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OmegaPlays: The Messenger – Part 5 – Cut Luke Skywalker Some Fucking Slack

Streaming tonight, baby! 10pm!

Streaming Tonight! 10pm!

Stream Tonight! 10pm! Join us!

Don’t Point Break our fucking hearts! Join us at 10pm!

OmegaPlays: The Messenger Part 2: Forget the Facehugger, it’s the Butthugger’s Time

Oh, it’s a wild one! With a good portion of the Space-Ship Omega crew checking in. What do we got going on in here? Playing The Messenger. Brainstorming a new creature for Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise. The butthugger. Which induces death by stimulating the prostate. Ian tells people who like Gladiator to grow up. Other trash. Join us!

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Streaming Tonight! 10pm! Throwing high kicks! Dispensing jokes in poor taste! Join us!


Let’s go, members of Space-Ship Omega! Join Bags and me as we play The Messenger. Talk trash. Reference childhood traumas, 1980s action movies, and other happy horseshit!

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No stream tonight! Doing superkicks to fools at a Halloween party! Back next week!

OmegaPlays: The Messenger Part 1 – Bags Hit Puberty At The Age Of 4

Aw yeah, motherfuckers! This week we started The Messenger. And, it fucking rules! You know what else also rules? Ian talking about how he murmurs to his wife post-coitus, “Don’t Grow My Children.” And, you know what also-also rules? Bags confessing that he essentially hit puberty at the age of 4, during Wrestlemania or some shit. Good times. Horrifying times. For your consumption and enjoyment.

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Streaming Tonight! Starting our ‘The Messenger’ playthrough. Talking trash, hanging out.