is glorious, glorious news.

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Michael B. Jordan is producing a ‘Static Shock’ live-action movie. I’m instantly intrigued, dudes!

michael b jordan produce movie static shock

I don’t really know anything about Static Shock, dudes. However, I do know Michael B. Jordan! Dude is solid. Which means this project gains instant credence in my eyes.

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‘Dune’ delayed, ‘Bond’ delayed, ‘Batman’ delayed, everything fucking delayed. We staying home, folks.

dune delayed

Since I’ve last been on the ball, roughly every single movie has been delayed. In the last week, we’ve seen DuneBatman, and Bond delayed. It’s official, folks. We ain’t going to be seeing any tentpoles until COVID cools down. Which, given its progression in the United States, will be approximately Who Fucking Knows.

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