Art: Kylo Ren x Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ by Dan Hipp = all the feels

Art: R2-D2 in the X-Wing Graveyard by Emmanuel Shiu

x-wing graveyard

Holy smokes, this is fantastic.

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Art: Darth Vader by Esad Ribic

Art: DC’s Shazam as portrayed by JOHNNN CENAAA!!!

Art: ‘Mega Man X’ reimagined as modern game

Mega Man X Reimagined

Some froggy fresh artwork from TJ Townsend, who has reimagined Mega Man X as a modern game. I find it particularly sweet, since the aforementioned title has been owning me on a weekly basis. Goddamn, MMX is difficult. Goddamn, I need to try it sober.

There’s a video of the art’s creation, too! After the jump.

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Art: ‘Legend of Zelda’ imagined as a Hayao Miyazaki movie

Art: “Greetings From Vault 111” by Michael B. Myers Jr.

Art: ‘Attack The Block’ gorgeousness reminds you of the glory of Moses

Art: ‘Final Fantasy VII’ characters done in style of ‘Big Hero 6’

Art: ‘The Force Awakens’ gets VHS Box Art courtesy of Paul Shipper

The Force Awakens as VHS.

Shout out to our own Johnny Hotsauce for bringing this sexiness to my attention. A little of the new school Forcefulness mixed-up with the glorious nostalgia for Them VHS Days. Days which I imagine are becoming less and less known to many. More art after the jump!

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