City-sized neutron star is blocking the view of our galaxy’s black hole. Bro, move!

city sized star black hole

Not cool, city-sized star. While I appreciate an ultra-dense neutron star the size of Manhattan, I’d also like us to be able to check out our own black hole.

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The nearest star to us, Proxima Centauri, may have a second exoplanet. Spill your secrets, cosmos!

proxima centauri second exoplanet

Proxima Centauri is the nearest star to us. And we’ve known for a while that it had an exoplanet. However, scientists now believe the motherfucker may have a second exoplanet orbiting it. Keep Reading »

Saturn’s moon Titan has lakes that behave like Earth’s, which is as cool as it sounds

saturn titan lake cycle

Yo! So, I didn’t know it was rare for other bodies in the solar system to have hydrological cycles. Like, so fucking rare that apparently these lakes on Titan are the first ones we’ve found to have them, outside of Earth.

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Behold the first image of a Supermassive Black Hole. My word, the future is dope!

first image black hole

Yo! We got it, friends. The first image of a black hole. Space continues to be metal as fuck, and we continue to plunder its secrets.

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Japan’s Hayabusa spacecraft bombed an asteroid to release dust and collect a sample. Space exploration fucking rules!

hayabusa spacecraft bomb asteroid

Japan’s Hayabusa has bombed an asteroid, friends. Just let that marinate. It did so to collect some dust samples, and how fucking metal is that?

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Hubble captures image of asteroid spinning itself apart. Space sublimity!

hubble asteroid coming apart

Even in death, the cosmos comes off sublime. For example, here is an image the Hubble captured of an asteroid spinning itself apart.

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NASA has proposed a mission to Triton, Neptune’s largest moon. Let’s fucking go, yo!

nasa neptune triton mission

NASA wants to go to Triton, folks. It’s Neptune’s largest fucking moon. As well, it may hold liquid water, and even life. Now, I ain’t the budget officer, but I approve the fuck out of this.

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NASA reveals Bennu asteroid is active and spewing particles into space. Man, this is fucking amazing amazing

nasa bennu active

Here’s yet another “we didn’t think that happened in space” news article. Proving that space is both a great unknown, and fucking awesome. NASA has revealed that the asteroid Bennu is “active”, which wasn’t thought to happen.

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Earth may partly be made from interstellar rocks from this galaxy. How fucking gnarly is that?

earth interstellar objects oumuamua

A new scientific paper postulates that Earth may be partly made-up of interstellar rocks like Oumuamua. This is objectively fucking rad.

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Jupiter could be cracking its moon Europa with its thunderous magnetic field. I say, g’damn!

jupiter cracking europa

Yo, Jupiter! Fucking chill, bro. Apparently you may be cracking your moon Europa with your tremendous magnetic field. Which, okay I’ll grant you, is pretty fucking bad ass.

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