Monday Morning Commute: Sometimes The End Is Beautiful

monday morning commute sometimes the end is beautiful

Sometimes the end is an ugly, horrid affair. Other times, the end can be beautiful. Which is how I’d like to frame the onset of Autumn, you know? View it more as an excuse to get comfy, hunker down with some arts&farts, and wait out this COVID calamity. ‘Cause the other perspective? Is being shut-in for six months or so, separated from the Old Ways and the Distanced Friends. So, fuck! Let’s be positive about everything, right? Or at least try.

This here is Monday Morning Commute! And, I’m about to list all the shit I’m enjoying this week Then, I hope you’ll join me in the comments section. What are you partaking in, this week? Got any dope horror movies lined up? Playing the new World of Warcraft patch? Got some music you’re rocking out to? I want to know!

Let’s spend some time together, as the sun sets earlier, and the beautiful end draws near.

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Jake Gyllenhaal teaming up again with Denis Villeneuve for the HBO limited series ‘The Son’ and let’s goooo

jake gyllenhaal denis villeneuve hbo the son

Holy fucking shit, dudes. Maybe 2020 isn’t complete diarrhea! Or, at least it ain’t on the pop culture scene. Motherfucking Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve are teaming up once more. This time for an HBO limited series, The Son. The duo previously blew my ass hair off with Prisoners and Enemy, so this is glorious, glorious news.

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‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Teaser: Wherever I go, he goes!

Fuck yeah! This is the first bit of media I’ve ingested for The Mandalorian Season 2, and it’s hot as hell. Fuck, man! Next week! Sign me up.

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Sony will optimize PS5 fan performance for individual games through software updates. Fucking bonkers!

sony ps5 fan performance optimize software updates

It appears that Sony is ready to hear our prayers this generation. After years upon years of the PlayStation 4’s fan sounding like a jet engine, it seems the PlayStation 5 will be much, much quieter. It’ll be done through software updates, to optimize the fan’s performance for individual games.

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Michael B. Jordan is producing a ‘Static Shock’ live-action movie. I’m instantly intrigued, dudes!

michael b jordan produce movie static shock

I don’t really know anything about Static Shock, dudes. However, I do know Michael B. Jordan! Dude is solid. Which means this project gains instant credence in my eyes.

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Top Disney investor urges company to drop ‘Black Widow’ on streaming. Yes, give us that shit!

disney investor black widow streaming

A top Disney investor is totally tickling my balls with their latest plea. Bro wants the company to drop Black Widow on streaming, and it makes all the sense in the world to me. Why? Cause I fucking want it! But, also? Cause we have no idea when this shit is ending.

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Weekend Open Bar: Yeah Sure, Stick His Ass In Space

weekend open bar stick his ass in space

Yeah, sure, why not stick Jason’s ass to space?! I mean, they sent the motherfucker to “Manhattan” already. What exactly is dude going to do in space? Is it even a proper installment if Jason doesn’t smoke people while they’re fucking? Is there going to be space fucking in this movie? That’s some shit I’m going to find out this weekend, as Bags and I polish off the Friday the 13th series. So obviously, I got big fucking plans this weekend.

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‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ has been rated in Korea. Holy shit, the remasters I’ve been begging for are real

mass effect trilogy remaster rated in korea

More than any remasters, I’ve been wanting some fucking Mass Effect love for the longest time. And while the remastered trilogy has been more or less confirmed for a while, this is next level. The shit has been rated in Korea. Which you know, couldn’t happen if it weren’t real.

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Space Swoon: Check out these cliffs in ancient ice on Mars!

cliffs ancient ice mars

Mars! Fucking styling. Fucking profiling! Sporting some cliffs in ancient ice.

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‘Dexter’ is coming back for a limited series and it can’t go any worse than the original finale

Dexter is coming back! ‘Cause, I don’t know, why not? It’s building off the original finale, which pretty much everyone fucking hated. I mean, a lumberjack? So, no matter what, it can’t really be any worse.

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