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‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Is First A24 Film to Earn $100 Million Globally

everything everywhere all at once 100 million

Oh fuck yeah, here’s something I liked today. Everything Everywhere All at Once is the first A24 movie to earn $100 Million globally, motherfuckers! What a goddamn triumph both artistically and financially! If you ain’t seen this shit, do it. Do it now. You’ve already failed, but your ignorant consumer soul is not beyond redemption. I mean, sure, there are an infinite amount of Yous that have seen the movie across the Multiverse, but I’m speaking specifically to you here. YouPrime. At least from my perspective.

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AI Asked To Show “Last Selfie Ever Taken” and Fair Enough

The robots fucking get it, man. LaMDA or some shit, hanging out in the ghost halls. Ghost hells. They know how it’s going down. Case in point, check out this fucking AI showing the “last selfie ever taken” to the world. Haunting, but, eh, it gets it.

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PKD getting alternate-reality biopic directed by Alfonso Cuarón

If you’re going to do a PKD biopic, get fucking weird with it my friends. Dude was an astral realm-traveling, mind-bending, drug-fueled legend. Milquetoast bullshit is unacceptable. Thankfully, getting fucking weird with it is exactly what Charlize Theron and Alfonso Cuarón are doing.

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China takes outrageous fucking photo of Mars’ moon Phobos

Here’s something I liked today, my dudes. China’s got itself a glorious picture of Phobos, one of Mars’ moons. Now they’ve thrown it into the DigiEther for us to fap over, and fap over it we must. Does anyone say fap anymore? How are we referencing jacking it these days? Rubbing it? I will accept answers in the comments.

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