Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft is returning to Earth with asteroid samples! This is either wonderful, or terrifying.

hayabusa2 asteroid samples

Japan’s spacecraft is coming home, baby! And Hayabusa2 returning alone, nope! It’s bringing samples from a nearby asteroid with it. This is really fucking rad, or the start of countless science-fiction movies where shit goes really, really wrong.

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Curiosity Rover finds weird oxygen fluctuations on Mars. We’re on to you, Illuminati!

curiosity mars oxygen

Ha! I knew the fucking Illuminati was hiding out on Mars. Now, it’s pretty much all but confirmed. Okay, okay, maybe not. But still. NASA’s Curiosity Rover has detected mysterious oxygen fluctuations on the Red Planet. Either way, it’s fucking awesome.

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There is growing evidence that the Universe is connected by giant unseen structures. Bruh, don’t get me excited.

universe connected giant structures

Man, maybe! Just maybe. The Universe is connected by a cosmic web. or some shit Why are we even talking about this? It’s due to the fact that scientists have noticed that “some galaxies move together in odd and often unexplained patterns, as if they are connected” by some sort of fucking unseen force. How fucking sick is this?

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India’s space agency wants to fucking explore Venus. I say, give me a hell yes!

india space agency venus

India’s space agency got its sights set on one hot fucking goal. Exploring Venus! Get it? Cause place is like, Hellish. Anyways, this fucking rules.

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NASA is seriously considering sending an orbiter to Pluto. Let’s fucking go, NASA! Let’s go!

nasa pluto orbiter

NASA, when considering whether or not to send an orbiter to Pluto, I suggest the following. Say yes. Always say yes when considering to send an orbiter anywhere.

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Voyager 2 has sent back its first scientific date from interstellar space. Interstellar space data, people!

voyager 2 interstellar space data

Man, what a dichotomy we are as humans. On one hand, we’re warring over fuels, Imaginary People in the Sky, and greed. Real monkey shit. At the same time? We’re getting data back from beyond the solar system, courtesy of Voyager 2! Interstellar space data!

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Astronomers have discovered a Black Hole only the size of Manhattan. The Cosmos constantly impresses, friends!

astronomers black hole manhattan

Astronomers have discovered a black hole the size of Manhattan. Or in other words, 12-miles in diameter. And in turn? They’ve discovered an entirely new class of black hole. Fucking rad.

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NASA scientists say interstellar object contains alien water. I mean, how goddamn cool is this?

nasa interstellar object water

Apparently, NASA scientists have discovered that the second-ever interstellar comet contains alien water. Interstellar water! How fucking cool is this?

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ESO has found what COULD be the smallest dwarf planet in our solar system! Hygiea, baby!

smallest dwarf planet hygiea

Hygiea was an asteroid! However, it may actually be the smallest dwarf planet in the solar system! The finding comes courtesy of the European Southern Observatory.

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Space Swoon: A gorgeous glimpse at four galaxy mega-clusters colliding!

Fuck yeah! The Chandra X-ray Observatory snagged this righteous picture! It’s a capture of four galaxy mega-clusters colliding.

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