Friends, the newest installment of OMNI is here. Led by rocket-riding cowboy-maniac Sergio Mahmoud Jonas, the pioneers come to realize that the fourth rock from the Sun is filled with miracles and horrors inconceivable by the leadfeet stuck on Earth.

In the early years, death cults and the monsters they worship descend from the mountains to wreak havoc. Later, corrupt statesmen misappropriating the Martian dream have to be assassinated. But these are small prices to pay for the benefit of an otherworldly home that produces genuine wonder and challenges us to reconsider the very parameters of possibility.

Hit the jump to check out Rocket Man, a five-page short illustrated by Steven Walters that shows us why Jonas decides to take humanity to the Red Planet!

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[OL Exclusive] OMNI: A God-Awful, Small Affair

OL is proud to present OMNI: A God-Awful, Small Affair!

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[PREVIEW] OMNI: A God-Awful, Small Affair


OL has been given first crack at previewing A God-Awful, Small Affair, the first installment of OMNI from first-time writer Allen Drinkwater (who is, apparently, a friend of this site). After checking out the preview materials and being completely won over by the artwork of Manny Hernaez, I’ve decided to oblige.

Set on the Mars of 2090 CE, this comic follows Detective Farmer Murdock as he attempts to complete his final mission. The catch? The task at hand is to assassinate two of the planet’s most well-respected statesmen. The ensuing tale is filled with violence, rock’n’roll, nefarious secrets, and even a hint of the miraculous.

Hit the hyperspace jump to check out some samples!

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