The Japanese military has announced it will track UFOs. The truth is fucking out there!

japanese military track ufos

The Japanese military is on one, friends. Like, in a good way. It has announced that it will be tracking UFO sightings. Fuck yes.

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No stream tonight // Goddamn I’m tired // See you Saturday!

bill and ted 3 brigette lundy paine samara weaving

Hey friends! So, with the start of the semester, I’m just flat-out fucking toast. We are gonna be streaming on just Saturdays going forward for a month or so. Fucking tired!

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No streaming this week! Stay strong, we’ll be back next week!

Hey all, we’re taking the week off from streaming. Truthfully, I probably need it mentally, given that it’s the first week of classes. But, real life is also intervening. Tonight, Bags and I have a fantasy football draft, and Saturday the dude has a wedding.

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Ben Affleck also returning as Batman for ‘The Flash’ movie and it’s a goddamn party, baby!

ben affleck the batman the flash movie

Michael Keaton ain’t the only dude returning as Bruce Wayne in The Flash movie. Nope! Ben Affleck is returning as well! Fucking wild. I love it. I love it!

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Monday Morning Commute: Summer breeze makes me feel fine

monday morning commute summer breeze

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine! A little Type O Negative across your tits to get this column started! Seriously though, we’re in the glorious days of the summer. The faint hint of upcoming death in the air. Deeper dusks. A cool summer breeze wafting in through the windows at night. Windows which we can finally open up, at least around here. It’s pleasant, pleasant as fuck. In fact, mid-August kicks off my favorite time of the year here in the Northeast portion of the Empire.

How are you folks doing, this August 18th? I hope you’re hanging in there. ‘Cause it ain’t easy right now, I imagine for any of us.

So, let’s huddle together, motherfuckers! Let’s share what indulgences we’re indulging in across this indolent portion of the year! What the fuck you reading? What the fuck you listening to? Playing anything dope? Watching anything excellent? Hit my ass up in the comments!

That is, after I first bombard your butt holes with my own bombastic choices!

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‘Avowed’ Trailer: After Obsidian went ‘Fallout’ now they’re going full ‘Skyrim’ and I’m here for it!

You know, I never thought much of Obsidian. Despite them making Fallout: New Vegas, which is beloved. However, they absolutely blew my tits off with The Outer World. Which means I’m completely down with Avowed, clearly their take on Skyrim. Here’s the trailer!

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Nicolas Cage playing Joe Exotic in scripted series from ‘American Vandal’ showrunner. This is a fucking incredible confluence.

nicolas cage joe exotic scripted series

Nicolas Cage is going to be playing Joe Exotic in a scripted TV series, friends. Fucking perfect. Dude is fucking awesome and he’s also bat shit crazy. Thus, he’s about as perfect as you can get when casting Joe Exotic. As well, American Vandal was a goddamn glorious sleeper hit, which mixed the absurd and the insightful. This trifecta is going to fucking rock it, dudes.

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‘Hellraiser’ TV Series coming to HBO with ‘Halloween’ director David Gordon Green helming

hellraiser tv series david gordon greenhellraiser tv series david gordon green

Man, even more Hellraiser news, eh? We had word a movie was coming, with a script being written by David S. Goyer. Gross! However, this news is a bit more dope. There’s a Hellraiser TV series coming, and it’s being directed by the dude behind the latest Halloween. I wasn’t super horny for the Halloween movie, but I was entertained enough. And honestly? I’d be fine with that coming from this series.

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J.J. Abrams producing ‘Justice League Dark’ and ‘Shining’ spin-off series for HBO MAX. He’s a nice vanilla fart of a choice!

jj abrams justice league dark shining spin off series hbo max

Well, we’re finally getting Justice League Dark. Unfortunately, it’s being produced by the creative equivalent of a forgettable neat pop-culture reference. You know, J.J. Abrams! As well, dude is producing a spin-off series based on The Shining. Sure! Whatever!

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‘DOOM Eternal’ had best launch in franchise history. Rip and fucking tear the sales charts!

doom eternal best launch franchise history

DOOM Eternal is equal parts fun and frustrating for me. I think I may be too old for its twitchiness, but I think I’m just dealing with a steep fucking learning curve. That said, I’m glad that it had the best launch in franchise history. Such brutality and unapologetic heavy metal thunder needs to be rewarded.

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