Streaming tonight! Special time, 11pm EST.

An hour later tonight! Blame Bateman! Legitimately. Going to start 1BC on Dead Cells, and deeply stoked and terrified.

Christian Bale in talks to join ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ and man oh man would this rock

christian bale thor love and thunder

Getting some Christian Bale in our Thor: Love and Thunder? Getting some Bruce Wayne in our THO4? Sign me the fuck up, dudes.

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Special stream night! Special stream time!

Streaming tonight! Blame the LocalSportsBall team playing tomorrow night! Streaming at 9! Blame our desire to get pizza and watch 80s movies! Streaming Dead Cells! Blame us dying last weekend, and it haunting us!

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‘The Witcher 3’ is more popular on Steam than ever. Nearly five years after release! Thank Netflix, right?

the witcher 3 concurrent users steam

Good god, look at that Netflix bump! The Witcher 3, which is already an enormous success, is back in the gaming zeitgeist. Thanks to the Netflix series based on it, the fucker has more concurrent users on Steam than ever before.

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Special stream! Christmas night! Get fat! Get presents! Get comfy! 10 pm!

No stream tonight! Back for special stream on Christmas night!

no stream tonight!

Blame Bateman!

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Jupiter has new Texas-sized storm around its South Pole. Don’t ever stop being wild, my dude!

Jupiter! Ain’t ever gonna stop with its massive, existentially nauseating-sized storms. It’s got itself a new one near its South Pole!

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Streaming tonight! Join know the drill!

TONIGHT! Celeste! Inappropriate banter! Requisite JCVD worship. Join us!

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Stream tonight! Special time! 11pm! Come be excellent!

stream december 7

You most righteous dudes who actually frequent the blog know the drill! Hour later than usual though.

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George Miller preparing the next ‘Mad Max’ sequel and it can’t get here soon enough

george miller mad max sequel

Man, I’m glad to hear that George Miller is working on the sequel to Fury Road. However, bro got to hurry up! Feels like we’re on borrowed time, and sooner or later the franchise is going to go from social commentary to social reality. That is, if it hasn’t already.

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