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New Nintendo Switch with 4K Support and an OLED screen dropping this year. This is it, this is my time!

nintendo switch 4k support oled screen

I’ve been waiting for a couple of years for Nintendo to drop a new Switch, and my friends it appears my time is now! A report by Bloomberg has the company dropping a new Switch model this year, with 4K support and a new OLED screen. Oh hell yes, sign me the fuck up!

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‘Dragon Age 4’ going to be single-player only following ‘Anthem’ failure. Fucking yes, my dudes!

dragon age 4 single player only

Hey! EA has pulled one of their myriad heads out of their myriad asses! After Anthem‘s fucking failure, the company is letting BioWare go single-player only. This shit will begin with Dragon Age 4, which I am now sweating harder. Death to live services, bitches!

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‘Diablo 2 Resurrected’ dropping this year on all platforms. Fuck yes, I’ll dance with the remastered devil!

Diablo 2 Resurrected is dropping this year, and I’m fucking stoked. The original Diablo 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and meant so much to me that it made my senior yearbook. Yeah, I’m also that fucking old. And that fucking lame. None the less, let’s do this baby!

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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ studio has been victim of cyberattack but ain’t giving in to ransom demands.

d projekt red cyberattack source code

Man, CD Projekt Red can’t catch a fucking break. Granted, most of their suffering has been of their doing. But now they’ve been goddamn hacked, and the hackers are demanding a ransom. If they ain’t paid, they’ve threatened to drop the source code for The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. I say, goddamn.

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‘Resident Evil Village’ dropping May 7! PlayStation 5 demo out now, friends!

resident evil village may 7 demo ps5

Resident Evil Village got itself a release date, motherfuckers! May 7! But that shit ain’t all! A demo has dropped on the PlayStation 5, by way of the name Maiden. Sign my ass up for the both of them.

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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ developers have released apology and detailed roadmap. DLC is delayed, next-gen upgrade coming second half of 2021

cyberpunk 2077 apology dlc roadmap

CD Projekt Red has broken its silence surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 to apologize like motherfuckers. As well, they’ve also dropped an updated roadmap for the title’s un-fucking. Of note, the game’s free DLC has been delayed, and its next-gen upgrade won’t drop for a while. A damn while. Assuredly, the significant delay bums me out. However, if it means I get to play the best possible version, I’m for the (new) interminable wait.

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‘Star Wars’ open-world game coming from Ubisoft and ‘The Division’ developers. Man, let’s fucking go!

star wars open world game division developers

Star Wars video game news continues to bubble up, my friends! The latest? An open-world game coming from the developers of The Division franchise. As a fan of those games, this all quality news to me, so long as this motherfucker is primarily a single-player based experience.

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Bethesda has revealed ‘Indiana Jones’ game being developed by ‘Wolfenstein’ crew. This is so fucking radical.

bethesda announces indiana jones game

Hey! Do you need more of a reason to hop on the Microsoft train? Bethesda has announced an Indiana Jones game, and it’s being helmed by the team behind Wolfenstein. I mean, mamma fucking mia! Bethesda (ostensibly) going Microsoft exclusive was already fantastic for the company’s line-up of games. But this absolutely fucking accelerates the situation.

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‘Nier: Automata’ final secret is found after nearly four years. A cheat code to skip…the entire fucking game.

nier automata final secret cheat code

Nier: Automata‘s final secret has been found, friends! Its discovery comes nearly four years after the fucker dropped, and it’s a doozy. It lets you skip the entire game. No, fucking really.

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‘Halo Infinite’ is officially dropping Fall 2021. Master Chief making us master waiting, lololol

halo infinite fall 2021

Halo Infinite‘s first gameplay footage debuted looking somewhere between Raw Ass and Oh No. Which explains why it was almost immediately delayed. Til when? At the time we didn’t fucking know. However, it appears that some clarity has emerged. The son of a bitch is dropping in Fall 2021.

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