‘Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ Final Trailer: Well fuck me I’m interested in this show!

Somehow I went from shitting hard, deep, and vigorously on both House of the Dragon and the new LOTR show to enjoying the former and being stoked for the latter. Life comes at ya fucking fast, eh? Whatever! I’d rather admit I’m stoked after watching this final trailer for Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power than deny myself a dope experience.

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Nathan Fielder’s ‘The Rehearsal’ renewed for Season 2 by HBO. Summer of Nathan, baby!

nathan fielder the rehearsal season 2

I’ve been sweating Nathan Fielder’s juicy, awkward jock since his OG Nathan For You days, so this summer is glorious to me. You see, it’s the summer of Nathan! With The Rehearsal, dude is finally getting the love he deserves, and HBO is rewarding the love. The company has renewed the show for a second season.

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Vince Gilligan’s next show is being compared to ‘X-Files’ and ‘The Twilight Zone’ and fuck yes!

vince gilligan next show x files twilight zone

As Better Call Saul winds down, Vinny Gilligan got himself a new show he’s shopping. The dude doing any project is dope, but I’m even more stoked given what it’s being compared to. Fucking X-Files (which he worked on!) and The Twilight Zone. Alright Vinny, let’s get weird.

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The Shows That Became Netflix’s Biggest Cash Cows

Despite barely going online a decade ago, the streaming platform Netflix has had a profound impact on popular culture. As evidenced by the ability of original TV shows to propel 40-year-old songs back to the top of the music charts, Netflix is a cultural superpower with few rivals.

As one might imagine, the business of Netflix is big money. While not all of its original productions will have staying power, some have emerged to become some of the most influential, widely-watched, and lucrative TV franchises of all time. Let’s take a look at the biggest cash cows for Netflix.

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‘Atlanta’ Season 3 Trailer: It’s after the end of the world, don’t you know that yet?

After three goddamn fucking interminable years (featuring, as the trailer notes, the end of the world), Atlanta‘s third season has got a trailer. Three fucking years! What a brain melting, soul-crunching time it’s been since the second season dropped. But at least we got more surreal, trippy, engaging Atlanta to help ferry us through these post-end times.

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‘Mythic Quest’ has been renewed for Season 3 and 4. We can have nice things!

mythic quest renewed for season 3 and 4

Mythic Quest lives, motherfuckers! Eternal, like the MMO that inspired me. The show has been officially renewed for Season 3 and Season 4.

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‘Atlanta’ Season 3 is finished shooting according to Brian Tyree Henry. Gimme dat!

atlanta season 3 finished filming

Man, it’s been fucking eons since Atlanta season 2 fucking concluded. Eons! But, the wait seems to finally be fucking coming to an end. According to none other than Paperboi himself, the third season is finished. Goddamn, fuck yes! The show has only been getting better and better as it dares to get weirder and weirder, and I’m here for it. What the fuck do they have up their sleeve next? Ain’t got no clue, speculating seems pointless, but I’m stoked to get to the reveal.

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Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix Horror Anthology series has an official name and absolutely stacked fucking cast!

guillermo del toro netflix horror anthology

Man, I didn’t even know del Toro was working on an anthology series for Netflix! But the glorious motherfucker most definitely is and it’s got a glorious title and cast. The series will be titled Cabinet of Curiosities, and you can drink in the cast below.

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Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions making TV shows for Universal now. Consolidation, baby!

jordan peele monkeypaw productions tv shows

Jordan Peele’s own movies and Monkeypaw Production flicks have been released through Universal. However, his TV-bound shit has been distributed through a variety of platforms. No longer, motherfuckers! Dude has signed a TV deal with Universal, consolidating his dope-ass shit under one roof. Normally I wouldn’t have a take on some sort of deal like this, but HBO cancelled Lovecraft Country, so fuck them sideways.

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‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 has been greenlit at Netflix. Cool, but let’s end this shit soon, k?

cobra kai season 5

Cobra Kai is getting a Season 5, folks. This is good news, but I want them to wrap this shit up. Don’t get me wrong, I fuck heavy for Cobra Kai, but I fuck with it less heavy every season. Like, the more stalling you to do complete Johnny et. al’s arc, the more stale it will feel. A significant portion of Season 3 felt like treading water, and I’d rather have less Cobra Kai than more Cobra Kai if it means that sort of bullshit.

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