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[Update: 9:30!] Streaming Tonight! Yeah, Friday! Yeah, 930pm Eastern! Blame Bateman!

Playing some Katana Zero tonight, friends. come hang out! 👆🏻

Omega Plays: Dead Cells – Return of the Living Dickheads!

By God! We finally finish Dead Cells on stream! Talk some fucking zombie movies! Shit on Godzilla for a bit. Overall, full-on dickhead good time!

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Streaming tonight! 10pm Eastern! You know the drill!

Omega Plays: Dead Cells – The Pros and Cons of Crapping Your Pants, Obviously.

Omega Plays: Dead Cells – Part Something – Alongside our ‘Dead Cells’ master of a friend!

We returned to what’s hopefully “regular” streaming this week with a guest in tow, our friend Tommy. He’s been playing and mastering Dead Cells the last few months, as we’ve been playing Dead Cells and talking about 80s movies and boners. So, he was able to show us pretty much how to properly play the game. We’re talking synergy and stats and shit.

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We out here streaming my dudes, friends! 10 pm Eastern. Good Vibes + High Fives. Let’s GO!

We streaming tonight, my dudes! 10pm Eastern! Dead Cells! Star Wars + Pop Culture talk!

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Streaming tonight! 10pm Eastern! Let’s go, fellas!

tonight! trash gaming! bad taste! good times!

10pm eastern.

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Streaming tonight! 10pm Eastern! Let’s go, fellas!

Streaming Tonight! Recycled Banner! New Good Times! 10pm Eastern!

Streaming tonight! Join us, you son of a bitch! 10pm!