‘A Quiet Place’ Spin-Off Movie from Jeff Nichols is dropping in 2023. Okay, this could be dope.

a quiet place spin off movie 2023

Fuckers, what do you do with a successful movie franchise? Milk its tits until death! The latest example is this shit: A Quiet Place is getting a spin-off flick dropping in 2023. That said, I’m actually pretty stoked. The first two movies are solid, and the director of the spin-off fucking rules.

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FBI says Russian Hackers are to blame for shutting down much of US beef supply. What a weird fucking future, man.

fbi russian hackers us beef supply

I’m old as fuck. Pre-internet old. So when I read an article that says Russian hackers have shut down the US beef supply? It fucking blows my mind, man.

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Michael Keaton’s return as Batman in ‘The Flash’ teased in image from movie’s director!

michael keaton batman returns the flash

Will Keaton be in The Flash? Will he not be? Folks, we finally got some fucking clarity from the director himself. Dude has officially teased Keaton’s return on Instagram. Fuck yeah.

Hit the jump to check it out!

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‘John Wick 4’ adds Donnie Yen as an old friend of Wick. This rules so fucking much!

donnie yen john wick 4

How do you make John Wick 4 even more fucking amazing? Goddamn, you cast Donnie Yen. I cannot wait for this movie. Man, fuck. Maybe delaying its filming was a blessing in disguise if it led to this gnarly-ass casting.

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NASA is returning to Venus for two missions by 2030. Study that fuckin’ protomolecule, fellas!

nasa venus two missions 2030

Absolutely no news about Venus missions would be complete without me being a dork. You know, referencing The Expanse and shit. So here we go! NASA is returning to Venus for two missions by 2030, and yup, you got it. Protomolecule time.

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Taylor Swift has joined David O. Russell’s next movie. This should be interesting.

taylor swift david o russell movie

David O. Russell is notorious for being a fucking asshole on set. At the same time, he’s worked with the same actors on more than one movie. Christian Bale. Amy Adams. Is the dude a cock? It seems it. Do certain actors get something out of working with him? Also seems it. Which means I’m really intrigued to see how Taylor Swift comes off in his next movie. Is it gonna be a disaster? A revelation? Somewhere in-between? I don’t fucking know, but I’m ready to find out.

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‘God of War: Ragnarok’ delay until next year quietly confirmed in official Sony blog Q&A. Well, that’s one way to do it.

Friends, it looks like God of War is fucking delayed. We sort of all assumed that, right? Given the pandemic and lack of a release date this deep into 2021. However, the way has been confirmed is a bit wild. It was just sort of fucking slipped into a Q&A with Hermen Hulst on their official blog. Gaming journalist Jason Schreier took note on twitter.

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NASA’s Curiosity Rover gives sexy look at cloudy days on Mars

nasa mars curiosity rover clouds

Cloudy days here on the Blue Marble? Fucking suck. Cloudy days on Mars? A novelty, especially when Curiosity sends back images of them.

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Monday Morning Commute: A Master Omega-Levelist

You will get your goddamn Monday Morning Commute when I give it to you, you plebs! Seriously though, I’m sorry. Sorry for lashing out at you. Sorry for being tardy again with the Monday Morning Commute. It’s Wednesday! Hump day! So hopefully your commutes are going well, your weeks are burning away, and your days are littered with promising arts, farts, and existential libations!

As well, if I’m being honest, I’m trying to suss out what these weekly columns mean in the face of a happening Discord channel. Okay, not like happening-happening, but like more, bustling. What is the function of such a column as MMC when we’re all talking continuously? How do I convince people on the Discord to come hang out here, with those who still don’t use it?

I don’t have any of these answers, and I must admit my confusion has led to sort of a malaise regarding it all. Did I punt my blog into obsolescence?

What rounds me back into writing the column here are two factors. First, as a means to engage with those not using Discord (though, please hang out here!), and as well as a time capsule for myself. So in five years when I’m curious as to what I was up to in 2021, what I was enjoying, and what I was thinking about, I can surf the digital universe to a column such as thing. Peek into my psyche, shudder, and carry on with my life.

Enough of that ambling preamble, let’s get into the nitty gritty! The wishy washy! The…I don’t know, some sort of phrase. Here’s what I’m digging this week. Then I hope you’ll both join me in the comments and on our OL Discord.

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Lockheed Martin and GM are building electric, autonomous Moon buggy. Zipping around Luna!

It’s nice to see Lockheed Martin taking another moment to develop something that isn’t designed to obliterate humans. Indeed, the company is teaming up with GM to build a rad ass Moon buggy! It is electric, autonomous, and ready to fucking zip.

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