Space Swoon: Hubble captures a cannibal galaxy. The cosmos continues to be metal as all fuck!

hubble cannibal galaxy

Here’s some cosmic distraction, friends. The Hubble has captured a cannibal galaxy. The motherfucker NGC 4651 consumed a smaller galaxy, to give birth to the glorious one we see today.

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Space Swoon: Check out the Milky Way’s Galactic Center! Get off this wild planet, but for a moment!

nasa milky way galactic center

NASA has dropped a gorgeous view of the Milky Way’s galactic center. It’s just enough to get away for a moment from the global pandemic. To bask in some glorious cosmic perspective, you know?

Hit the jump to check it out in its full glory.

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Astronomers have found a metal-as-fuck planet where it rains liquid iron. Gimme a hell yeah to the heavy metal cosmos!

astronomers planet rains liquid iron

Man, sometimes the cosmos really is metal as fuck! I mean, a planet that rains liquid iron? Oh hell yes.

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Space Swoon: Mars got itself a delicious looking slice of polar ice cap!

NASA has framed this photo of a polar ice cap as the Martian equivalent of a “delicious slice of layered tiramisu” and frankly, I fuck with the description. Plus, you know, it’s goddamn gorgeous.

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NASA Probe exploring an asteroid accidentally takes picture of a fucking black hole! Happy little accidents!

nasa asteroid black hole image

Sometimes, you put your mind to it and succeed wildly. Sometimes, you put your mind to it and fail. However, other times you just stumble into victory. Such is the case with this NASA probe which snapped an image of a black hole without even trying.

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Earth got itself a new “mini-moon” until it leaves in a few months! Hell yeah!

Hey! Earthlings! Check this shit out. We got ourselves a new mini-moon in orbit around us! At leas, for the time being!

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Mars Lander detected “marsquakes” and a weird glow in the Martian night sky. The Red Planet continues to fucking rock!

mars lander glow martian night sky

A series of studies in Nature Geoscience and Nature Communications has summarized some of the rad-ass findings by the Mars Lander. We’re talking dust devils! We’re talking marsquakes! A weird glow in the night sky!

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Scientists have created an AI to figure out the structure of the Universe. Crack that code, robo-genius!

scientists ai universe

Scientists in Japan have created an AI to determine the structure of the Universe! And, other happy horseshit like unraveling the mysteries surrounding dark matter. Sounds rad as fuck! Go (not truly) AI, go!

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Space Swoon: Behold the Milky Way Galaxy’s center featuring 84 million stars. We are cosmic ants, but it’s okay!

milky way galaxy 84 million stars

I say goddamn. Bask in this image of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, featuring 84 million stars.

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Scientists find evidence of second planet orbiting the star closest to the sun, Proxima Centauri. Wild, wild times.

scientists second planet closest star

Scientists have made a discovery, friends! They’re always up to that fucking shit. This particular discovery? That of a second exoplanet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the star closest to our own.

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