Space Swoon: Behold the Milky Way Galaxy’s center featuring 84 million stars. We are cosmic ants, but it’s okay!

milky way galaxy 84 million stars

I say goddamn. Bask in this image of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, featuring 84 million stars.

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Rumor: The ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ video game remake is totally still happening. Sure, sure.

knights of the old republic video game remake

We’ve been hearing about a Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic video game remake forever. For-ev-er. And, once again, the rumor winds bring news of it happening.

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Netflix viewership numbers have skyrocketed after they redefined “viewing” as 2 minutes. No, seriously. Can’t make this shit up.

netflix viewership viewing 2 minutes

Netflix is all like, our viewership numbers are amazing. And also, like, we define viewing as 2 minutes. This shit is fucking hilarious, man. Like, it’s so far beyond parody that you just need to tip your fucking cap.

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That Obi-Wan TV series is currently on “indefinite hold” as they unfuck the scripts. For fuck’s sake, Lucasfilm.

disney obi wan series on hold

Lucasfilm! C’mon, man. Everyone got totally torqued about the Obi-Wan series, and now it’s on hold? Now, granted. It ain’t canceled, and it’s on hold for a good reason. Namely, to unfuck the scripts. And I think we will all rather have a quality series, that takes longer, than a shitty one that’s rushed. But still, this company is fucking exhausting.

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‘Captain Marvel’ sequel in the works with new writer. Higher, further, faster, better writing!

captain marvel sequel new writer

I really like the character Captain Marvel, but I was meh as hell on her solo movie. So, I’m stoked she’s getting a sequel, but I’m even more stoked it is getting a new writer.

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‘The Witcher’ is getting an anime movie on Netflix, cause why the fuck not?

netflix witcher anime

So many people have recommended The Witcher to me that I’m actually gonna check it the fuck out! And, I imagine when I’m done watching it, I’ll now also watch this anime based on it. Well done, you absolute fucks.

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Rosario Dawson cast as a lead in HBO MAX’s adaptation of comic ‘DMZ’ and I am here for it!

Holy shit. Rosario Dawson has been cast as a lead in HBO MAX’s DMZ adaptation. The comic is one of my faves, and I fuck heavy with the idea of her playing Zee. Her role is apparently ” Alma Ortego”, but, I mean, it’s gotta be Zee. Right? Or not, I don’t know. Character description sounds a lot like Zee, sans the kid part.

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Xbox Series X photos leak online, and show its back ports. Show me them back ports, yo!

xbox series x port photos

At this point in the current generation, I’m hungry for any news on the upcoming next-gen consoles. So, I’ll admit I’m oddly excited to see these new photos of the Xbox Series X and its ports.

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OL Plays ‘Dead Cells’ Clip – Have You Really Lived?

Monday Morning Commute: Omega Boys For Life!

monday morning commute omega boys for life

What’s good, friends? It’s a cold as fuck day here along the Northeastern seaboard of the Empire proper! I’m bundled up, hunkered down, and penning this love letter to the distractions that fill my life! To distract me from mortality, working on my syllabus, and other more pressing, but much less enjoyable opportunities.

That is, of course, the modus operandi of Monday Morning Commute.

I go “blah blah blah I’m enjoying these things” in this here post.

Then you go “blah blah blah I’m enjoying these things” in the comments.

What a great time!

No, seriously.

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