‘Fast and Furious 9’ is probably going to space, teases star Ludacris. This is the logical and fucking perfect continuation, dudes

fast and furious space ludacris f9

F9 star Ludacris is teasing something big, my dudes. Specifically?The Fast and Furious franchise is going to space, friends. Fucking finally! The franchise, perhaps one of the greatest ever, has succeeded by continuously jumping over the shark. And if there’s one thing they gotta tackle before it comes to an end, it’s the fucking cosmos.

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Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ movie getting an HBO Max spin-off because we don’t have enough fucking superhero shit

the batman hbo max spinoff

Hey! The Batman is getting a spin-off series on HBO Max. Who fucking cares, man. However, I should clarify: I’m really stoked for Matt Reeves and his take on The Batman. But, I do not have one single fucking iota of care left for the seemingly infinite amount of superhero shit on TV.

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‘The Wolfman’ starring Ryan Gosling will be helmed by ‘Invisible Man’ director Leigh Whannell. This fucking rocks!

the wolfman ryan gosling leigh whannell

Actor Ryan Gosling. Fucking rocks. Director Leigh Whannell. Fucking rocks. The two of them working together on The Wolfman? You guessed it. Fucking rocks.

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Composer Ennio Morricone has passed away at the age of 91. Dude was absolutely fucking God-Tier.

ennio morricone dead 91

Friends, Ennio Morricone has passed away at the age of 91. Which sucks. But man. What an absolute beast of a run it was for the dude. 91 years of fucking compositional dominance.

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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ animated reboot coming and being produced by Seth Rogen

teenage mutant ninja turtles cg reboot seth rogen

Seth Rogen and his production team are the latest to take a swing at a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. And? I don’t know, they seem a solid enough choice to potentially crush it. How’s that for political speak, eh?

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AMC has pushed its reopening date to July 30. Fellas, you may just want to fucking wait before choosing a date.

amc theaters reopening date july 30

AMC intended to reopen July 15. However, the chain has pushed the date to July 30. Given, you know, COVID cases fucking spiking across the country and globe. And with things absolutely fucked, I bet they have to push it back again. Might just want to hold off on a firm date, my dudes.

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George A. Romero’s restored lost movie ‘The Amusement Park’ is almost ready for release!

george a romero lost film ready for release

That lost movie of George A. Romero? The Amusement Park? It’s almost fucking ready for release, my friends!

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Nolan’s blockbuster ‘Tenet’ delayed yet again, this time until August 12. Bro, just stop dating it for fuck’s sake

tenet delayed august 2020

Tenet‘s been delayed again, folks! August 12! This must deeply frustrate Extremely Humble Director Christopher Nolan, who wants Tenet to be the movie that saves movie theaters. No, seriously. And it’s led to him pressuring WB to release the movie this summer. But, the result of all that shit? The flick getting continuously delayed, as COVID lights our social lives on fire. Almost fucking comical at this point, right? Like, fellas. Just give it a date when everything isn’t coming apart at the seams.

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Michael Keaton returning as Batman in ‘The Flash’ movie, maybe more. This is so fucking good.

michael keaton batman the flash

Friends, the best Batman is returning. Michael Keaton will once again be donning the cowl, beginning with The Flash movie.

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‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ Trailer: A most excellent journey to the future, dudes!

I want to like the trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music more than I do, my friends. Who knows, maybe the movie will be most excellent. But, I fear there’s no rebottling the lightning of the first two. What do you friends think?

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