‘The Callisto Protocol’ Gameplay Trailer: Oh this fucker is raw, huh?

I am fucking all-in on this spiritual successor to Dead Space, baby! Give me all the fucking gruesome environmental deaths and maiming. I fucking need thee, The Callisto Protocol.

Bloody Disgusting:

December seems so far away to get our hands on Striking Distance Studios’ The Callisto Protocol. It hasn’t been made any easier, thanks to the appearance of a new gameplay video for The Callisto Protocol at Gamescom. Presented by Striking Distance Studios’ CEO Glen Schofield, the new footage ups the ante for those fans looking for more Dead Space-style dismemberment, while also carving out some new stuff for The Callisto Protocol.

The new Gamescom footage for The Callisto Protocol sees protagonist Jacob Lee making his way through a corridor while avoiding the mutated Biophage. Of course, there’s always time to make use of the various gadgets at the player’s disposal. That includes sending the Biophage into a grinder, as well as making targeted shots to sever limbs. You can even use Biophage as shields to protect you from enemy projectiles (much to their dismay). Keep an eye out for the new “mutations” feature of the Biophage, which sees them sprout tentacles from previously severed limbs to attack you.

Another clip sees Jacob making his way through a what looks like a sewer, only to have the system flushed and sending Jacob for a ride. And what would the spiritual successor to Dead Space be without a gory demise of the protagonist?

The Callisto Protocol arrives December 2 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam.