Monday Morning Commute: Dust & Rust

My bones’ve been ground down to dust & rust.

Been on this goddamn station, three wayposts-past where anyone but daredevils venture, for goin’ on five years now. Sure, it can be okay. Stable, at least. We’ve managed to get the radiation shields up-and-runnin’, with only the occasionally blip lettin’ the sun’s dark beams through to do their dirt on us.

Food replication’s strong and we get all of the spacecast signals and when we’re feelin’ real nostalgic we’ve got arguably the finest library on anything post-Pluto. Bellies full and minds engaged, we know there’re folks far worse off than us.

Hell, seems like couple times a quarter we even get to host a crew making their way to the Beyonder Fringes. Scientists and explorers and artists and even goddamn pirates, all of `em welcome to help themselves to some food and drink and dancin’ in the humble station we call home. And when they come, it’s goddamn glorious — factions and rivalries forfeited in the name of taking a breath and enjoyin’ themselves.

And we love it.

But those moments, while sustaining, are few and far between. Most days, even when we’re just peacefully orbiting, carry the potential for disaster. Shields can blip out and gamma rays can bludgeon and air-processors can spark and water can run out.

Y’ever find yourself desperately touchin’ down upon an unstable volcanic moon ’cause your water system bitched out? Y’ever hit the sandy gray soil of that satellite and frantically rover over to the emergency well that your forefathers established when they were pioneerin’ this sector? Y’ever beam with the promise of hope-fulfilled as you pull and pull upon the rope of that well, feelin’ great cause the bucket’s weight promises water? Y’ever curse your life because the bucket is filled, for sure, but not with water and definitely not with gold?

Sometimes when y’need water and you’re open to gold, all y’get is dust & rust.



My name is Rendar Frankenstein and my job is to get everyone discussing what they’ll be spending the next week or so watching, reading, eating, hearing, or smoking. Now that you’ve survived my indulgent attempt at a science fiction vignette, it’s time for us to show off our wares.

I’ll start!

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‘Death Stranding’ Gamescom Trailers: There is Pee Gameplay and Interdimensional Breast Feeding. Kojima, like, what the fuck?

I can tell you one thing for certain: I have no fucking idea what Death Stranding is going to be. Outside of, you know, absolutely fucking crazy. Pissing gameplay? Breastfeeding across dimensions?

Hit the jump for more details, and an additional trailer.

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India’s space probe is officially orbiting the Moon. Gimme a hell yeah for lunar exploration!

india space probe moon

India’s space probe is orbiting our fucking moon, folks! Hell yeah. But, it ain’t fucking done! It’ll be touching down on the Moon on September 7.

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‘Antlers’ Trailer: This Del Toro-produced jam takes us into a haunting-ass cave. And I’m ready.

Here’s the trailer for Antlers. Directed by Scott Cooper, and produced by Guillermo Del Toro. Seemingly, dude has produced yet another dope-ass horror movie. What’s going on in this preview? I have no fucking idea, but I’m stoked.

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OL Plays – Katana Zero – A Decade of Dumb Assery!

On this edition of OL Plays? We’re talking cuckold Coconut Water! (Pun?) We’re beating Katana Zero! We’re working our yoga breath! We’re celebrating a decade of OL We’re imploring friends to take their tarps off. A usual Saturday night.

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‘Bond 25’ is officially titled ‘No Time To Die’ which is no better or worse than any other Bond title, IMO

bond 25 no time to die

Bond 25 is really happening, friends. Like, feels as though it’s been in development for fucking ever. The latest proof that not seriously the movie is happening? It’s got an official fucking title. No Time To Die! Sure!

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Steven Soderbergh’s next movie ‘Let Them All Talk’ is heading to HBO Max. Gotta love them streaming wars, eh?

steven soderbergh let them all talk hbo max

Motherfucking Steven Soderbergh! Grossly underappreciated. Or maybe not, I don’t fucking know. What do I know? I dig the dude. In fact, his quietly-released Netflix movie High Flying Bird is one of my faves of 2019. Bro said he was gonna retire, and then just sort of continued on as prolific as forever. Now, said dude is taking his talents to HBO Max. Aiight, aiight. Thanks in advance for your login, Dad.

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‘Disintegration’ Trailer: Meet the new FPS from the co-creator of ‘Halo’ which totally doesn’t feel aesthetically like ‘Destiny’

Like, who knows how Disintegration will play. But, based on the trailer? Holy fucking Destiny aesthetic vibes, dudes.

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Sony is buying ‘Spider-Man’ developer Insomniac Games. Holy first-party exclusives, yo!

sony buy insomniac games

Sony is buying Insomniac Games. You may know those motherfuckers as the developer behind Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank. Two fantastic-ass franchises. What does this shit mean? Well, there’s very little to differentiate Sony and Microsoft these days, outside of their console-exclusives. And, with Sony dominating that avenue this generation, it seems like they ain’t fucking planning to quit dominating anytime soon.

As well, shout out to our own NeoSapian for first letting me know about this!

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George R.R. Martin says he can finish the books now that ‘Game of Thrones’ is over and I respect the honesty

george r r martin finish books

GRRM has seen the ending of Game of Thrones along with the rest of us. And I imagine he’s thinking what we are all thinking. There is no way the book series’ ending can be worse than the show. Take a breath, GRRM, and begin hammering that shit out.

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