Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s ‘FreakAngels’ getting turned into Crunchyroll original animated series. Woah, fuck yeah!

warren ellis paul duffield freakangels crunchyroll

Didn’t ever expect to see Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s pretty damn rad FreakAngels adapted into an animated series. But, here we are! Thanks, Crunchyroll!


Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s FreakAngels webcomic is being adapted as a animated series for WarnerMedia’s Crunchyroll streaming service. Announced as part of a line of “Crunchyroll Originals,” FreakAngels will be animated in-house by Crunchyroll.

“After civilization comes to a sudden and crashing end, twelve 23-year-old psychics living in the rubble of London must check their wild impulses and discover their better angels in order to rebuild society,” reads Crunchyroll’s description.

Here is a trailer for Crunchyroll Originals, including the FreakAngels segment: