NASA finds evidence of “fresh ice” on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus! God bless the Snowball Moon!

nasa evidence fresh ice enceladus

NASA has found evidence of fresh ice on Enceladus, friends! And, you fucking guessed it, this could be good news for the potential for life on the moon.

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Discovery of foul gas on Venus hints at possible presence of life. Possible, okay? But still rad!

venus gas discovery life

Hell yeah! There are signs of a possible presence of life on Venus. Now, we should probably pay attention to the word “possible”, right? I agree. But it’s still fun to get excited. I mean, no?

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Astronomers say they’ve spotted the most massive merger of two black holes ever. A mere 7 billion years ago!

astronomers spotted most massive black hole merger ever

A fucking squad of flat-out rad astronomers have observed something insane. They’ve spotted the most massive merger of two black holes. Like, ever! In fact, one of the enormous-ass space objects sported the mass of 85 Suns. Mind-bending shit, dudes.

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An AI has just confirmed 50 new planets by digging through old NASA data. Man, the future is wild!

ai confirmed existence 50 planets nasa

An artificial intelligence developed by University of Warwick scientists has confirmed the existence of 50 new planets! Fifty! The motherfucker has done so by digging through old NASA data using a machine learning algorithm. Man, the fucking future.

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MIT Scientists suggest that life could exist in the clouds of Venus. Okay, just microbes! But its still fucking life!

mit scientists life venus clouds

The clouds of Venus could harbor life? Well, well, well! Bet you didn’t guess this one, did you? You dorks! I’m just fucking around, I didn’t either. But, I suppose The Expanse should have prepared us.

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Fastest star ever observed is moving so fast it is visibly warping spacetime. Holy Hell! Or rather, Holy Cosmos!

fastest star ever warping spacetime

Mammia fucking mia! The fastest star ever observed is moving so fast that it’s fucking visibly warping spacetime. Like, let that rattle around in your fucking simian-ass brains. Almost incomprehensible.

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Dwarf Planet Ceres has a secret saltwater ocean underground. Yo, how fucking rad is this?!?

dwarf planet ceres saltwater ocean

Cosmos! Tell me your secrets! I demand it. Oh, you got one? About Dwarf Planet Ceres? Well, do fucking tell! Oh, oh fuck! It has a secret saltwater ocean underground? Holy shit, this is rad.

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Watch: Mars got a weird nightglow in its atmosphere that pulses three times a night. The Red Planet is wonderfully weird

You know, I wasn’t even aware of Mars’ nightglow in its atmosphere. But, I am now! Additionally, I also now know that motherfucker pulses three times a night. Awesome.

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Venus has a planet-scale wave poisonous wave of clouds ripping across its surface! The cosmos is fucking metal!

venus planet scale wave poisonous clouds

Venus ain’t exactly hospitable. We’ve known that for a hot minute. That latest confirmation that it’s a real son of a bitch? Astronomers have found a plant-scale wave of poisonous clouds which sweeps across its surface every few days.

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Astronomers think there may be black hole planets. Blanets! No, seriously.

black hole planets blanets

The Universe confounds, and it delights me! A series of astronomers think it’s possible for planets to be found near supermassive black holes.

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