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‘Resident Evil Village’ getting expansion DLC. Back to that fuckin’ mud town of horrors!

resident evil village expansion dlc

It ain’t a surprise that Resident Evil Village is getting DLC, considering Resident Evil 7 got its fair fucking share. That said, it’s pretty fucking dope news! I’m really enjoying Village, and I’ll definitely contemplate snagging the expansion.

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Microsoft confirms Xbox streaming sticks and Game Pass TV apps. The future is (sort of) now!

microsoft xbox streaming stick and tv app

Today, Microsoft announced what they had previously teased. The motherfuckers are working on an Xbox streaming stick as well as Game Pass Smart TV apps. While the technology ain’t all the way there yet, it’s wild to see a gaming giant officially embracing the future. Just smooching it. Rubbing on it. Maybe not putting it all the way in yet, but the tip is getting teased. It is!

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‘God of War: Ragnarok’ delay until next year quietly confirmed in official Sony blog Q&A. Well, that’s one way to do it.

Friends, it looks like God of War is fucking delayed. We sort of all assumed that, right? Given the pandemic and lack of a release date this deep into 2021. However, the way has been confirmed is a bit wild. It was just sort of fucking slipped into a Q&A with Hermen Hulst on their official blog. Gaming journalist Jason Schreier took note on twitter.

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Nintendo planning to drop Upgraded Switch as early as September. Reveal coming ahead of E3, baby!

nintendo switch upgrade september

When I bought my wife a Switch Lite a couple weeks ago, it was with the idea that I’d be getting myself an upgraded full model this year. Was it a calculated fucking gamble? Yup! But that shit seems to be paying off with this new report. According to reports, Nintendo will be dropping their upgraded Nintendo Switch as soon as September.

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‘Final Fantasy Origin’ is a Souls-like ‘Final Fantasy’ game coming from Team Ninja. Well then!

final fantasy origin team ninja

Ain’t this a wild fucking pivot, no? Team Ninja is making themselves a Final Fantasy game with gameplay similar to that of their Nioh titles. The motherfucker is called Final Fantasy Origin, and it’s going to be a PS5 exclusive. All in all, I ain’t never fucked with Souls games, or Nioh. But I gotta support getting weird with an established franchise.

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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Dropping On PS5 and Xbox Series X in November. The Eternal Title, Motherfuckers!

grand theft auto v ps5 xbox series x november

Grand Theft Auto V will never die. Long live Grand Theft Auto V. The already announced second remaster of the title is dropping on the new consoles this fucking November. And this dick head? Will be buying it eventually.

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‘Resident Evil Village’ is Tracking to be the Best-Selling Game in the Series. Ya’ll Horny Folks Did It!

resident evil village best selling game in series

I really fuck with Resident Evil Village, and it appears I ain’t alone. The horny folks and horror fans have the title on track to be the best-selling game in the series.

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PlayStation Studios Working On 25+ Games and ‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ Still On For 2021. Fuck Yes!

sony playstation studios 25 games in the works

I’ve complained a lot about Sony’s dumb-ass moves this generation. I know, I know. But their first-party titles will have me continuing to pay fealty, and Jesus Fucking Christ are there a lot of them coming. In fact, them motherfuckers got over 25 games in the works and some of them are new IPs. Dope, dope fucking news. Also dope fucking news? Horizon: Forbidden West is still on for 2021, baby!

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Nintendo Switch Has 36 Million-Seller Titles. Jesus Fuck, This Thing Doesn’t Slow Down!

nintendo switch 36 million seller games

The Nintendo Switch just runs around the fucking ring, discus-lariating any motherfucker that gets in its way. It’s unstoppable, fucking unstoppable. This son of a bitch as 36 million-seller titles, and I imagine that ain’t the final count.

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Sony Has Invested in Discord, Will Bring it to PlayStation in 2022. This Matters To Me Now!

sony invests in discord coming to playstation 2022

Hey, did you know we have a fucking Discord? Yup! We do. It’s been getting going lately, and we’ve assembled a real collection of vagabonds, degenerates, and filth peddlers. In other words, a fantastic crew. Why is that relevant? Well, motherfucking Sony has announced they’ve invested in Discord, and they’ll be bringing that shit to PlayStation next year. That means I’ll be able to interact with said vagabonds, degenerates, and filth peddlers from the comfort of my PlayStation next year!

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