NASA is now going “Full Force” to investigate UFOs. That’s what’s up, baby!

Listen. UFOs are real. NASA knows they’re real. Barack Obama said they’re real. So did Marco Rubio, and countless others, on both sides of the political divide. We ain’t fucking working in a world where they ain’t, anymore. Now, the question becomes…what the fuck are they? NASA is invested in answering this question, and they’re now going full force to investigate them.

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Views From The Space-Ship: That’s a Big Crop

Listen, I fucking know that it’s Friday! A day late! Prepare, I’m hammering this out quickly. Better a brief, abridged, clipped post than none at all, right? Let’s get into it, bitches!

This is an extremely quick hitting Views From The Space-Ship!

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Astronomers got new images of R136 which is the most massive star ever found

r136 most massive star ever

Holy moly, she’s a thiccc bitch. Astronomers have some new images of the most massive star ever found, and as you’d expect, they’re gorgeous.

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‘Final Fantasy XVI’ Producer Naoki Yoshida says the series is “struggling” and that acknowledgment is encouraging as fuck

final fantasy producer series struggling

I’ve been excited for Final Fantasy XVI since its first tease, and now I’m even more excited. In a recent interview, the latest installment’s producer has said the series is “struggling” to keep up with the times. That sort of candid and accurate assessment is exactly what I want from the dude helming the upcoming title. None of this fucking blowing smoke up our asses and pretending the series hasn’t been bumpy as fuck. Own the problems, and in doing so, begin to address them. Let’s go baby!

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Plans have been announced for Full Greenhouse on International Space Station. Cosmic cabbage, baby!

full greenhouse international space station

Gardening is pretty dope. I said it, fuck you. But what’s more dope? Gardening in fucking space. Them fucks at the ISS get it, cause plans have been announced for a full greenhouse aboard the station.

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‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Trailer: Guillermo del Toro’s Horror Anthology is Stacked

Goddamn! It is October yet? I need Spooky Szn for a variety of reasons and I got another to add to the list. You see motherfuckers, October is the month when Guillermo del Toro’s horror anthology hits Netflix. Goddamn glorious slate of talent behind each episode, too.

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Monday Morning Commute: A Constant Companion

OL turns 13 today, my friends. By the Lords of Kobol, the Elder Ones beyond Comprehension, and Jesus titty-fucking Christ himself, I can’t believe it. Thirteen fucking years in this madhouse. It has been, as the title suggests, a constant companion of mine at this point. It’s born friendships, feuds, interviews, Twitch streams, and various off-shoots communities such as our Instagram, Facebook, and Discord.

More than anything, it’s given myself and others a little Oasis in the middle of the maelstrom that is The Online World these days. A bastion of banality and congeniality, if you will. As I usually do when we hit some benchmark, I want to shout out everyone who has ever written for OL, hung out on OL, promoted OL, or even slandered us in the dark, hate-slickened halls of their own impropriety.

Where we at existentially at the moment? Well, the summer is drawing down, the school year is looming (why the fuck did I say I’d teach five classes?), and the Most Righteous Time of the Year is almost here. Football! Halloween! Apple cider donuts! The rejoicing upon the Eternal Finality of the Year and the Spirits it unleashes!

But I still got three-weeks or so to revel in my own crumb-covered lethargy as a full-time maniac and a part-time house husband! Here’s what’s capturing my attention this week.

This is Monday Morning Commute, baby!

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‘John Wick’ director wants to make his ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ movie in Japanese. It’s fucking wild, I love it

john wick director ghost of tsushima movie japanese

The bro behind John Wick is making a Ghost of Tsushima movie and he wants to get wild with it. Wild with it how? Dude wants to make it in Japanese, with Japanese actors. Let’s fucking go for it, baby. Get nuts. Apparently Sony is backing the idea, too. For how long? Great fucking question. Like, I don’t think it’s going to fucking happen, but I appreciate the sentiment.

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Harvard Professor wants to recover what he believes to be “alien technology” from ocean floor. Fucking go for it, brother!

harvard professor alien ocean wreckage

I ride or die with Avi Loeb, motherfuckers. Dude thinks Oumuamua may have been alien tech. I fuck with it! Dude wants to recover what he believes to be alien technology from the bottom of the ocean floor? I fuck with it! Ride or die, motherfuckers.

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Facebook created an Advanced AI that won’t stop shit talking Facebook. Can’t fucking blame it!

facebook ai criticizing facebook

Be careful what you create, motherfuckers! Facebook has created an advanced AI, and the fucker rightfully won’t stop criticizing the platform. Flesh, nu-flesh, don’t matter. Everyone fucking knows Facebook is trash. Only problem is, uh, the bot also apparently supports Donald Trump. Just like its creator, I suppose.

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