#Welcome To the Future

Happy Goddamn Decade Completion, Friends of OL!

happy decade completion

Woah, hey, fuck! It’s the end of the decade! Perhaps fittingly, this year was also the ten-year anniversary of this glorious, galaxy-brain’d, fever dream of a blog!

Anyways, I know I probably say this every year, but it’s super goddamn enjoyable hanging around with everyone who frequents this blog! Be it the quiet folks, or fellow bellowers into the void in the comments section.

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The incredible science-fiction artist Syd Mead has passed away at the age of 86.

syd mead dead

If you love science-fiction, you love Syd Mead. And even if you don’t, you’re probably familiar with dude’s work. Unfortunately, said dude has sloughed the mortal coil at the age of 86.

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Apple is apparently working on secret satellite technology! What could possibly go fucking wrong?

apple secret satellites data

Apple! Working on some secret satellites to send data to devices! Another star in the developing Skynet constellation.

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An Alien-Themed brothel has bought a sex robot. The future’s here, and of course, it’s about sex.

ufo themed brothel alien sex robots

An alien-themed brothel has bought a sex robot, friends. Not only that, but it’s pairing it with teledildonics (that’s a real word), so that one may have a remote-experience with the sex robot. Hey, man. The Earth is on fire and Democracy is dead, but we can fart on robots now in order to get off. From across the globe. Progress?

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Dudes get arrested after drilling through wall to steal 85 Bitcoin machines. The future is so fucking wild.

arrested steal bitcoin machines malaysia

Welcome to a headline from the Future, folks! Which is apparently happening. No less than five dudes were arrested for drilling through a wall to steal 85 Bitcoin machines. Fucking wild.

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MIT’s got robot blocks that can self-assemble like Transformers. Oh, the robot apocalypse fixing to be wild!

MIT got itself robot blocks that self-assemble. I mean, I’ve long been welcoming our robot overlords. And now I’m doubly excited, because they’re going to be coming in fun-ass forms.

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New machine on the International Space Station is going to turn trash into “ink” for 3D Printer aboard the station. The future fucking rules, dudes.

new machine iss ink 3d printer

Man, this ain’t a line out of Transmetropolitan or some other science-fiction work. Nope! Nope, nope. A new machine on the ISS is going to be able to turn trash into “ink” for a 3D printer aboard the station. Sometimes the future is awesome.

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Astronauts have bioprinted beef in space for the first time. Look at that headline! Fucking wild.

astronauts bioprint beef

Man, just look at this fucking headline. Astronauts. Bioprinting beef. Wild, wild times.

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Times Square gets ‘They Live’ Trump billboard thanks to crowdfunding. Well done, public.

they live times trump billboard

There is a They Live billboard in Times Square, featuring Trump, that Orange Fuck himself. It’s up thanks to crowdfunding, which is doubly amazing.

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Japanese scientists have created artificial blood that could be used on any patient. Gimme a hell yeah for science!

artificial blood any patient

Fuck yeah, science! Fuck yeah, medicine! Japanese scientists have created an artificial blood that could be used on any patient. Like, goddamn future.

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