Rumor: The ‘Star Wars’ movie by ‘Game of Thrones’ creators filming this fall and explores the Old Republic. Hell. Fucking Yes.

game of thrones star wars old republic

I’m ready for some fucking Star Wars outside the Skywalker Saga, folks. And if this rumor is true, the Game of Thrones creators are going to be the ones giving it to me. I mean, the Old Republic? Hell yes.

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Google reveals its game-streaming service ‘Stadia’ and it sounds pretty fucking awesome

google stadia gaming streaming

Comrades, Google has revealed its game-streaming service. It’s called Stadia, and it sounds pretty fucking awesome.  Play any game almost instantly from a YouTube video? 4K streaming? The future is wild. Will I use it? Probably not, but that’s not indicative of how much I appreciate it.

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Kevin Feige says first three phases of the MCU are called “The Infinity Saga” which is pretty rad

kevin feige mcu the infinity saga

Kevin Feige dropped some knowledge on us, ya’ll. The first three phases of the MCU, culminating with Avengers: Endgame,is called The Infinity Saga. As well, it makes me excited for whatever grandiose saga awaits us after the Infinity Saga wraps-up. Secret Invasion, right?

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Some humans can “sense” Earth’s magnetic field according to research. Yeah, his name is Magneto, bro!

humans magnetic field

Easy headline is easy! That said, pretty fucking cool research.

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Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time In Hollywood’ gets sexy, retro poster

once upon a time in hollywood poster

Yeah, I said it! Sexy!

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Netflix’s next interactive show is ‘You vs. Wild’ where you make decisions for Bear Grylls. Cool cool cool.

netflix you vs wild

Netflix’s next interactive show is called You vs. Wild and its starring Bear Grylls. Honestly, if you can’t force him to drink his own sterilized pee and knife fight a bear, the entire thing is fucking pointless. Imo, imo.

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Hans Zimmer is composing the score for ‘Dune’ ensuring every facet of movie is nauseatingly talented. Plus, a plot synopsis!

hans zimmer dune

Dune is simply not fucking around, my dudes. The entire enterprise is insanely stacked with talent, and, fuck, I really hope it translates to success.

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Streaming tonight! 10pm Eastern! Let’s go, fellas!

Rumor: The ‘Flash’ movie is going to start filming this year. No, seriously!

rumor flash movie filming 2019

I’m excited about the DCEU these days. True, I’ve only enjoyed Wonder Woman. But, Warner Bros. has made a lot of interesting choices in recent times to get me torqued. The one relevant to the Flash movie? Hiring the writers of the pretty fantastic Spider-Man: Homecoming to direct it. So, let’s fucking go, let’s get this filming. I’m in.

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James Gunn has been rehired to direct ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ and this rules so hard

james gunn guardians of the galaxy 3

Straight-up? All that needs to be said? Good.

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