NASA has proposed a mission to Triton, Neptune’s largest moon. Let’s fucking go, yo!

nasa neptune triton mission

NASA wants to go to Triton, folks. It’s Neptune’s largest fucking moon. As well, it may hold liquid water, and even life. Now, I ain’t the budget officer, but I approve the fuck out of this.

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NASA reveals Bennu asteroid is active and spewing particles into space. Man, this is fucking amazing amazing

nasa bennu active

Here’s yet another “we didn’t think that happened in space” news article. Proving that space is both a great unknown, and fucking awesome. NASA has revealed that the asteroid Bennu is “active”, which wasn’t thought to happen.

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Earth may partly be made from interstellar rocks from this galaxy. How fucking gnarly is that?

earth interstellar objects oumuamua

A new scientific paper postulates that Earth may be partly made-up of interstellar rocks like Oumuamua. This is objectively fucking rad.

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Jupiter could be cracking its moon Europa with its thunderous magnetic field. I say, g’damn!

jupiter cracking europa

Yo, Jupiter! Fucking chill, bro. Apparently you may be cracking your moon Europa with your tremendous magnetic field. Which, okay I’ll grant you, is pretty fucking bad ass.

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China is launching its own Mars probe next year. Fuck yes, all of us, get to the Red Planet!

china mars probe

China is launching its own Mars probe next year folks, and I’m torqued. I don’t give a single fuck what nation gets our asses locked into the Red Planet. Rather, I just want us to get there.

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You can now check the daily weather on Mars. Science fucking rules, no?

mars check weather

Thanks to NASA’s Insight Lander, we can now check the daily weather on Mars. While it may seem a bit superfluous, it’s a reminder that we out here doing dope shit in space.

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Unknown moon was in orbit around Neptune. The Cosmos always surprises, my dudes!

neptune unknown moon

Meet Hippocamp, motherfuckers! It is a previously-undetected moon in orbit around Neptune. And if that doesn’t get your tits glistening, I don’t know what will.

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Space Swoon: Kepler’s final glimpse of the galaxy is fucking gorgeous

kepler final image

The Kepler space telescope is dead! Long live the fucking Kepler space telescope! NASA has dropped the final image Kepler sent back, and per usual, it’s dope.

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Space Swoon: Check out the layered history of Mars! Bask in its evolution!

mars layered history

As NASA explains, the history of a planet’s geological history is seen through its layers. So, check out this image of the Red Planet’s layers, and ergo its history.

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Space Swoon: Chinese satellite captures gorgeous far side image of the Moon and Earth

chinese satellite far side moon earth

Take a look at this goddamn glorious far side image of the Moon and Earth, my dudes.

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