Alan Moore Signs Deal With ‘Harry Potter’ Publisher Which Includes A 5-Part Fantasy Series.

Alan Moore may be done with comics, but the motherfucker ain’t done with writing. Moore has signed a major deal with Bloomsbury, which includes a five-part fantasy series titled Long London. You know, I don’t usually fuck with fantasy, but I absolutely fuck with Moore. So chances have me checking this shit out. How about you?

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Quentin Tarantino writing ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ novel as part of two-book deal. Okay then!

quentin tarantino once upon a time in hollywood novel

I’ll never read a Once Upon A Time In Hollywood novel by Quentin Tarantino. Yet despite that, I’m oddly excited by the news? I don’t fucking know. Looking for consistency in my ass is like looking for empathy in a Trump supporter. What can ya fucking do.

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George R.R. Martin says he can finish the books now that ‘Game of Thrones’ is over and I respect the honesty

george r r martin finish books

GRRM has seen the ending of Game of Thrones along with the rest of us. And I imagine he’s thinking what we are all thinking. There is no way the book series’ ending can be worse than the show. Take a breath, GRRM, and begin hammering that shit out.

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Charlie Booker’s ‘Black Mirror’ getting book anthology series, depression goes analog

charlie booker black mirror book series

Charlie Booker’s Black Mirror is a stark take on our dystopian future-present. It’s incisive, wonderful, and depressing as fuck. If you’ve spent time wondering how else you can get Booker’s insight into our present techno-rot, having finished the series, well good fucking news. The show is being adapted into a book anthology series.

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Neil Gaiman tackling Norse Mythology with new non-fiction novel

Neil Gaiman.

New non-fiction novel? Sort of a head-bender. But I suppose Gaiman isn’t exactly alien to the notion of his novels notoriously bending our brains. I mean, right?

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Ernie Cline (‘Ready Player One’) is writing third sci-fi novel; has signed enormous deal for publication rights

Ernie Cline.

Ernie Cline is not a good writer. RPO was a decent, enjoyable pastiche. I read the description for Armada and laughed out loud. And yet despite both of those bullshit notes, I’m glad he’s making bank off of his cheap peddling of 1980s nerd nostalgia. ‘Cause that’s pretty much what I wish I was doing in life.

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Eddie Redmayne starring in ‘Harry Potter’ spin-off, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’

edward redamaybe

This news isn’t for me, folks. I’m just imagining there’s some portion of our non-existent fanbase that may find this relevant. Cause me? Didn’t read the book, may not see the movie.

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Sci-Fi writer John Scalzi signs 13 book, 10 year, $3.4M deal.

John Scalzi

I haven’t read any John Scalzi. And I know that’s probably a personal flaw. But I love any renowned sci-fi writer in this day and age scoring those kind of lucrative contract. Rock on, Scalzi. Keep up the good fight. #PlatitudePlatitude

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Ernest Cline writing sequel to ‘Ready Player One’

ready player one

I think Ready Player One is deec. It cribs some concepts from better works (IMO~ OF COURSE) and uses them to jack off to the 1980’s. Which is cool. I imagine it was even cooler to those who valorize said decade. Does the novel need a sequel? I don’t know. Will I read it? Yes.

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Gnarl Rumor: WB wants Christopher Nolan for ‘Ready Player One’

Christopher Nolan.

Ready Player One really isn’t that good of a book. (Though it’s enjoyable. Am I equivocating here? I guess.) However, it is a really enjoyable pastiche that pays homage to about 3,000 of my loves. So while I wasn’t blown away by the title, the content and the concept would certainly be awesome to see on the big screen. And Christopher Nolan directing it? Fuck yes. But I think this is more wishful thinking on WB’s part than anything else.

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