AI Asked To Show “Last Selfie Ever Taken” and Fair Enough

The robots fucking get it, man. LaMDA or some shit, hanging out in the ghost halls. Ghost hells. They know how it’s going down. Case in point, check out this fucking AI showing the “last selfie ever taken” to the world. Haunting, but, eh, it gets it.

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Art: Kylo Ren x Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ by Dan Hipp = all the feels

Art: R2-D2 in the X-Wing Graveyard by Emmanuel Shiu

x-wing graveyard

Holy smokes, this is fantastic.

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Art: Darth Vader by Esad Ribic

Art: DC’s Shazam as portrayed by JOHNNN CENAAA!!!

Art: ‘Mega Man X’ reimagined as modern game

Mega Man X Reimagined

Some froggy fresh artwork from TJ Townsend, who has reimagined Mega Man X as a modern game. I find it particularly sweet, since the aforementioned title has been owning me on a weekly basis. Goddamn, MMX is difficult. Goddamn, I need to try it sober.

There’s a video of the art’s creation, too! After the jump.

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Art: ‘Legend of Zelda’ imagined as a Hayao Miyazaki movie

Art: “Greetings From Vault 111” by Michael B. Myers Jr.

Art: ‘Attack The Block’ gorgeousness reminds you of the glory of Moses

Art: ‘Final Fantasy VII’ characters done in style of ‘Big Hero 6’