‘The Expanse’ has been renewed for a sixth and final season. Here’s hoping they close it out well!

the expanse renewed sixth and final season

Well, I wasn’t expecting this. The Expanse has been renewed for a sixth and final season. Given that there’s like, nine books, I’m wondering how they’re going to compact it. That said, the creators are heavily involved, and thus I’m gonna have faith! Why the fuck not? 2020 fucking sucks, let’s spit in the face of cynicism.

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Ava DuVernay’s ‘DMZ’ Limited Series officially ordered by HBO Max, baby!

ava duvernay dmz limited series ordered by hbo max

Fuck yes! We knew that Ava DuVernay was developing an adaption of DMZ for HBO Max. But, you know, Shit stands in development hell. Forever! Fucking forever! However, good news. This shit has officially been ordered to series.

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David Fincher said he would “love to revisit” fucking ‘Mindhunter’ at some point. Bro, don’t tease us!

david fincher love to revisit mindhunter btk killer

Mindhunter is dead. Unless it isn’t. You see, it’s dead now, but it may not be dead later. This is according to David Fincher, who said he’d love to revisit the series. Dude also said he envisioned the series taking place up until the 2000s, and ending with the BTK Killer. Fuck me, I need this.

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HBO cancels ‘The Outsider’ but it’s shopping for a new home. The fuck, HBO?! The fuck, you people?!

hbo has canceled the outsider shopping for new home

Man, what the fuck? HBO has canceled The Outsider, which was deeply my jam. However, its production company is shopping for a new home. Motherfuckers, it better get revived. Goddamn HBO, thirty-five seasons of fucking Entourage but this shit gets canned.

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‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Teaser Footage: Meet the monsters Geralt’s gonna fuck up!

Here’s some teaser footage from The Witcher Season 2, and it looks fun as hell. You know, I really need to watch The Witcher. I got time until it drops, but fuck am I wasting it.

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Clive Barker has joined on as executive producer of that ‘Hellraiser’ series on HBO and now I’m fucking excited

clive barker executive producer hbo hellraiser series

I was skeptical as fuck about the upcoming Hellraiser series on HBO. However, now I’m a little more optimistic. The series has gained Clive Barker himself as executive producer. Like, I don’t know if that dude has his fastball anymore. Look at the Greatest American Director of All Time John Carpenter signing off on 2019’s mediocre-as-fuck Halloween movie. But, it’s a start. You know?

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David Fincher says ‘Mindhunter’ is probably dead and I fucking hate this development

david fincher mindhunter dead

Citing a big budget, and low viewership, David Fincher has announced that Mindhunter is probably dead. Man, fuck this noise. The show is fantastic, and I curse every single slob who passed on it to watch, like, You or something.

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‘Dexter’ is coming back for a limited series and it can’t go any worse than the original finale

Dexter is coming back! ‘Cause, I don’t know, why not? It’s building off the original finale, which pretty much everyone fucking hated. I mean, a lumberjack? So, no matter what, it can’t really be any worse.

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‘Splinter Cell’ animated series coming to Netflix courtesy of the ‘John Wick’ writer. Oh, okay? Um, word.

splinter cell animated series john wick writer

There’s a Splinter Cell animated series coming to Netflix, folks! Interesting. As well, the fucker is coming courtesy of John Wick writer Derek Kolstad. Um, sure! Not the sort of news I was expecting, but what the fuck can we really expect anymore?

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‘The Witcher’ is getting a live-action prequel series and maybe I should just watch the original already

the witcher live action prequel series

The Witcher is a bona fide fucking hit, friends. And what do corporations do with hits? Milk them tits! To death! Netflix knows the deal, and they’ve announced a prequel series based on The Witcher. The son of a bitch is called The Witcher: Blood Origin, and it’ll crack open the origins of the first Witcher. You know, I’ve been hankering for a TV show to watch, and maybe this news has made it clear. Should I watch The fucking Witcher? Perhaps!

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