Pluto has a buried ocean kept liquid by a layer of gas. And, it may contain life! Gimme a hell yeah!

Got a couple of really rad news and notes regarding the solar system’s favorite non-planet, Pluto! First up! The planet may harbor a buried ocean! Second up! Said oceans may harbor life.

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NASA is teaming up with SpaceX and Blue Origin to design a lunar lander for humans. Get our asses to the Moon!

nasa spacex blue origin lander

NASA is very fucking serious about getting to the Moon again in the near future. The latest sign? The agency is teaming-up with SpaceX and Blue Origin to design a lander.

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Milky Way Galaxy has holes in it from a “dense bullet” of something. Scientists got no idea, and I love it

milky way galaxy holes

Another day, another fucking mystery in the cosmos. The latest? Oh, you know. The Milky Way Galaxy has fucking holes in it from a dense bullet of something. Amazing.

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Hubble captures gorgeous-ass spiral galaxy. Space is the damn place, my dudes!

hubble spiral galaxy

Hubble! Doing work, per usual. Sharing gorgeous glimpses into the cosmos, per usual.

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Pluto’s atmosphere is going to completely freeze in 11 years. Dope event in our lifetime alert!

pluto atmosphere frozen

Pretty rad stuff to happen in our lifetime: Pluto’s atmosphere is going to completely freeze in 11 years. Winter only hits Pluto every 248 Earth years, and it’s arriving in 2030.

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Mars got some gnarly landslides at volcanic plains called the Cerberus Fossae. This entire headline fucking rules!

mars landslides

Mars! Got itself some fucking volcanic plains! And some fucking landslides! Man, I’m down for all of this.

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Hubble confirms the Universe is expanding faster and faster. To the Heat Death, friends!

Well, the Universe is expanding faster than we thought. Proving, once again, we have a specious grasp on reality at best.

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China says it will have a Moon base in ten fucking years. Game on, other nations!

china moon base ten years

China ain’t fucking around with the Moon, friends. They’re angling to get their asses established up there as soon as possible. What does this mean? Hopefully, it’ll light a fire under everyone else.

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Watch: Japan has released a video of it bombing that asteroid. 🤘Throw up the horns! 🤘

We all knew that Japan bombed an asteroid. Which, is awesome unto itself. But, getting to see it in action? Doubly awesome. Awesome-aweosme.

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NASA is planning on visting a shattered, volcanic asteroid called Psyche. Space is so fucking metal!

nasa psyche spacecraft asteroid

It’s become a refrain of mine, but I’ll stop using it when it stops being true. Space is so fucking metal.  I mean, a shattered, volcanic asteroid? Hell yeah.

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