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‘The Last of Us Part II’ has been delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus. Fuck me.

the last of us part ii delayed indefinitely

The Last of Us Part II has been delayed indefinitely as a result of, you guessed it, the fucking coronavirus. There goes, like, the one thing I was looking forward to in this fucking maelstrom of suck.

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Remasters of most ‘Super Mario’ games coming to Nintendo Switch for the plumber’s 35th Anniversary. Fucking gnarly, dudes!

super mario remasters nintendo switch 35th anniversary

Goddamn, does Nintendo know how to throw a birthday party! The company is dropping remasters of most of the Super Mario catalog to celebrate the dude’s 35th anniversary!

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Epic publishing next games from the developers of ‘Control’ and ‘The Last Guardian’

epic publish next games dev control the last guardian limbo

Epic Games has gone into a publishing deal with one of my favorite developers, Remedy Entertainment. As well, they’ve locked up the publishing rights to the next games from the developers of The Last Guardian and Limbo.

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‘The Messenger’ developer’s next game is a Retro RPG called ‘Sea of Stars’ that takes place in the same universe. Fucking rad.

Provided that society doesn’t completely collapse, I’m fucking stoked for this shit. The people behind The Messenger have revealed their next game, Sea of Stars. It’s a retro RPG that takes place in the same universe as The Messenger and is inspired by Chrono Trigger. That said, they need our help to Kickstart it! Let’s go, friends.

And. Man, society. Please don’t collapse.

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Sony reveals PlayStation 5 specs in insanely boring presentation by lead architect Mark Cerny

ps5 official specs reveal

If you are like me, you’re deeply horny for some tangible next-gen news. Like, price points. Games. Release dates. But, first this week Microsoft failed to stroke me. And today, Sony followed suit.

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Sony offering PlayStation 5 details tomorrow! Spec porn war is officially on!

playstation 5 details wednesday

Yesterday, Microsoft dropped a fuck-ton of Xbox Series X specs that meant less than zero to me. Tomorrow, Sony is dropping a fuck-ton of PlayStation 5 specs that will mean less than zero to me! They’re just numbers! What do I want from both fucking companies at this point? Launch date, launch price, and launch titles. Fucking c’mon, fellas.

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Microsoft has revealed a shit-ton of Xbox Series X specs. Like, do we care right now? I can’t, but I want to.

xbox series x specs

Today, Microsoft has dropped a shit-ton of Xbox Series X specs. I have to admit, a week ago I would have been stoked. This week? Hard to care, dude. Hard to care.

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Japanese elementary school cancels graduation over coronavirus, students hold the ceremony in ‘Minecraft’ which is cool as fuck.

japanese students minecraft graduation

Hey! Here’s a neat little happening to make you smile in these absolutely appalling times! A Japanese elementary school canceled its graduation. So, did the students take it lying down? Fuck nah! They held it in Minecraft instead! So dope.

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Steam breaks record with 20 million fucking concurrent users today. Gaming makes the pandemic go down easier!

steam breaks record 20 million people

Holy fucking shit, dudes. Steam had 20 million concurrent users today. This obliterates its standing record, but I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised.

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Next ‘The Witcher’ title going into production when ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ development concludes. Fucking obviously, it is a license to print money!

new the witcher 4 cyberpunk 2077

The Witcher 3 was huge prior to the Netflix series. And after the show hit? Hachi machi! Even bigger. Thus, it makes all the fucking sense in the world that another one is coming, after Cyberpunk 2077 wraps-up development.

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