OMEGA-LINKS: Episode VIII, Bustin’ Ghosts, Bustin’ Wallets


Every once in a while I feel the need to do a cleansing, uncontrollable purge of my RSS reader’s “Saved for Later” folder. Today is the day, folks! Open your mouths, close your eyes, and thank whatever Deity you subscribe to. In this edtion we got some Rian Johsnon on Episode VIII love, pulsating stars, space-suits, Amazon buyin’ shit, and more.

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OMEGA-LINKS: We’ve Got (Brian) Wood for Net Neutrality, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’


I’ve been fucking BUSY lately. This means several things. First, I’m eating three sandwiches at 4 a.m. while weeping into my Fleshlight. Second, I’m not reading or playing nearly as much as I want to. And third, I have a fucking STACK of articles I haven’t been able to share with you fucks. So color this a Space-Ship Colonic. ‘Cause I’m flushing them links out in one post. We got everything from Brian Wood, to Guardians of the Galaxy, to Netflix slap-fighting with the FCC.

Something ain’t here? Share your own noteworthy nuggets from this week.

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OMEGA-LINKS: Agent Carter Roams The Moon!


Pinch my tits and call me an infidel! Another busy-as-fuck Monday, another complete lack of updates. But nary a worry is warranted, friends. Carry your trough up to the table and I’ll fill your little receptacle with the bullshit that got marked “saved for later” today, and the “later” never came.

Including! Agent Carter, those Comcast fuckers, Grant Morrison, the wonderful Police State, and more!

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OMEGA-LINKS: Skywalker’s Dumb Parents, Stars, The Bordering Lands, & Moar

the future

HEY FRIENDS. I was fucking busy today! So I didn’t get around to commenting on (to myself, and like that one weird guy in the corner with the gnarly erection and killer Reebok Pumps) the various news and notes from the around the internet in the past 24 hours. Instead of shuddering in a fluid-covered shell of inadequacy over my failure, I figure’d I would round these links up in one tight package.

After the jump! Pre-Sequels, Sequels to Classics, More Dumb Comic Book Movie News, and More!

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