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Google reveals its game-streaming service ‘Stadia’ and it sounds pretty fucking awesome

google stadia gaming streaming

Comrades, Google has revealed its game-streaming service. It’s called Stadia, and it sounds pretty fucking awesome.  Play any game almost instantly from a YouTube video? 4K streaming? The future is wild. Will I use it? Probably not, but that’s not indicative of how much I appreciate it.

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‘No Man’s Sky’ getting another big update called ‘Beyond’ which is an enormous multiplayer addition

I fucking love the fact that Hello Games could have just called it a day when No Man’s Sky dropped, and well, everyone thought it was ass. Instead, they’ve just been grinding away, turning it into a dope experience.

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‘Hyper Light Drifter’ devs reveal their next game, ‘Solar Ash Kingdom’

I haven’t played Hyper Light Drifter, but it’s on the list! Provided, you know, Bateman and I ever beat Dead Cells. That said, it looks fucking dope, and the developer’s follow-up does as well.

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Gearbox teases ‘Borderlands 3’ reveal at PAX East. I may die of fucking joy.

borderlands 3 pax east

I have been so, so fucking patient. Waiting for Borderlands 3 for nearly, what, seven years? But, it appears my watch may be over.

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Microsoft is apparently launching disc-less Xbox One S next month. The future is intangible, I guess

microsoft all digital xbox one

As more and more people move towards owning the digital-rights of properties, be it games or movies, I’ve shuffled towards the tangible. So, I’m not stoked on the news that Microsoft is dropping a disc-less only Xbox One. However, I imagine this news will tickle the taint of those who don’t fear losing access to their digi-products.

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‘The Witcher 3’ director has joined ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ as design director. Is this good?

the witcher 3 director cyberpunk 2077

I don’t know, I’m fucking worried about Cyberpunk 2077. Maybe I shouldn’t be. But, it’s been in development forever, and we don’t know shit. So, is the Witcher 3 director joining just adding dope talent? Or, is it a sign of troubled waters? Someone help me interpret this.

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Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé retiring. Legit being replaced by dude named Bowser

reggie fils aimé retiring bowser

NoA president Reggie Fils-Aimé is retiring. Dude has been with Nintendo for nearly thirteen years, and guided them through two wonderful successes, the Wii and Switch. That said, not all is lost. Bro is being replaced by a dude named Bowser.

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Sealed copy of ‘Super Mario Bros’ sells for fucking $100,150. Congrats to the assholes who bought this

sealed copy super mario bros record

Man, imagine having this kind of “fuck you” money? I mean, I know it took several collectors to buy this copy of Super Mario Bros. But, my point stands.

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‘Zelda: Link’s Awakening’ is getting a 3D remake for the Nintendo Switch

After how fucking rad the Resident Evil 2 remake is, I got no qualms about the idea of Nintendo remaking a fucking classic.

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‘Apex Legends’ scores 25 million fucking players in one week. Well, they’re not fucking, but you get it

apex legends 25 million users

Man, good for Respawn. After a yawn-inducing Titanfall, and a brilliant but ignored Titanfall 2, it seems as though they’ve finally punched through with Apex Legends. I mean, 25 million users in the first week? Good goddamn. I haven’t played it myself, because I suck at these sorts of games, but I’ve found it extremely entertaining to watch.

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