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Streaming accounts for 80% of Music Industry’s revenue. Good goddamn!

music industry 80 percent streaming

I stream like a motherfucker, okay? So, I’m one of the people propelling this trend. That said, the ephemeral nature of these services worries me. In fact, I’d like to get back into buying physical media (on top of streaming). Physical copy. Helps the artists more. But streaming is just so fucking convenient, no?

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Monday Morning Commute: Autumatic Boner!

monday morning commute autumatic boner!

I’m one of those generic-ass motherfuckers who really enjoys Spooky Season, friends. Though, I ain’t alone it seems. There seems to have been a real surge in the amount of people appreciating Autumn. Maybe it’s because we, as a culture, are embracing the end of all things. The North is melting. The forests are burning. Fascists run rampant in governments. What does that leave us to do?

Worship skulls. Stick dead leaves in our ass and scream at the infinite void. And, spend time with one another. A community of those if not eagerly, at least expectantly, awaiting the Eschaton.

Anyways! Welcome to these parts. Here? It’s Monday Morning Commute! The rundown of what we’re all looking forward in a given week. Aside from, of course, the End of All Things.

So come one! Come all! Let’s hang out.

I’ll go first.

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No stream tonight! Holiday cookout! Back next weekend!

Alex Trebek back to hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ after absolutely fucking dunking on pancreatic cancer!

alex trebek pancreatic cancer

My word, Alex Trebek has returned to his hosting duties on Jeopardy! This is, of course, after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Which, hopefully you don’t know is one of the most lethal motherfuckers out there. Took my grandpa and quick. But, fuck yes. This is fantastic news.

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‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ D23 Trailer: Your Journey Nears Its End

Let the speculation, excitement, and grousing begin! It’s the latest trailer for a Star Wars property? Me? C’mon. I’m the local Star Wars mark. Can’t wait.

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‘Black Widow’ and ‘The Falcon and Winter Soldier’ get posters at D23. But Disney doesn’t officially release them because fuck us

the falcon winter soldier black widow posters

I don’t get why Disney and other companies don’t just give the public official versions of shit they drop at conventions. Case in point: here are a couple of cell phone snaps of posters for Black Widow and The Falcon and Winter Soldier. Is the quality good? Of course not. Is everyone going to fucking see them? Of course. So, why not just give us them. Fuck.

After the jump because they’re potato.

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James Gunn’s ‘Suicide Squad’ movie casts Nathan Fillion so all you nerds can start jizzing

james gunn suicide squad nathan fillion

Nathan Fillion is joining Suicide Squad 2 or whatever! Oh wee!  I can’t tell where my disdain for Fillion comes from. Is it from him? Or, is it from the countless nerds his characters have inspired to think they’re witty, when they’re actually insufferable? I think probably the latter.

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Quantum teleportation has been used to send 3D information for the first time! Do I know what the fuck this means? Nope! Am I torqued? Yup!

quantum teleportation 3d information

I got it out of the way in the headline, but I’ll reiterate. I don’t really know what the fuck this means, other than: it’s progress, and it’s got the words quantum and teleportation. Is that enough to excite me? You bet your glistening tits.

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Marvel Studios and Sony partnership on ‘Spider-Man’ movies is dead. This sucks so fucking much, dudes

sony spider man partnership

The extremely mutually beneficial partnership between Marvel Studios and Sony is dead, friends. No more Spider-Man in the MCU. Man. I really hope this is fucking posturing, dudes. Like, this blows.

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