Netflix viewership numbers have skyrocketed after they redefined “viewing” as 2 minutes. No, seriously. Can’t make this shit up.

netflix viewership viewing 2 minutes

Netflix is all like, our viewership numbers are amazing. And also, like, we define viewing as 2 minutes. This shit is fucking hilarious, man. Like, it’s so far beyond parody that you just need to tip your fucking cap.

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Rosario Dawson cast as a lead in HBO MAX’s adaptation of comic ‘DMZ’ and I am here for it!

Holy shit. Rosario Dawson has been cast as a lead in HBO MAX’s DMZ adaptation. The comic is one of my faves, and I fuck heavy with the idea of her playing Zee. Her role is apparently ” Alma Ortego”, but, I mean, it’s gotta be Zee. Right? Or not, I don’t know. Character description sounds a lot like Zee, sans the kid part.

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Quentin Tarantino writing and directing five episodes of ‘Bounty Law’ which is the show from ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

quentin tarantino bounty law

Quentin Tarantino is returning to the well with Jake Cahill, folks. Dude is going to be writing and directing a five-episode spin-off from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. The show will be five episodes of the one introduced within the movie, Bounty Law.

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‘Mindhunter’ cast has been released from contracts. It ain’t cancelled officially. But still, god dammit.

mindhunter cast contracts cancelled

The cast of Mindhunter has been released from their contracts, because Fincher is currently busy as fuck. I hate this trade, Fincher movies and shit for no more Mindhunter. Take it back.

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‘Fargo’ Season 4 Trailer: Lookin’ like a wild season set in the 1950s

Oh fuck, the trailer for Fargo‘s fourth season looks fantastic. That’s it, full stop. Ain’t got nothing else to say. Just stoked.

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‘Devs’ Trailer: Alex Garland takes his existential and technological anxiety to FX. And I’m fucking pumped.

Here’s the trailer for Devs, Alex Garland’s FX series. What, exactly, is this show about? I have no fucking idea. But, I’m ready to find out.

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Bong Joon Ho adapting ‘Parasite’ for HBO limited series with Adam McKay. Man, I don’t know.

bong joon ho parasite hbo

Adapting Parasite for an HBO limited series? Sounds like peak Hollywood. Getting its fangs into a foreign hotness. Lame. But! Wait! Bong Joon Ho is involved? Okay, okay. Now, I’m a little intrigued.

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Marvel’s ‘WandaVision’ series on Disney+ now dropping in 2020. Get them subscribers, baby!

wandavision 2020

The Mandalorian justified the fuck out of a Disney+ membership for me, and I imagine many others. But! To keep our asses around, they’re gonna need new content. Like WandaVision, which is now dropping in 2020.

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HBO is adapting Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk classic ‘Snow Crash’ into a TV series and I really want this to fucking own

hbo snow crash neal stephenson

Snow Crash is one of my favorite fucking novels, man. Cyberpunk as fuck, stylish as hell. And while adapting it seems like a difficult sled to pull, I think an HBO series is its best bet. Sign me the fuck up.

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‘Watchmen’ is cable television’s most-watched new show of 2019. Good, because it’s also the fucking best.

watchmen most watched new show

Lots and lots and lots of people are watching the Watchmen. And goddamn does that make me happy, because it’s some of the best television I’ve seen in years.

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