George Miller preparing the next ‘Mad Max’ sequel and it can’t get here soon enough

george miller mad max sequel

Man, I’m glad to hear that George Miller is working on the sequel to Fury Road. However, bro got to hurry up! Feels like we’re on borrowed time, and sooner or later the franchise is going to go from social commentary to social reality. That is, if it hasn’t already.

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Microsoft is planning second next-gen Xbox that’s cheaper and has no disc drive. Different models GET!

Friends, Microsoft’s carrying their multi-model console approach over into the next generation. It’s leaked out that the company ain’t just dropping their beefy, all-powerful next-gen console. Nope! Nope. Additionally, they’re going to be less powerful model, sans disc drive, for less cheddar.  It makes sense! I’m going all-in on the outrageously powerful model. But, it makes sense.

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Asteroid Bennu is exploding rocks out into space and astronomers don’t know why. The Cosmos continues to confound!

asteroid bennu

Asteroid Bennu more active than a motherfucker. Astronomers have spotted the asteroid exploding rockers out into space, and they’re stumped. Goddamn, the Cosmos is so damn interesting.

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‘No Time To Die’ Trailer: Bond’s final adventure features Ana de Armas dual-wielding. I’m in!

I was already stoked for Daniel Craig’s last Bond, No Time To Die. Hard for me not to be, given director Cary Fukunaga’s involvement. But, man. My excitement has definitely been ratcheted up a notch. I mean, Ana de Armas dual-wielding? Fuck to the yes.

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‘Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge’ is a ‘Star Wars’ game show hosted by Jar Jar Binks himself, Ahmed Best, and coming to Disney+

star wars jedi challenger ahmed best

While I hate the fucking Prequels, I do sort of enjoy the redemption tour for the poor actors caught within their suck. The latest to get another shot? Ahmed Best, who shall be hosting Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge. Now, give me Hayden Christensen in Episode IX.

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‘Resident Evil 3’ Remake cover art has leaked prior to its official announcement. And it fucking rules!

resident evil 3 remake artwork playstation network

Amazingly, Resident Evil 3 hasn’t been officially announced yet. You may be forgiven for thinking it has been, given the previous leaks. And! Now this one.

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‘Black Widow’ Trailer: Oh hey shit this movie seems to have some dope action!

I was pretty whatever for about the first half-minute of this Black Widow trailer. But, then it gave me something that very, very few MCU movies do. Dope action! So, now I got high hopes. What a fucking reversal. What a twist.

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Space Swoon: NASA’s Juno captures Jupiter as it glances back. Look back at it, look back at it!

juno spacecraft jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft caught this gorgeous image of Jupiter! It was taken as the spacecraft sped away from the big gaseous bastard, and provides a look at its southern hemisphere.

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PlayStation 5 dev kits have leaked and they’re that ugly shape that was rumored, friends

playstation 5 dev kit

PS5 dev kits have leaked, friends! A twitter user dropped a few pictures of them, and, yup, they’re the shape that patents suggested a few months ago. That said, I’d be surprised if the actual consoles share the look.

Hit the jump to check them out!

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Streaming tonight, friends! It’s a three-peat, bitches!

it's a three-peat

After being inconsistent as fuck, we’re bringing you a third glorious stream in a seven-day span. Playing Celeste! Talking snipped testicles, childhood trauma, and other deeply engaging trash.

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