Space Swoon: NASA drops image of Venus that reveals nightglow on the planet’s edge. Well done, fellas!

image venus nightglow on planets edge

Ey! Yo! Take this glorious image of Venus and the nightglow on the planet’s edge to the dome! It’s a Tuesday! That fucking sucks! But you know what doesn’t suck? Space!

Hit the jump to check it out, and gleam some details!

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Space Swoon: Mars’ Jezero Crater is a potential site for the Rover to investigate!

nasa mars jezero crater

Hey, yo! Check out the fucking Jezero Crater, a potential site of investigation for the Mars Rover. You go, little bro. Investigate. Detect. You know, find signs of ancient life.

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NASA has shared video of Mars Perseverance rover landing. Also, first audio from Mars. From. Mars. Mars!!!

Jesus Christ, the future is feeling real today. NASA has shared video of the Mars rover landing. But that ain’t the only shit, my fellow space-freaks. They’ve also shared audio from Mars. Fucking incredible.

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NASA Perseverance Rover has landed safely on Mars. Here are the first images from the planet!

nasa safely ands perseverance rover

Fucking hell yeah, fellas! NASA has safely landed the Perseverance Rover on Mars! Now the fucking fun shit starts! Hit the jump for the details and first images!

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China’s rover has discovered “unusual” rock shard on the Moon. Aliens, we see you!

china unusual shard the moon.jpeg

Let’s be clear: this unusual rock shard that China’s rover has discovered is either proof of aliens, or an Illuminati moon base. Simply put, it could be nothing else. Nothing!

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Hubble finds a concentration of small black holes. Write your own joke, kthnx!

Black holes! They’re usually fucking huge. But, not always! Hubble has found a small concentration of them. Which is rad, because it helps us better understand black holes in general. Let us master the fucking cosmos, friends!

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Official: The planetoid Farfarout is the most distant object in the solar system.

farfarout most distant object in solar system official

The aptly named planetoid Farfarout is officially the most distant object in the solar system. Like, listen. This motherfucker truly is far out. It was discovered in 2018, and now its status has been confirmed.

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China’s Tianwen-1 has successfully entered orbit around Mars. Hell yeah, fellas!

chinas tianwen-1 successfully entered mars orbit

China’s Tianwen-1 has successfully entered orbit around Mars, motherfuckers! As I always say: I know China is problematic as fuck. But if we’re only rooting for space missions tethered to non-problematic countries or companies, we’re never going to be rooting. So fuck yes. I’m stoked.

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Space Swoon: Deep space view shows Earth, Venus, and Mars in a single frame. Perspective++

deep space earth venus mars

Ya’ll want a glorious look? Check out this view from deep space, which captures Earth, Venus, and Mars in one frame. Hell fucking yeah!

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Astronomers have discovered solar system with six stars. Yo, that’s just excessive.

astronomers solar system six stars

Man, one solar system is fucking acting out. The motherfucker in question, who goes by the name of TIC 168789840, has got six goddamn stars! Six. My word, dude. Calm down, stop flexing. Et cetera, et cetera.

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