Spike Lee is producing Lovecraftian movie ‘Gordon Hemingway & The Realm of Cthulhu’ for Netflix. Sign me the fuck up!

spike lee hp lovecraft movie realm of cthulhu netflix

Wait, what the fuck? Spike Lee is producing a Lovecraftian horror movie? Indeed, and its titled Gordon Hemingway & The Realm of Cthulhu. You know, I never thought I’d see a world where Spike Lee was producing a Cthulhu flick. Given, you know. He’s Spike Lee. Not to mention Lovecraft’s racist as fuck history. But, I think it’s an interesting angle, directors of color putting their own spin and interpretation on the mythos. Perhaps to admire its wonders while interrogating its myriad faults. With all that in mind, I’m really, really excited for this project.

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John Carpenter says ‘The Fog’ sequel could happen and he’s open to the idea. Aiight!

john carpenter the fog sequel

John Carpenter has said there’s been talk of a sequel to The Fog, and he’s open to the idea. Well, fuck! If dude is, I might as well keep an open mind.

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Viggo Mortensen teases new “disturbing” horror movie with David Cronenberg. Gimme that fucking body horror!

viggo mortensen david cronenberg new horror movie

Viggo! Oh, Viggo! Don’t tease a new horror movie with Cronenberg unless it’s really happening!  Fuck! As well, describing it as harkening back to Cronenberg’s origins? Goodness, gracious, I got a body horror in my pants.

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John Carpenter said he might return to directing. Bro, don’t tease us.

john carpenter might return to directing

John Carpenter said he ain’t completely done with directing, provided this fucking pandemic ever ends. Which is fucking fantastic news to me, dudes. Like. Even bad John Carpenter in the world is better than no John Carpenter, right?

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John Carpenter has signed deal with Serial Box to produce original audio horror stories under ‘John Carpenter Presents’ banner

john carpenter serial box deal john carpenter presents

You know, I’ve never heard of Serial Box until today. However, I imagine that’s why the motherfuckers signed a deal with John Carpenter! The GOAT will be producing a line of original audio stories under the John Carpenter Presents banner. Mission fucking accomplished, Serial Box. I’ll be keeping an eye on you now.

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