Konami dropping massive ‘Castlevania’ soundtrack boxset this December. Holy moly, she’s a thick bitch!

How much fucking Castlevania music can you handle, fuckers? Konami is hoping it’s a lot, hoping you can handle it straight up into your guts. The company is dropping a Castlevania boxset this December and it contains 26 goddamn volumes. Fucking 26!

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Odd Orbit’s “Before Time Ends” EP is the chill prog you need and deserve

Straight up, two of OL’s best friends, Tommy and Bri, dropped a surprise EP last night during our NYE stream. You may know Tommy as our literal Dead Cells Obi-Wan, and Bri as the dude who did the artwork for Rendar’s DEFEAT.

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OutKast has announced a 20th Anniversary reissue of ‘Stankonia’ and now is the time to revisit that classic

outkast 20th anniversary stankonia reissue

Stankonia is objectively once of the greatest hip-hop albums ever. Ever! So, it’s pretty fucking sick that it’s getting a reissue with additional remixes and shit. Sign me up.

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Carpenter’s ‘Escape From New York’ and ‘The Fog’ scores both getting vinyl reissues. I need a fucking record player, man

escape from new york the fog vinyl issues

Another post about some sweet ass soundtrack getting a vinyl reissue. Another post where I note that I wish I had a record player. This time? There are multiple culprits behind my wistfulness! Carpenter’s Escape From New York and The Fog.

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Happy first of September! You know what time it is!

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Listen: John Carpenter drops the new ‘Halloween’ theme as my hype intensifies

Carpenter has dropped his new ‘Halloween’ theme (reworked is a better way of looking at it), and I’m so damn stoked for this movie.

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Tone Deaf – Command Your Weather by Big Business


Greetings earthlings. Lower case e on earth because the universe doesn’t know or care about us filthy apes. I’m Contingency Plan, filthy ape among you. I previously did cool things like play in bands and record albums so like most pretentious musicians, I think my opinion matters. I’m here to bore you with buzzwords and catch phrases like ‘earworm’, ‘sick riff’, ‘synergry’ and other banality. Still, if someone buys an album that they truly enjoy that they hadn’t heard of before this column, that’s a win in my book.

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Japanese Trailer: Now With 100% More Doctor Strange

You may remember, Marvel Scrubs and Fanboys, that the Doctor Strange stinger set-up his presence in Thor: Ragnarok. However, thus far Mystical Tony Stark hasn’t been present in any of the promotional materials. Well, that changes with the release of the Japanese trailer.

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‘The Fifth Element’ soundtrack getting vinyl release for first time ever

the fifth element soundtrack vinyl

Jesus fucking ChristThe Fifth Element is celebrating its 20th Anniversary? Man. These bones. These balls. Creaky and saggy, but such is the passage of time. Anyways. Anyways! To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the movie’s soundtrack is getting a vinyl release. For the first time ever.

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