‘Watchmen’ Trailer: Previews for Lindelof’s remix continue to intrigue and befuddle. I’m all in.

I’ll admit, I only skimmed this trailer for Watchmen. I really, really want to go into this series blind! That said, fuck, am I ever excited for it.

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‘The Stand’ TV series casts Alexander Skarsgard as Randall Flagg. I don’t know enough to judge this!

the stand alexander skarsgard randall flagg

I like Alexander Skarsgard. I suspect I’d really enjoy The Stand. That fucking said? I have no idea if casting him as Randall Flagg is a good call. Someone else weigh-in!

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‘Hawkeye’ TV series eyes Hailee Steinfeld for lead as Kate Bishop. This. Is. Fucking. Perfect.

hailee steinfeld hawkeye

The Hawkeye TV series has apparently offered Hailee Steinfeld the lead role, where she’d be playing Kate Bishop. You know her as the other Hawkeye, and she’s goddamn fantastic. Equally as goddamn fantastic? Hailee Steinfeld.

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‘Jack Ryan’ Season 2 Trailer: The latest installment of jingoistic slop starring Jim drops November 1

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy Jack Ryan. But, man. I would never call it good. That said, can’t wait!

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Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ series casts ‘Bandersnatch’ star Will Poulter as lead. Sure, okay, I have no opinion on this.

lord of the rings amazon will poulter

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings has cast Will Poulter as the lead. It is a series that I will absolutely not be watching. That said? The dude is a good actor.

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HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ series is debuting October 20. Tick. Tock. Motherfuckers!

watchmen premiere october 20

Man, I cannot wait for the goddamn Watchmen series/sequel/whatever on HBO. But, I must fucking wait. Alas, alas. At least now I know when I have to wait until. October 20.

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‘Mr. Robot’ Final Season Trailer: Fuck society one last time on October 6!

The trailer for the final season of Mr. Robot! I ain’t fucking watching it! I want the entirety of this final dance to be fresh for me.

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‘Breaking Bad’ movie is called ‘El Camino’ and follows Jesse on the run. Pump this into my fucking soul!

el camino breaking bad movie 1

Whoops! Motherfucking Netflix accidentally leaked the title and plot of the Breaking Bad movie! Titled El Camino, it is going to follow Pinkman on the fucking run. I need this shit. Now.

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Marvel reveals ‘Moon Knight’, ‘She-Hulk’ and ‘Ms. Marvel’ series for Disney Plus. Jesus Christ, slow downnnn

marvel moon knight she hulk ms marvel disney plus

Marvel has revealed three more series for Disney Plus. Moon KnightShe-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. Like, all of these properties make me juiced. But? Too much content, dude. Too fucking much.

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‘Cowboy Bebop’ Netflix live-action casts Elena Satine as Julia. Ain’t familiar in the fucking least!

netflix cowboy bebop julia elena satine

I ain’t familiar with Elena Satine. But, she’s been cast as none other than Julia in that Cowboy Bebop adaptation. An adaptation that I quite truthfully keep forgetting is happening. Here’s hoping! Here’s hoping.

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