Nicolas Cage playing Joe Exotic in scripted series from ‘American Vandal’ showrunner. This is a fucking incredible confluence.

nicolas cage joe exotic scripted series

Nicolas Cage is going to be playing Joe Exotic in a scripted TV series, friends. Fucking perfect. Dude is fucking awesome and he’s also bat shit crazy. Thus, he’s about as perfect as you can get when casting Joe Exotic. As well, American Vandal was a goddamn glorious sleeper hit, which mixed the absurd and the insightful. This trifecta is going to fucking rock it, dudes.

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‘Hellraiser’ TV Series coming to HBO with ‘Halloween’ director David Gordon Green helming

hellraiser tv series david gordon greenhellraiser tv series david gordon green

Man, even more Hellraiser news, eh? We had word a movie was coming, with a script being written by David S. Goyer. Gross! However, this news is a bit more dope. There’s a Hellraiser TV series coming, and it’s being directed by the dude behind the latest Halloween. I wasn’t super horny for the Halloween movie, but I was entertained enough. And honestly? I’d be fine with that coming from this series.

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J.J. Abrams producing ‘Justice League Dark’ and ‘Shining’ spin-off series for HBO MAX. He’s a nice vanilla fart of a choice!

jj abrams justice league dark shining spin off series hbo max

Well, we’re finally getting Justice League Dark. Unfortunately, it’s being produced by the creative equivalent of a forgettable neat pop-culture reference. You know, J.J. Abrams! As well, dude is producing a spin-off series based on The Shining. Sure! Whatever!

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‘DOOM Eternal’ had best launch in franchise history. Rip and fucking tear the sales charts!

doom eternal best launch franchise history

DOOM Eternal is equal parts fun and frustrating for me. I think I may be too old for its twitchiness, but I think I’m just dealing with a steep fucking learning curve. That said, I’m glad that it had the best launch in franchise history. Such brutality and unapologetic heavy metal thunder needs to be rewarded.

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Monday Morning Commute: Demons Begone!

monday morning commute demons begone

Great glorious fuck, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be working. But, today I returned to teaching from Spring Break. And granted, I’m pretty fucking depressed that it’s virtual. At the same time, though, I feel as though I had purpose for the first time in weeks.

You know, like healthy purpose.

Not the sort of purpose that just has you existentially laying in the fetal position (last week). Or, eating two pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, because fuck it (last night).

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Sony reveals PlayStation 5 specs in insanely boring presentation by lead architect Mark Cerny

ps5 official specs reveal

If you are like me, you’re deeply horny for some tangible next-gen news. Like, price points. Games. Release dates. But, first this week Microsoft failed to stroke me. And today, Sony followed suit.

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Remedy announces ‘Control’ getting its first major expansion ‘The Foundation’ on March 26. Back to the Oldest House!

remedy control the foundation

Control is awesome. I want more Control. All the Control. So, I’m fucking stoked for The Foundation. More mind-bending narrative. More tight gameplay. More of the Oldest House.

Check out the teaser after the jump!

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Japan has greenlit a mission to explore Mars’ moons and bring back a sample. Gimme an astronomical fuck yeah!

japan sample mars moons

Japan! Those motherfuckers. Making astronomical moves and such. They’ve officially given the go-ahead to a project that will explore Mars’ moons. Not only that, but the project intends to bring a sample back from Phobos!

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‘The Batman’ gets first official look at costume thanks to camera test. Dudes, it is fucking awesome.

robert pattinson the batman official

Man, I’m fucking in love with this first official look at the Battison’s costume in The Batman. Sign me the fuck up. Arkham Knight meets Daredevil, and my boner confirms my love.

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No stream this week, February 8! Back with a vengeance next Saturday!

We tired! See you next week, babes! Can blame me (Ian!) for once!

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