Warren Ellis is writing a T-Rex Batman story. Yes, a Batman that’s a fucking T-Rex. Amazing.

warren ellis t rex batman

Warren Ellis is my favorite goddamn comic book writer of all time. Granted, I haven’t followed him as closely the past couple of years. But, that’s more about my failing to read any comics. That said? Ellis writing a T-Rex Batman may be just the juice needed to power my ass back into a funny book shop.

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Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s ‘FreakAngels’ getting turned into Crunchyroll original animated series. Woah, fuck yeah!

warren ellis paul duffield freakangels crunchyroll

Didn’t ever expect to see Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s pretty damn rad FreakAngels adapted into an animated series. But, here we are! Thanks, Crunchyroll!

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Netflix orders animated series ‘Heaven’s Forest’ from Warren Ellis and the rest of the ‘Castlevania’ team. Let’s fucking go, fellas!

warren ellis heavens forest

I keep meaning to blog about this, despite it breaking a bit ago. Why? ‘Cause, it seems like it slipped under the radar! And it’s fucking dope! A new animated series from the team behind Castlevania!

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Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch are reteaming for ‘Batman’s Grave’ and I really need to get back into comics

warren ellis bryan hitch batmans grave

I’ve been feeling the itch, lately! The itch to read comics on the regular. And, if that itch wasn’t already flaring, this news certainly gets it going. Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch are teaming-up once again, this time for Batman’s Grave.

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Netflix reveals ‘Castlevania’ season 2 ain’t dropping until October. The wait to mirk Dracula lengthens

castlevania season 2 october

Man! Not only was the first season of Castlevania short as fuck, but the wait for the second season is equally as long.

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‘Castlevania’ Teaser Trailer: Netflix animates the Man Who Killed Dracula

Jesus Christ, yes. Warren Ellis is writing this shit, in tandem with minds behind Adventure Time. If this doesn’t get your juices going, I don’t know. Check your glands, they’re fucked.

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Monday Morning Commute: The Easy Winter

The Easy Winter

“Let’s keep things in perspective – it was an easy winter.”

He thought of the foals they’d lost. Breathing labored and desperate. Eyelids too gummed up to open. Hot blood draining into cold snow.

He thought of the job they’d botched. Hyperdrive malfunctioning in subzero. Automatons screaming in death throes. Too few minerals for too many men to two-time `em all.

He thought of what this life’d cost. The honor. The glory. The woman.

“Easy winter? Hombre, there ain’t no such thing.”


Welcome to the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! This is the spot for sharin’ our survival tactics, the showcasin’ of wares we’ll be relyin’ upon to survive the workweek. `Cause it’s lookin’ bad out there, folks, so if we’re goin’ to keep the gaspipes from our lips, well, then we’re goin’ to need something to keep us gaspin’ for oxygen!

I’ll start this rock’n’roll dance-off!

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Warren Ellis Producing ‘Castlevania’ Animated Series Coming To Netflix, Will Be “Super Violent”

castlevania animated series netflix

I, for one, am completely down with the idea of a “super violent” Castlevania animated series. I mean, Warren fucking Ellis is producing it. How about you?

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Views From The Space-Ship: A Bad Case Of The Future-Gaze


Hey! Desktop Thursdays! Where I show you my goddamn worlds — populated by goddamn madness, beauty, reluctance, pensiveness, and really just a panoply of garbage!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, I skipped last week. Sue me! I have a very good attorney, and though he specializes in Bird Law, I think he can probably do me right.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, I’m over-caffeinated and ready. Oh, so ready. To rock! Here are views from across my existence the past two weeks. My worlds done tangible, done intangible, done textual. All of them, for your pleasure. I hope. Oh, I hope. You’ll share your own world(s) in the comments section!

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Weekend Open Bar: Cold Out There In Cosmoblivion (Warm In Here)


It’s the Weekend Open Bar, man. Come, come join me. But for Space’s Sake, slam that hatch closed tight. It’s cold out there, in Cosmoblivion. Yes, yes indeed. Cold out there, but warm in here. At the Open Bar. Familiar fellows who frequent these grounds know the drill. They’re already perched atop their favorite stool, ready to rock.

For those not familiar, for those just embarking on the Space-Ship Omega, I’ll help you out. Throw you a Martian Ale, or prep-up the mind-gun with the finest of Jovian dust. Introduce you to the rest of the gang. Introduce you to what this here Open Bar is all about.

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