‘Avengers: Endgame’ becomes highest-grossing movie of all time as Disney defeats Disney to stick it to Disney

avengers endgame highest grossing

I am deeply disturbed by how many fucking nerds cared about one enormous popcorn flick overtaking another enormous popcorn flick for highest grossing movie of all time. Especially since they’re both owned by one enormous corporation.

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‘Black Widow’ is arriving May 1, 2020 and features Florence Pugh, David Harbour, and Rachel Weisz among cast

black widow 2020

We all knew Black Widow was probably the next MCU flick! But, last night it was confirmed! Got a pretty sick cast, too. As well, I’m especially stoked, since it seems like they’re setting up Florence Pugh to take the mantle.

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Laurie Strode and Michael Meyers are returning for ‘Halloween Kills’ and ‘Halloween Ends’ to “conclude” the franchise. LOL, k!

halloween kills halloween ends

Two more Halloween movies have been announced, friends. Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. And if you believe the news, these movies will conclude the franchise. Like, give me a fucking break.

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Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ getting TV adaptation at Netflix. Don’t get too horny, David Goyer is involved

neil gaiman sandman netflix

David Goyer is, you know, a kiss of fucking death to me. But, hey! This news is cool if you can look past him.

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Paul Rudd joins the new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie. Guys, it’s okay, we can be torqued for this movie

paul rudd ghostbusters

Man, I was already stoked for the new Ghostbusters movie. And that was before it added mofuckin’ Paul Rudd.

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Salma Hayek may be joining Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ and this cast is absolutely fucking stacked

salma hayek the eternals

Salma Hayek is probably joining the cast of Marvel’s The Eternals. Which is already a completely fucking cast, good grief.

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Streaming tonight, you son of a bitch! 10 PM Eastern! Join us!

Playing Katana Zero. Talking about aliens! And butt play, maybe! I don’t know! Still, join us!

10 pm.


‘Bill and Ted 3’ casts ‘Barry’ co-star Anthony Carrigan as its villain. Hell yes.

bill and ted 3 anthony carrigan

In absolute fucking perfect casting newsBill & Ted Face the Music has added Anthony Carrigan as its villain. If you’re not familiar with the actor? It’s because you’re a scrub ass who doesn’t watch Barry, where he rules. Up your fucking game. Figure it out.

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‘Doom Eternal’ Trailers: Prepare to rip and tear Heaven and Hell on November 22, 2019!

Catching-up on posting the shit I dug from E3, and this is a big one. Doom Eternal is dropping on November 22 of this year, fellow Doom Slayers. Right before the Holiday season kicks the fuck off. And nothing screams “entertaining your mother-in-law on Thanksgiving” like playing a Doom game at three-thousand decibels after throwing the turkey off the wall in supplication to your Doom masters. Right?

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‘Panzer Dragoon’ remake heading to Nintendo Switch. For fuck’s sake, why did I sell my console again?

panzer dragoon remake switch

Son of a bitch. I really shouldn’t have sold my Nintendo Switch. I admit it. Even though it was getting way less use than my other consoles, I shouldn’t have. I mean, a fucking Panzer Dragoon remake! Plus, that new PlatinumGames title! Fuck!

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