Milky Way Galaxy still shows scars from collision with a “ghost of a galaxy” because space fucking rules!

milky way collision ghost galaxy

The Milky Way Galaxy! Home to all known life in the Universe. Also, survivor of a collision with a ghost of a galaxy. Fucking awesome.

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Jupiter’s Moon Europa got the right kinda of water to support life. So. Well. You got that shit or not, Europa?

jupiter europa water life

Jupiter’s Moon Europa got that salty water underneath its surface. Which, apparently, is the right kind of water to support life. Like, nice! Now, let’s see if it actually has it.

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Astronomers have a found “deep structure” under Moon’s largest crater. We caught ya, Illuminati!

astronomers moon deep structure

Whelp, we’ve finally found the bastards’ moon base. You know, the Illuminati. How do I know? You see, astronomers have found a “deep structure” under the Moon’s largest crater. Can’t fool me.

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NASA is opening the International Space Station to tourists. I’m currently accepting donations, my friends.

Goddamn, would it make my life to spend a night at the International Space Station.

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Chandra observatory detects mass coronal ejection from another star. Just spewing its fucking space guts!

chandra mass coronal ejection star

The Chandra observatory has picked up another star just absolutely spewing its space guts. Yup, it detected a coronal mass ejection from a star other than our own.

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Astronomers have found a “forbidden planet” in the Neptunian desert. Space fucking rules, dudes

astronomers forbidden planet

Only space can deliver such a fucking headline, right? A forbidden planet, found. A Neptunian desert, present.

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Mars has massive amount of water frozen beneath its North Pole. Can we go there, yet? Please?

martian north pole water

I say g’damn! Scientists have identified a massive amount of fucking water frozen beneath the Martian North Pole. How much, you ask? Well if it were to melt, it would submerge the entire planet.

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Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is “unraveling” cause nothing golden can stay, my dudes

jupiter great red spot unraveling

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot? That motherfucking storm on the planet that’s bigger than Earth? Yeah, it’s currently unraveling.

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Pluto has a buried ocean kept liquid by a layer of gas. And, it may contain life! Gimme a hell yeah!

Got a couple of really rad news and notes regarding the solar system’s favorite non-planet, Pluto! First up! The planet may harbor a buried ocean! Second up! Said oceans may harbor life.

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NASA is teaming up with SpaceX and Blue Origin to design a lunar lander for humans. Get our asses to the Moon!

nasa spacex blue origin lander

NASA is very fucking serious about getting to the Moon again in the near future. The latest sign? The agency is teaming-up with SpaceX and Blue Origin to design a lander.

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