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Obviously: Obi-Wan Kenobi series in development for Disney+! Just give us more fucking Kenobi already

obi-wan kenobi tv series

Where there are tales of Star Wars spin-off, there are murmurings of Obi-Wan Kenobi. So, it makes sense that these murmurings have shown-up in regards to Disney’s streaming service.

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‘Episode IX’ wraps shooting and J.J. Abrams announces it with cast photo. I got all the damn feels, dudes

episode ix wraps shooting photo

Hey! It’s me! The last man on the planet (okay, aside from Rendar, Neo, Jerkface, and Bateman, I guess) stoked for Episode IX. And as the last man stoked, this picture hits me right in the groinal-feels.

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‘Love Death + Robots’ Trailer: Fincher & Miller’s sci-fi anthology looks fucking crazy in all the best ways

Is it March 15 yet? Cause I’m feeling the fuck out of this trailer.

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Grant Morrison is adapting ‘Brave New World’ for USA which is pretty fucking radical

That Brave New World adaptation that Grant Morrison spit about a while back? Coming to USA.

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That ‘Breaking Bad’ movie starring Aaron Paul may hit Netflix before AMC. All hail the Lords of Streaming!

breaking bad movie netflix

Kinda fucking surreal that we’re getting a Breaking Bad movie at all, right? And, said movie may end up on Netflix at first.

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Amazon’s ‘The Dark Tower’ series will start production this Spring. Can’t be worse than the fuckin’ movie!

amazon dark tower production

The Dark Tower movie objectively sucked ass. But, that isn’t stopping Amazon from bringing a TV series to life. And honestly? This shit was always better suited for a TV series. So, I’m cautiously optimistic.

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Howard the Duck and M.O.D.O.K. headline four animated Marvel series coming to Hulu!

howard the duck hulu marvel

I’m just, I’m just so fucking fatigued with all these comic book adaptations. I barely got the nut-sauce for the movies, and man. Everything else? Fatigued. That said, there’s some genuine talent here. I mean, Patton Oswalt? Hell yeah. Still though. Fatigued.

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Maybe: The ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ title has leaked. Let the speculation begin!

star wars balance of the force episode ix

Yeah, I don’t know. This is a nothing post, based off of rumor! But, I think the leak is probably real. And, I like speculating about one of my favorite things in the known Cosmos: Star Wars. I’m posting this shit after the jump, in case you don’t want it spoiled.

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Marshmello putting on concert in ‘Fortnite’ this weekend, combining TWO OF THE FUCKING CORNIEST THINGS GOING

marshmello fortnite concert

Marshmello. Has that lame ass song you probably hum along to. Fortnite. Undeniably corny, but it seems that everyone fucking plays it. Therefore, it makes sense to combine both of these lame-ass entities. The only way this shit could get more whack is if that industry shill dork-ass Ninja hosted the concert.

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