#Welcome To the Future

Harvard Professor wants to recover what he believes to be “alien technology” from ocean floor. Fucking go for it, brother!

harvard professor alien ocean wreckage

I ride or die with Avi Loeb, motherfuckers. Dude thinks Oumuamua may have been alien tech. I fuck with it! Dude wants to recover what he believes to be alien technology from the bottom of the ocean floor? I fuck with it! Ride or die, motherfuckers.

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Facebook created an Advanced AI that won’t stop shit talking Facebook. Can’t fucking blame it!

facebook ai criticizing facebook

Be careful what you create, motherfuckers! Facebook has created an advanced AI, and the fucker rightfully won’t stop criticizing the platform. Flesh, nu-flesh, don’t matter. Everyone fucking knows Facebook is trash. Only problem is, uh, the bot also apparently supports Donald Trump. Just like its creator, I suppose.

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Scientists create Human Bread Yeast in a lab. What the fuck are we doing?

human bread yeast lab

Scientists have created human bread yeast in a lab. At this point, why the fuck not? What ever goes wrong when we fuck around in labs? Nothing! But, uh. Would you eat it? Would you crush a glorious cheeseburger with a bun born of human yeast?I suppose I may. I suppose I may. It’s the Weird Age, might as well get fucking wild.

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Air Force Discovers Disappearing “Ghost” Footprints In Utah Desert. Skinwalkers, baby!

air force disappearing ghost footprints utah

You: these ghost footprints are clearly the preserved 12,000-year-old footprints of ancient humans. Me, woke, brilliant: these are clearly the work of nearby skinwalkers. Whatever they may be, this is a fucking dope find by the Air Force.

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‘Moment of Contact’ Trailer: Oh shit, let’s learn about the Roswell of Brazil

Full-disclosure: I believe in UFOs and I loved James Fox’s previous documentary The Phenomenon. Also, I’m a total mark for the case he’s covering in this new documentary, Moment of Contact. So it’s with a deeply biased, warped brain that I admit I’m so fucking stoked for this shit.

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Netflix is letting directors retroactively edit shows. The future (past) is ephemera

netflix retroactive editing shows

I think I’m going to have more to say about this at some point in an MMC or some shit, but this is very, very interesting to me. Netflix is letting directors go back and retroactively shows now. Shows as blog posts. Shows as Instagram posts. This sort of shit was first noted when Kanye was actively patching and changing…some album I’m too lazy to look up. But now the practice is going even more mainstream with it happening with Stranger Things, and I find it equal parts interesting and haunting.

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AI Asked To Show “Last Selfie Ever Taken” and Fair Enough

The robots fucking get it, man. LaMDA or some shit, hanging out in the ghost halls. Ghost hells. They know how it’s going down. Case in point, check out this fucking AI showing the “last selfie ever taken” to the world. Haunting, but, eh, it gets it.

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Spotify expecting over 400 million users by the end of the year. Well then!

spotify 400 million users end of year

I don’t know why I’m covering this Spotify news that they expect to have over 400 million users by the end of the year. Not really in my wheelhouse, you know? But at the same time, I’m intrigued by our slow march towards intangibility. Everyone slough off physical encumbrances, all while I’m wanting to get more and more back into tangible media. It’s a weird time.

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Dude uses AI to give ‘Street Fighter V’ characters human faces. Haunting shit, dudes.

street fighter v ai human faces

Some dude has used an artificial intelligence called StyleCLIP to give Street Fighter V characters human faces. The results are fucking mixed, but I’m deeply, deeply on board with Guile as portrayed by fucking Gary Busey.

Hit the jump for more info and the Twitter thread!

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Elon Musk just announced a humanoid “Tesla Bot” and we know how this shit ends

elon musk tesla bot

Elon Musk has announced a fucking humanoid “Tesla Bot” and it’s a pretty curious move. This is the same dude who has been shitting his pants about artificial intelligence! But, you know. I suppose we shouldn’t look for consistency or wisdom from this dumb ass. That said? Neat! We got a first look at our robot overlords.

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