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Tonight! 9pm! Join us for a fucking tryptophantastic stream!

Turkey Stream, motherfuckers!

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Streaming some motherfucking ‘Hades’ tonight, baby!

streaming hades tonight!

Let’s fucking go, fellas!

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Best of OL Plays: Take It! ‘Dead Cells’ 5BC Journey Done.

Last night, I finally joined Bags in the 5BC (On Stream) Club. It was more or less one of my proudest gaming moments. As, uh, you can tell.

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Take a break from the Apocalypse, friends!

No stream tonight, again. Blame Bags! Seriously back on Saturday! Halloween stream! 9pm!

Son of a bitch! Apologies again, but we have to cancel tonight’s stream. Bags got a saline injection to plump his cock, and, well, it’s not taking well. Floating around his abdominal wall, causing brief spurts of cogent thinking. It’s a scene.

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Best of OL Plays: I’d Give Malaise-ing Head!

Hey, you fucks! Here’s a couple of clips for you. First off? Honestly, one of my proudest moments playing Dead Cells on stream. I refuse to heal after that punk-ass Conjunctivius fully infects me with malaise. Come for my dodging and dancing, stay for Bags’ amazing reaction to it all.

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Best of OL Plays: See You, Space Cowboy (You Fucking Donkey)

Behold! Bags playing like an absolute fucking donkey. Pulling ten dudes and then opening a cursed chest. ‘Cause nothing says “efficiency” like wiping a run because of a donkey-brained attempt like this. But! It’s not all lost. ‘Cause starting in the first video, and concluding in the second, you can see me laughing my ass off at his stupidity. While, I imagine, chat is doing the same thing.

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Best of OL Plays: The Great Handjob Debate of 2020

We begin to debate whether or not our hand mastery of our own dongs would carryover to providing such hand relief for other gentleman. Then we transition into our own capacity for providing dong-based oral pleasure. You know, just to take it a step further.

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Best of OL Plays: The One Pixel Kid comin’ through

FUCK your curse and FUCK your elite, Dead Cells. The One Pixel Kid comin’ through. He’s giving no fucks and taking no hits.

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Best Of OL Plays: Can You Imagine Saying “I Love You” During Sex?

…I’d rather die during sex.

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