‘Twisted Metal’ TV series coming from the ‘Deadpool’ writers. Man, I’m intrigued as fuck!

twisted metal tv series deadpool writers

Hold the fuck on, Monday! There’s a Twisted Metal TV series coming from the Deadpool writers? I certain as shit didn’t see this coming, but I’m down like a clown for it. Get it? A clown? Fuck you! Seriously though, the writers of the Merc With A Mouth flick are perfect for this shit. The idea of this series becoming a show is self-evidently preposterous, some two writers who won’t take it too seriously are fantastic.

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‘Mythic Quest’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer: More epic content, please!

Mythic Quest is fucking incredible, my dudes. And now it’s got a Season 2 teaser! As well, it’s only getting better. Throughout the entire first season, you can feel the throbbing synergy develop between the Always Sunny and Community talent behind it. Which means? I’m fucking beyond stoked for more of the show. Beyond! Stoked! The purple loot is in my pants, growing! Epic! Something!

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HBO looking for a “new voice” to take over ‘True Detective’ for its fourth season. Fuck yeah, more ‘True Detective’

Fuck yeah, I want more True Detective! Apparently, so does HBO! The media monster is currently searching for a “new voice” to take over the show for its fourth season.

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‘The Mandalorian’ star Pedro Pascal cast as Joel in ‘The Last Of Us’ HBO TV series. Hell yeah, this is the way, blah blah!

the last of us hbo pedro pascal joel copy

Holy fuck. The Mandalorian‘s own Pedro Pascal has been cast as Joel in the HBO TV adaptation of The Last of Us.

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‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2 is going to have two more episodes than the first. This feels very, very good.

ted lasso season 2 number of episodes

Ted Lasso is a fucking gem, and if I haven’t convinced you to watch it yet…kiss my ass! Nah, I love you all the same. But this is great news for stans of the series like me. The second season is gonna have two more episodes than its first. Good, good! Give me all the feel good! Good, good, give me all the Lasso!

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‘John Wick’ Creator is turning ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ into Live-Action TV series. Aiight, okay!

john wick creator dungeons and dragons tv show

I love me some John Wick, and I have an appreciation and interest in Dungeons & Dragons. Which means the idea of the Wick creator bringing D&D to TV is, at the least, very intriguing to me.

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FX’s got a new sci-fi series from ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ writer and ‘Chernobyl’ director. I say, goddamn!

the queen's gambit chernobyl director sci fi show

Things I absolutely fuck with and would be happy to mash together: Pop-Tarts and sex. Popcorn and the movies. Caffeine addictions and workout supplements. Oh, and also The Queen’s Gambit writer and Chernobyl director. Especially for a fucking sci-fi series! Let’s go.

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‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3 dropping one week early. The dojo opens January 1st, 2021!

Man, I fucking called this shit on stream last night! Netflix has moved up the date of Cobra Kai Season 3 to January 1st! A good goddamn way to kick off 2021, if you ask my ass.

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‘A.P. Bio’ has been renewed for Season 4! Everyone shut up, shut up, and celebrate!

ap bio renewed for season 4

A.P. Bio is a fucking hidden gem, man. Not only that, but it only got fucking odder and funnier once it moved to Peacock. That said, I sort of assumed it’d drop Season 3 there, and then disappear. Not so! Not fucking so. It’s been renewed for Season 4.

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‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3 Trailer: They’re like Tango and Cash, baby!

Jesus fucking Christ, am I ever torqued for Cobra Kai Season 3! I mean, I had a hunch the team-up was coming. But this motherfucker confirms it!

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