Next ‘Star Trek’ movie is dropping in 2023. Actors? Director? Timeline? They don’t fucking know!

new star trek movie 2023

Respect to Paramount for announcing a new Star Trek movie for 2033 without knowing anything. Like, fucking anything at all. No director attached, no timeline identified, no actors involved! A straight-up commitment to a release date, and absolutely nothing else.

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Weekend Open Bar: The Super Covid Serum!

wb the super covid serum

It’s official, comrades. Members of the Space-Ship Omega. The COVID-19 vaccine is currently coursing through my veins. Building antibodies. Shuffling me towards a day when I may return to the movies, watch sports with friends, and attend concerts. Build, antibodies! Build! Swell up, teach my body how to karate-chop this fucking virus. Missile dropkick the son of a bitch! Get big, get strong, get ready for me. ‘Cause Imma put your serum-ass to the test in three weeks or so.

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‘Indiana Jones 5’ adds Phoebe Waller-Bridge as its female lead, John Williams doing score. This is happening, huh?

indiana jones 5 cast phoebe waller bridge john williams

Well, it appears that Phoebe Waller-Bridge has joined the cast of Indiana Jones 5 and John Williams will be doing its score. I gotta confess, I forgot this shit is happening, and I sort of really wish it wasn’t. No Spielberg. Old-as-fuck Ford. Just, I don’t know. Let glorious, sleeping dogs lie.

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Report: Naughty Dog working on ‘Last of Us’ Remake while Sony’s fixation on blockbuster titles has some employees unhappy

the last of us remake sony focusing on blockbusters

Sony’s got a remake of The Last of Us in the works. Which is unnecessary, but whatever. However, more concerning is what this symbolizes. Specifically, the company is focusing on blockbusters over everything else, and it’s leading to turmoil and turnover. What the fuck, Sony. Get your heads out of your asses. This shit is right on cue, though. Company fucks up every other generation. As a Sony fanboy, this shit kills me to admit.

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‘Ancient Aliens’ movie coming from ‘Cobra Kai’ showrunner and somehow I give a shit?

ancient aliens movie coming from cobra kai showrunner

Listen. If it weren’t the Cobra Kai showrunner bringing the world an Ancient Aliens movie, I wouldn’t give a fuck. However, that dude has clearly proven he can take an unlikely commodity and make it entertaining-as-fuck. So, sure! I’ll be excited about this.

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Views From The Space-Ship: A (Synth)wave of relief

Sup, my brethren? ‘Tis I, the Caffeinated Power! Coming to you today with a bit of a clipped installment. You see, I am experiencing a synthwave of relief today! Finally, I’ve been vaccinated against the Motherfucking Plague! Goddamn, fuck, yes! However, I gotta cop that I’m feeling some of the side effects. Burning eyes, a bit of a throbbing temple, and a pretty unusual amount of fatigue. All of it? All of it completely fucking worth it. To walk within the world again, just a bit more confident. To walk within the movie theaters again in two weeks, to see Mortal Kombat.

That said, I’m fucking drained! So I’m gonna sprint through my images this week, but I still hope you’ll share views of your own world in the comments section!

This is Views From The Space-Ship!

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Rumor: Hideo Kojima in talks with Microsoft to publish his next game. The company is not fucking around!

microsoft publishing hideo kojima next game

Buried in the news today regarding whether or not Abandoned is a Hideo Kojima game (it’s not) is a larger nugget to chew on. Apparently, Microsoft is pushing hard to land a deal to publish Kojima’s next game. Man, that would be a huge fucking get for the Xbox Ecosystem!

Hit the jump for the news, and also the easter-eggy photo that fans think confirms it.

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HBO’s adaptation of ‘The Last of Us’ begins filming this July. From a literal apocalypse to a fictional one!

hbo the last of us adaptation filming in july

HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us is finally fucking filming this July, friends. Hopefully by then the show about the society-cracking pandemic will be filming during a decidedly less awful pandemic of our own. Who knows though! I ain’t predicting shit anymore.

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NASA’s Mars Rover has taken an extraterrestrial selfie. Doing it for the Martian Gram!

nasa mars rover selfie

NASA’s Mars Rover is out on the Red Planet, doing exactly what we’d all be doing. Snapping some selfies for the likes, baby!

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NASA’s Mars helicopter is online and has sent back its first photo. Red Planet is red, baby!

nasa mars helicopter online sent back photo

NASA’s Mars helicopter is online and ready to fucking rock, folks. Rock some photos of rocks and shit! Not only is the motherfucker operational, but it’s sent back its first photo! Now listen I agree the photo fucking sucks. But it’s just the goddamn first one!

Hit the jump to check it out.

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