PS5 is the first console to outsell the Nintendo Switch in almost three fucking years. Goddamn Nintendo’s got a juggernaut!

ps5 outsold nintendo switch september

The PS5 has done the seemingly fucking impossible, dudes. The console outsold the Nintendo Switch in September in the United States, breaking a 33-month stream.

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Will Poulter playing Adam Warlock in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Sure!

will poulter adam warlock guardians of the galaxy vol. 3

As the title reads, Will Poulter is playing the much-anticipated Adam Warlock, who is finally making his full-ass debut in the MCU. I don’t know much about the dude, but I assume Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will go a good distance to correct my dumb assery.

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Scientists baffled by strange radio waves coming from center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The aliens are inside the cosmic house!

scientists radio waves milky way galaxy

Scientists ain’t got a clue about the fucking strange radio waves coming from the center of our galaxy. Ain’t got a fucking clue! Straight baffled! But, I mean, come on. It’s (probably not) aliens. Obviously.

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‘Saga’ is finally returning to comic stands in January, 2022. It’s been eighty-four years or some shit!

saga returns january 2022

I don’t know what’s fucking crazier: that Saga has been around since 2012, or that it’s been on hiatus since 2018. Both confirm what my bones and balls already tell me: that I’m getting old. However, it ain’t all grey beards, creaking joints, and dalliances with death! Nah! I also some shit shit to look forward to, such as Saga fucking finally returning in January of 2022!

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Monday Morning Commute: it was all a blur (and then it was nothing)

Goodness, gracious, I haven’t penned an MMC since fucking June?

This summer: it was all a blur (and then it was nothing).

Goodness, gracious, I haven’t penned anything in here since September?

This past month: it was all a blur (and then it was nothing).

Goodness, gracious, I haven’t taken a breath since the pandemic ended?

This pandemic: it was all a blur (and then it was nothing).

Over the weekend I had a dream that I was on campus, dying of COVID. In case you’re wondering how I’m doing. Over the past few weeks I swear the right side of my beard has gone entirely gray. In case you’re wondering how I’m doing. I feel like a husk, hollowed out, but excited to be back on campus. It’s a weird time, a ghost town, a mournful tribune to what we’ve lost, while appreciating we’re back on campus.

It’s a weird time.

Furthermore, I don’t really know the state of OL anymore. No one really reads blogs anymore, Discord has siphoned all of our conversation, and any meaningful connections with communities across the internet have seemingly moved to Substack.

So why the fuck am I here? Honestly? I’m not sure. If nothing else, I figure writing MMC every week could serve as an enjoyable fossil record for my interests at any given point in time. You can cut the rings in my soul, and chronicle what was on my mind. As well, I miss writing and this place is my only outlet.

This is Monday Morning Commute.

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‘Dune’ director Denis Villeneuve would love to make a Bond movie. Let him fucking make one!

dune director denis villeneuve love to make bond movie

Motherfucking Denis Villeneuve would “deeply love” to make a Bond movie, and the only response is obvious. Fucking let him make the movie! But I mean genuinely make it. Don’t stick him inthe director’s chair and then micromanage his ass into oblivion. Give him the reins and let him make the fucking dopest Bond flick going. Do it, you fucking cowards.

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‘Grand Theft Auto’ Trilogy Remasters dropping this year to celebrate 20th Anniversary of ‘GTA III’

The Grand Theft Auto Trilogy definitive edition is dropping this year, which we sort of all expected. . But now it’s official, and your balls are unrestained. They may no longer hesitate. They can react to this official news. Plumpen? Shrink? Sway, side-to-side, apathetically? It’s up to you! Me? This guy? This trilogy remaster is cool in theory to me, but I’ll never get around to playing it.

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NASA Rover has confirmed giant ass Martian crater used to be a lake!

nasa rover martian crater lake

Motherfucking Mars used to have a lake, dudes. Let’s get there, terraform that shit, and then start this whole shit show all over again. Maybe? Word? I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Unless I ain’t? Anyways, fucking hell, let’s just be stoked about this find.

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‘Diablo 4’ gets new game director in Joe Shely. Not even death can save this game! I hope I’m wrong.

diablo 4 new game director

Blizzard needs more drama like I need another diarrhea-filled road trip. But that’s life, baby! I’d say it’s karma, too, but that bullshit is in bullshit. The latest drama for the crumbling cadre of cockheads? Diablo 4 has a new game director. Hey! Why not? It’s been in development hell forever, and perhaps that’s where it is appropriately cursed to stay (I hope not).

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Keanu Reeves’ ‘BRZRKR’ movie script being handled by ‘The Batman’ writer. Hey, fuck yeah!

I’m fucking down to watch Keanu Reeves kick ass. Pretty much full fucking stop. Just let him mirk dudes and I’m there, which is why I was already excited for BRZRKR. But adding the writer behind The Batman gives me a bit more faith in the adaptation. Okay, fine. Have we seen The Batman yet? No. No! I’m just going on a little faith. A smidge. I don’t have faith in God or Government, so I need to direct my blind homilies in some direction.

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