‘Project Resistance’ Trailer: Capcom’ next ‘Resident Evil’ title looks like a squad-based survival game

New teaser trailer for the next Resident Evil jam! Seemingly a spin-off, it looks similar to Resident Evil: Outbreak.

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Scientists can’t explain strange bubbles that sandwich our galaxy. Put it on the fucking list of unknowns, dudes!

scientist bubbles milky way galaxy

Our galaxy is sandwich by two high-energy bubbles. The Fermi bubbles. We know they are there. However, that’s about all we fucking know. Wild.

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Large Underwater Research Station has disappeared without a fucking trace. I welcome the Elder Gones finally waking up!

underwater research station vanished

A large underwater research station has flat-out fucking vanished. Is this the Elder Gods finally waking up? Getting ready to wipe our dumb asses out? One can only hope. Either way, this is wild.

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‘Hawkeye’ series adds ‘Mad Men’ writer as its showrunner. Well, I officially give more of a fuck!

How many fucking Marvel series am I going to watch on Disney Plus? I’m not fucking sure. However, the Hawkeye one just took a step towards gaining my attention. I mean, fuck. Adding a Mad Men writer as showrunner? Hell yes.

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Next ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie adds Hayley Atwell. God bless this fucking franchise.

hayley atwell mission impossible

I say, fuck yes. Hayley Atwell has been added to the next Mission Impossible. A franchise, which is for my money, the best action series going.

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Streaming accounts for 80% of Music Industry’s revenue. Good goddamn!

music industry 80 percent streaming

I stream like a motherfucker, okay? So, I’m one of the people propelling this trend. That said, the ephemeral nature of these services worries me. In fact, I’d like to get back into buying physical media (on top of streaming). Physical copy. Helps the artists more. But streaming is just so fucking convenient, no?

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‘Jack Ryan’ Season 2 Trailer: The latest installment of jingoistic slop starring Jim drops November 1

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy Jack Ryan. But, man. I would never call it good. That said, can’t wait!

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Weekend Open Bar: Nightmare on Omega Street!

weekend open bar nightmare on omega street

Hey friends! I’m kicking open the doors to the, uh, Open Bar right quick! Trying to light the lanterns, dust off the chairs, and throw some gasoline on the hearth before Mrs. Omega gets home! So, quickly! You probably know the conceit! The Universe is Dark and Full of Horrors. But, it can feel a little less dire through the power of Hanging The Fuck Out Together. And every weekend I invite each and every member of the Space-Ship Omega to spend time together!

Share what you’re up to! Lighting some fall candles? Share what you’re looking forward to! Seeing It? Share what’s on your mind! Be it a fanciful meme, or a provocative gif.

There is, as always, one golden rule: god dammit, you’ve got to be kind.

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Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ series casts ‘Bandersnatch’ star Will Poulter as lead. Sure, okay, I have no opinion on this.

lord of the rings amazon will poulter

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings has cast Will Poulter as the lead. It is a series that I will absolutely not be watching. That said? The dude is a good actor.

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Nintendo has dropped 20 SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online! Plus an official SNES controller for Switch!

nintendo switch online snes

Good news for ya’ll motherfuckers with Nintendo Switch Online! You’re now privy to 20 SNES games! As well, you got the opportunity to buy an official SNES controller for the Switch. In fact, the exclusive opportunity.

I’m going to admit it, I’m jealous on multiple fronts.

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