Taika Waiti’s ‘Akira’ adaptation is dropping May, 2021. Holy shit, it’s happening, and I’m torqued

taika waititi akira 2021

Taika Waititi is making Akira, folks. It was rumored, and now it’s confirmed with a release date. Anyone else? I’d be somewhere between skeptical and apathetic. But, Taika? Hell yes.

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Christopher Nolan’s next movie is officially titled ‘Tenet’ and is an action-espionage thriller. Fuck yes!

christopher nolan tenet

Christopher Nolan’s next movie is officially titled Tenet, and it’s an action-espionage thriller. Okay, so if dude isn’t going to do Bond, this is a entirely worthy alternative.

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‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Trailer: Anybody Order Fried Sauerkraut?!

This trailer…is amazing.

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‘John Wick 4’ is already confirmed with a release date of May 21, 2021. Well done, everyone!

john wick 4

This news is so, so fucking good. John Wick 4 is already confirmed, after a kick-ass box office this weekend. I want a John Wick movie every other year. Until I die. Every other year.

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‘Midsommar’ Trailer: The director of ‘Hereditary’ goes ‘Wicker Man’

The trailer for the next movie by the director of Hereditary has dropped. And? Looks as haunting as his first work, just a bit more…technicolor terrifying.

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Robert Pattinson has been cast as ‘The Batman’ and I’m all the way in on this [Updated: Deadline says it ain’t official-official]

robert pattinson the batman

Robert Pattinson is THE BATMAN. Dude is a dope fucking actor. Forget Twilight, and check out his filmography. So, I’m all the way in on this casting. Let’s go.

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James Gunn’s ‘Suicide Squad’ movie adds director favorite Michael Rooker as King Shark

james gunn suicide squad michael rooker

Michael Rooker and James Gunn have been rocking together for a good, good amount of time. Most recently, dude played Yondu in Gunn’s Guardians movies And now? Motherfucker will joining another ragtag gang of degenerates for Gunn.

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Quentin Tarantino says there’s a “very big possibility” he makes his ‘Star Trek’ movie. Bro, don’t play with me!

quentin tarantino star trek

I really, really want to see Tarantino’s take on Star Trek. But, I got to admit. I didn’t think it had a chance at coming to fruition. Not so fast, says the man himself.

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‘Fast & Furious 9’ adds John Cena to its cast. May this franchise never, ever end.

fast and furious john cena

I legitimately love the bro-eroticism, fantastic action, and oily body of the Furious franchise so, so much. And while I’ve been particularly focused on mashing my knob to the Rock’s spin-off movie, this F9 news also rules.

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‘Bond 25’ cast has finally been revealed. It includes Rami Malek and Ana De Armas, so I’m fucking stoked

bond 25 cast

One of the most rewarding parts of recently binging the Bond series is realizing how bad Bond movies have been, forever. So, I don’t really feed bad about enjoying a couple of Daniel Craig’s installments. That said, I’m ready for him to pass the mantle, and it seems he’s going to be passing it in style. I mean, the movie is fucking directed by Cary Fukunaga, and the cast is stacked. One last ride! Until, uh, the next ride, with a new Bond.

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