Scientists think it may have been *two* asteroids that killed the dinosaurs. The fucking one-two, baby

nadir impact crater 66 million years ago

Scientists have found a large impact crater on the Atlantic seafloor, and they think it may be be from an asteroid impact! Which is pretty fucking rad, but it gets more rad. The motherfucker is around 66 million years-old, and they think it could have been a potential second extinction-level atomic leg drop onto the dinosaur’s asses way back in the day.

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Views From The Space-Ship: Hanging Out

views - hanging out

Stick out your tongue and let me drizzle some glimpses of my life into your willing mouth! Now with that tone set, let’s get into it. I really need to make it a point to take some more pictures on the daily, just so I can drop them bits of archival nonsense into these posts! But, can’t do anything about that today. Nope!

Consume these Views From The Space-Ship my friends, and leave your own in the comments. Gorge yourselves upon them, and vomit up into the ether views from your own existence.

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New Brain Implant let blind woman “see” without eyes. The future is fucking wild

brain implant blind see without eyes

The future is here, motherfuckers. It just ain’t evenly distributed or fully appreciated. Case-in-fucking-point? A new brain implant has let a blind woman “see” for the first time in sixteen years. Just flat out fucking amazing. Will we really appreciate how fucking wild this is? Nah!

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Two red objects found in the Asteroid Belt help explain our early solar system!

two red objects asteroid belt early solar system

Astronomers have found two red objects in our Asteroid belt. Big fucking deal, right? Actually, big fucking deal! Them fuckers shouldn’t be there, and they may actually explain our early system. You two red objects! You helpful fuckers!

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‘No Sudden Move’ Teaser Trailer: Soderbergh’s New Heist Flick is Absolutely Fucking Stacked

I’m down for any Steven Soderbergh, but I’m especially down for his heist shit. Absolutely fucking down! Which means I’m completely engorged by this teaser for his new movie, No Sudden Move. The cast is absolutely fucking stacked, and most importantly features a serious crush in the form of Julia Fox.

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Monday Morning Commute: The Gathering of the Sons of Samega!

Come one, come all Don your cloaks, summon your Eldritch Other, and join me! This is a gathering of the Sons of Samega! A dark, haunting, weekly ritual filled with allusions to boobs, books, babes, butts, beauties of the universe, and other myriad items.

How is everyone doing? I’m white-knuckling it through the end of the semester, and finally beginning to see the Light at the End of the Tunnel. What awaits me on the other side? Why, a revelry of laziness (probably not), relaxation (anxiety doesn’t allow it), and some gaming, reading, and watching (probably achievable).

In fact, Imma about to enumerate all the things I’m engaging with this week! Then as Obedient Followers of the Samega, you’ll do the same in the comments!

This is Monday Morning Commute!

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‘Benedetta’ Trailer: Paul Verhoeven’s Next Movie Is An “Erotic Lesbian Nun Romance” And I’m in.

What the glorious fuck? Paul Verhoeven has a new movie titled Benedetta and it sounds absolutely bonkers. Like, a fucking erotic lesbian nun romance? Yup, I’m in bro. Completely in.

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David Fincher Reportedly Discussing ‘Mindhunter’ Season 3 With Netflix. Don’t Tease Me, Universe.

david fincher mindhunter season 3 netflix

Folks, David Fincher is reportedly discussing Mindhunter Season 3 with Netflix. Like please don’t get my fucking hopes up, dudes. I had made my peace with this shit not happening. Now? This shit just resets the Grief Clock.

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Scientists believe they have found chunk of ancient protoplanet in Africa. Man, space rules!

How’s this for a fucking Tuesday headline? To beat back the doldrums? Scientists believe they have found a chunk of an ancient protoplanet in Africa! In fact, the meteorite found last year is older than Earth itself. Like, let that swim around your brain-pieces. Ancient protoplanet. Older than Earth itself.

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‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ series casts ‘Game of Thrones’ star Indira Varma

obi wan kenobi series indira varma

I don’t know Indira Varma outside of her work on Game of Thrones. But based on that shit alone, I’m cool with her being cast in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Now, fucking nerds! You may begin speculating as to who she is playing. Get to work.

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