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‘Control’ DLC teases ‘Alan Wake’ crossover. I’m so fucking horny for this!

control alan wake expansion

Alan Wake is an all-time favorite game of mine. I’ve pined for a sequel for years! Oh, for years. Meanwhile, Control is one of my favorite games of this generation. So, sweet Jesus, Remedy is going to have their two franchises collide? I’m losing my cool.

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‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Trailer: An action-packed look at this extensive fucking remix!

A new Final Fantasy VII trailer, friends! And, this title is definitely stretching the definition of “remake” if you ask me. The changes and additions are extensive. You didn’t ask me? Well, I’m fucking telling you anyways. The changes and additions are extensive. Ain’t saying that’s a good or bad thing. Time will tell. But, let’s stop pretending this is a remake as we usually understand them.

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‘Project Resistance’ Trailer: Capcom’ next ‘Resident Evil’ title looks like a squad-based survival game

New teaser trailer for the next Resident Evil jam! Seemingly a spin-off, it looks similar to Resident Evil: Outbreak.

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Nintendo has dropped 20 SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online! Plus an official SNES controller for Switch!

nintendo switch online snes

Good news for ya’ll motherfuckers with Nintendo Switch Online! You’re now privy to 20 SNES games! As well, you got the opportunity to buy an official SNES controller for the Switch. In fact, the exclusive opportunity.

I’m going to admit it, I’m jealous on multiple fronts.

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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is going to have eventually have multiplayer. Fellas, just finish the fucking game

cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer

It’s official: Cyberpunk 2077 is getting in on that multiplayer action. Eventually. And that’s like, neat or whatever. But, can the game get fucking shipped before we begin dabbling in this? Please?

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Super-rare Konami NES games have been discovered! And already fucking emulated! God bless the future.

rare konami games

Man, I ain’t never heard of the Konami series Space School. And I imagine you haven’t either. Konami and Japanese national broadcaster NHK created the educational games back in the day. Long forgotten! Until this week.

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Watch: ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Deep Dive Video: This game is real and it makes me so fucking horny!

I’m not watching this video. This Cyberpunk 2077 deep dive video. I’ll get too horny. I’ll start rubbing against the corner of walls. But, I want you to watch it. Enjoy it. For me.

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‘Yakuza 7’ is dropping next year and it’s going fucking full turn-based combat! Fucking wild.

yakuza 7 2020 rpg

Yakuza 7 is coming next year, fuckers. And it’s got itself a meaty-assed change in tow. The seventh installment is going from beat-em-up to turn-based combat. This is fucking wild, even to me, a schlub who hasn’t played the series.

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Capcom teasing new ‘Resident Evil’ game called ‘Project Resistance’ to debut at TGS. Get it, REsistance?!

resident evil project resistance

A new Resident Evil game? Debuting at TGS 2019? You bet your bottom fucking dollar! Apparently it’s going to be similar the online survival game Resident Evil Outbreak, which I never played.

Hit the jump for details and leaked screenshots!

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‘Mario Kart Tour’ is dropping on smartphones on September 25. Get pissed at blue shells anywhere, now!

mario kart tour september 25

I completely forgot that there is a Mario Kart game dropping on smartphones. Additionally, I will forget once again. But right now! It’s at the top of my mind. And I’m here to tell you, it’s arriving this September.

As well, I know technically you can already get pissed at blue shells anywhere already, because Mario Kart is on the Switch. Just let me have the fucking headline, pedant.

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