‘John Wick’ director wants to make his ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ movie in Japanese. It’s fucking wild, I love it

john wick director ghost of tsushima movie japanese

The bro behind John Wick is making a Ghost of Tsushima movie and he wants to get wild with it. Wild with it how? Dude wants to make it in Japanese, with Japanese actors. Let’s fucking go for it, baby. Get nuts. Apparently Sony is backing the idea, too. For how long? Great fucking question. Like, I don’t think it’s going to fucking happen, but I appreciate the sentiment.

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‘Prey’ has Hulu’s biggest premiere ever. This makes sense cause the movie fucking rules.

prey hulu biggest premiere ever

On the one hand, I fucking love seeing Prey absolutely dominate on Hulu. Biggest premiere ever! On the other hand, what a fucking travesty that this shit isn’t on the big screen. A lean, mean, gorgeous, violent, sexy beast of a movie such as this needs to be seen writ large. Upon the silver screen! Across our entire plane of vision! We were robbed.

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‘Oppenheimer’ Trailer: Nolan applies his time-bending tendencies to splitting the atom

I’m sure I’ll really like Oppenheimer. That said, I gotta admit I fucking rolled my eyes during this trailer. I mean, Nolan just can’t stop sucking on the knob of time-based narrative structure. He can’t! I mean, if it pleases him. Go for it! But, at the same time. You know?

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Netflix is letting directors retroactively edit shows. The future (past) is ephemera

netflix retroactive editing shows

I think I’m going to have more to say about this at some point in an MMC or some shit, but this is very, very interesting to me. Netflix is letting directors go back and retroactively shows now. Shows as blog posts. Shows as Instagram posts. This sort of shit was first noted when Kanye was actively patching and changing…some album I’m too lazy to look up. But now the practice is going even more mainstream with it happening with Stranger Things, and I find it equal parts interesting and haunting.

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‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Is First A24 Film to Earn $100 Million Globally

everything everywhere all at once 100 million

Oh fuck yeah, here’s something I liked today. Everything Everywhere All at Once is the first A24 movie to earn $100 Million globally, motherfuckers! What a goddamn triumph both artistically and financially! If you ain’t seen this shit, do it. Do it now. You’ve already failed, but your ignorant consumer soul is not beyond redemption. I mean, sure, there are an infinite amount of Yous that have seen the movie across the Multiverse, but I’m speaking specifically to you here. YouPrime. At least from my perspective.

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PKD getting alternate-reality biopic directed by Alfonso Cuarón

If you’re going to do a PKD biopic, get fucking weird with it my friends. Dude was an astral realm-traveling, mind-bending, drug-fueled legend. Milquetoast bullshit is unacceptable. Thankfully, getting fucking weird with it is exactly what Charlize Theron and Alfonso Cuarón are doing.

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‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Trailer: More Yennefer, More Monster Fighting!

It is, in fact, very difficult for me to write headlines for The Witcher season 2’s trailers, because I haven’t seen the first. I really want to! But I haven’t. However, I wanna share this shit, since I know so many people (understandably) love it.

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‘Dune: Part Two’ is officially happening and its dropping October 2023. Well fucking done, everyone!

dune part two october 2023

Dune: Part One was fucking awesome. But hanging over that son of a bitch was the uncertainty regarding a sequel, and whether we’d ever get to see the full book on screen. Well, that shit ain’t hanging over us anymore. Dune: Part Two is happening, and it’s arriving in October 2023.

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Warner Bros. teases that ‘Dune 2’ is going to happen and its about fucking time its confirmed!

warner bros teases dune 2 happening

I gotta fucking tell you, this news about Dune 2 happening couldn’t have come at a better time. You see, I’m seeing the movie tonight, and the uncertainty surrounding a second part has muted my enjoyment. But now? Fuck yes, let’s go!

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‘Dune’ director Denis Villeneuve would love to make a Bond movie. Let him fucking make one!

dune director denis villeneuve love to make bond movie

Motherfucking Denis Villeneuve would “deeply love” to make a Bond movie, and the only response is obvious. Fucking let him make the movie! But I mean genuinely make it. Don’t stick him inthe director’s chair and then micromanage his ass into oblivion. Give him the reins and let him make the fucking dopest Bond flick going. Do it, you fucking cowards.

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