‘Love, Death + Robots’ Season 4 ordered by Netflix. Technorgasmic fist-pump!

love death robots season 4 ordered

Ah, fuck yeah! I believe we have all become so accustomed to Netflix sticking its rotting dick into the dying maw of beloved series after series that this counts as a genuine victory. Love, Death + Robots Season 4 has been ordered by Netflix, baby!

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‘PUBG’ getting animated “project” from ‘Castlevania’ producer Adi Shankar and this is how you get me to give a shit

pubg animated project adi shankar

I couldn’t give two tugs of an Eldritch One’s dick about fucking PUBG, man. But if you’re gonna make an animated project based on the franchise with Adi Shankar, I’m going to perk up and torque up. Fucking sure, gimme dat. Gimme dat! Motherfucker is an absolute maestro at directing animated action, so you know this shit is gonna bring it.

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‘Far Cry: Blood Dragon’ getting its own insane Netflix animated series courtesy of ‘Castlevania’ producer Adi Shankar

What the absolute fuck? We’re getting a goddamn Far Cry: Blood Dragon animated series? Didn’t ask for it, sort of surprised by it, but absolutely in love with the concept. Especially since it’s being spearheaded by Castlevania producer Adi Shankar. Trailer looks fucking fantastic, too.

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Robert Rodriguez says ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ animated series in the works. Hey man, let’s do it

robert rodriguez from dusk till dawn animated series

If Robert Rodriguez wants to do a fucking From Dusk Till Dawn animated series, who am I to judge? That said, I’m going to fucking judge none the less. My verdict? Cautious optimism. I dig animated shows, and fuck, it’s Rodriguez himself leading the project. Why not be stoked now? Can always be let down later. Excitement gets the tits hard, and we all want hard tits. I mean, no?

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Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s ‘FreakAngels’ getting turned into Crunchyroll original animated series. Woah, fuck yeah!

warren ellis paul duffield freakangels crunchyroll

Didn’t ever expect to see Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s pretty damn rad FreakAngels adapted into an animated series. But, here we are! Thanks, Crunchyroll!

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‘Castlevania’ Season 3 Trailer: Slaying ain’t never stop, and it returns March 5!

Fuck yeah, gimme some Castlevania season 3 hotness! I was lukewarm on the second season. When it popped it popped. But, when it dragged, it dragged. I think this was partially due to its budget. However, this third season comes with more episodes, and a higher budget. Let’s fucking go!

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‘Masters of the Universe’ Netflix series is reuniting ‘Batman’ voice actor gods Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill

masters of the universe kevin conroy mark hamill

The animated Masters of the Universe on Netflix is reuniting two of the voice actor GOATS, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Consider me fucking interested.

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‘Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’ animated series coming from ‘Castlevania’ producer and fuck I’m conflicted

far cry 3 blood dragon animated series

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a wonderful little niche of retro appreciation. That said, it works because it doesn’t overstay its welcome. An animated series? Could very much be counted as overstaying its welcome. But, wait! The fucking Castlevania producer is involved? I’m…I’m listening.

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David Fincher and ‘Deadpool’ director are teaming-up for animated anthology on Netflix. Gimme a Fuck Yeah!

david fincher deadpool director animated series

Straight and to the rad-as-fuck point: David Fincher and Tim Miller are teaming-up for an adult-oriented animated anthology on Netflix.

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