Netflix reveals ‘Castlevania’ season 2 ain’t dropping until October. The wait to mirk Dracula lengthens

castlevania season 2 october

Man! Not only was the first season of Castlevania short as fuck, but the wait for the second season is equally as long.


Anime Expo is upon us, and Netflix is taking the opportunity to remind us that it has a metric buttload of anime and anime-adjacent shows on the way, with returning series like the bloody awesome Castlevania adaptation and the extremely cathartic return of Aggretsuko. But it’s also got a couple more surprises on the way, too.

The highlights of Netflix’s animation slate revealed at the expo were, of course, Castlevania and Aggretsuko’s second seasons. Season 2 of the Warren Ellis-written adaptation of Konami’s gothic whipathon will be arriving just in time for Halloween this year, with an eight-episode run set to air on October 26.