NASA will be attempting to knock an asteroid out of orbit in 2022

nasa asteroid out of orbit 2022

NASA is going to be making moves in 2022, folks. They’re going to attempt to knock an asteroid out of orbit. While I’m generally convinced we’re going wipe ourselves out, it’s nice to see NASA taking on cosmic threats to our existence just in case we don’t. Or, at least they’re trying.

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A meteorite hit the Moon during the Lunar Eclipse and that’s pretty fucking metal

meteorite moon lunar eclipse

A lunar eclipse is already pretty fucking bad ass, you know? But, you know what’s even more bad ass? A meteorite striking the Moon during it.

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Saturn’s rings formed in a violent event less than 100 million years ago, which is sort of gnarly

saturn rings 100 million years ago

How long has Saturn had its rings? Not as long as we fucking thought, apparently. AstronomerWizards have concluded they originated from a violent event, somewhere between 10 and 100 million years ago.

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China has grown the FIRST PLANTS on the MOON, yo!

the moon china plants

China out here doing dope shit on the moon, folks. Not only were they first to land on the far side of the moon, but now they’re straight-up growing plants there.

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Astronomers detect more RADIO SIGNALS from outside the Milky Way

astronomers radio signals outside milky way

Oh god! Can you imagine if some intelligent species really is blasting out radio signals from afar? Looking for fellow sentient beings? They would be so, so fucking disappointed in us. Or, maybe not. Who knows. That said, these radio signals probably ain’t from an intelligent life form. But! The source could still be dope as fuck. Like, a goddamn neutron star. See, I told you. Still dope.

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Citizen Astronomers found new planet that NASA algorithms missed. We out here DOING WORK, friends

citizen astronomers new planet nasa missed

Citizen astronomers out here doing work! Making moves! Finding planets! What a future, friends. What a future.

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China makes humankind history by landing on the FAR SIDE OF THE MOON, baby!

china moon far side

If nothing else, 2019 seems to be fixing up to be a dope-ass year for space exploration. Yesterday, NASA dropped pictures from Ultima Thule, the farthest object ever explored by a spaceraft. As well, China has announced they’ve landed on the far side of the Moon.

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NASA releases first clear picture of Ultima Thule, the farthest object ever explored by a spacecraft!

Ultima Thule 2

Look at this Frosty The Snowman-lookin’ motherfucker! It’s none other than Ultima Thule, the farthest object ever explored by a spacecraft. Space, my friends, is fucking rad.

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Space Swoon: This spiral galaxy is gorgeous, despite its short and stubby arms

ngc 3981

Hey! Here’s a look at NGC 3981, which is gorgeous! Despite being short and stubby, cause hey. We’re all beautiful despite our flaws, right?

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Mars Express orbiter snags gorgeous image of the Korolev Crater which is filled with pristine ice all damn year long

korolev crater mars

Man, check out this goddamn gorgeous image from Mars. FROM. MARS. Of the Korolev Crater, which is filled with flawless ice. All goddamn year long. Space. It fucking rules.

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