#Views From The Space-Ship

Views From The Space-Ship: That’s a Big Crop

Listen, I fucking know that it’s Friday! A day late! Prepare, I’m hammering this out quickly. Better a brief, abridged, clipped post than none at all, right? Let’s get into it, bitches!

This is an extremely quick hitting Views From The Space-Ship!

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Views From The Space-Ship: Guided By Lines

Guided by lines, both seen and unseen! Gather around, my darling. My little fat-fanny’d babes! Check out the visual manifestations of various happenings in my life across the past week. Specifically of my parents’ dog (Charlie) we watched, and a new mountain bike trail Bags and I rocked (the Landlocked Forest)!

This is Views From The Space-Ship!

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Views From The Space-Ship: Surpriseskies

views - surprise

Most of my time these days is dedicated to grocery shopping, bringing my wife various coffees, and mountain biking. It’s a quiet life. A peaceful life. While I’m ready to get back into the classroom, goddamn do I ever appreciate this summer siesta.

Glimpse upon these Views From The Space-Ship and weep, mortals.

See you sluts in the comments section. Or not.

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Views From The Space-Ship: Milk Was A Bad Choice

Goddamn, is it ever fucking hot out. I mean, look at a map of the United States (and the UK, and Europe, et cetera) and you’re just seeing nuts-meltingly high temperatures. Not good, Rob. Not great, Bob! Fucking Hell. It’s a race between Catastrophe and Mild Catastrophe when it comes to this planet, and goddamn do I hope the latter wins. Cross your fingers, legs, and genitals.

Here are some Views From The Space-Ship for Your Eyes.

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Views From The Space-Ship: Let It Overtake Us

We’ve had a good fucking run, man. Or, I don’t know. Have we? The Grown-Up Apes have found combustion and promptly decimated this shit in like, two-hundred years? As Carlin says though, “the planet’s fine, we’re fucked.” I paraphrased that. But, yeah. Hopefully it’ll fucking outlive us. Anyways, I’m here. Want to see what my life is like pushing 40 years-old? You’re in the right place.

This is Views From The Space-Ship!

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Views From The Space-Ship: The Shores of Consciousness

views shores of consciousness

Goddamn, it’s really been a month since I dropped ya’ll a peek into my life? Gave you a glimpse into the fart-laden, madness-powered halls of my existence? Again, I say goddamn! You can really tell the end of the semester blasted me in the nards and then open-hand slapped me into submission. Anyhoo — check it out, a few glimpses into my meat-space from the past month! Admittedly, I’ve accidentally deleted a lot of photos from my camera, so what you’re really seeing are the ones that escaped the mistaken cullings.

Nonetheless! Here you go! Join me in the comments section with your own views, my friends!

This is Views From The Space-Ship!

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Views From The Space-Ship: Chimichangas For The Soul

Here you go, fuckers! Some chimichangas for the soul! What exactly does that mean? Why, like usual, I got no fucking idea. I suppose I’m about to share some proverbial chimichangas! For your fucking soul! Cause the bless the Eldritch Ones, nothing makes my stomach glow like the deep, chaotic cheesiness of a chimichanga hitting my guts. So why shouldn’t the proverbial ones have the same effect on one’s soul? Fucking Hell, am I even making any sense? Does it even matter!



Fucking no!

This is my goddamn Space-Ship, and you’re lucky I’m even wearing my ass-cloak and socks today. Be grateful you’re not staring at the dark, haunting plumage of my ass hairs as I bend over to snag a Diet Dew from the 3D-Printer adjacent to your bunk.

That’s one view you’re not getting here on the Space-Ship! But hit the jump to check out the ones you are getting, and share your own in the comments.

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Views From The Space-Ship: You Trust That Dude?

Hey ya’ll! It’s a new edition of Views From The Space-Ship. Albeit, a day late and a dollar short! Admittedly I don’t have fucking much to share this week. I suppose I can always take a picture of my actual desk, in media res! You know, show what it’s looking like. So let me go do that…*takes photo, seriously*…and I’m back! But maybe I should also try and take some shots of my life? I don’t know! Sharing is caring or something?! Yeah, I’m just fucking babbling.

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Views From The Space-Ship: A (Synth)wave of relief

Sup, my brethren? ‘Tis I, the Caffeinated Power! Coming to you today with a bit of a clipped installment. You see, I am experiencing a synthwave of relief today! Finally, I’ve been vaccinated against the Motherfucking Plague! Goddamn, fuck, yes! However, I gotta cop that I’m feeling some of the side effects. Burning eyes, a bit of a throbbing temple, and a pretty unusual amount of fatigue. All of it? All of it completely fucking worth it. To walk within the world again, just a bit more confident. To walk within the movie theaters again in two weeks, to see Mortal Kombat.

That said, I’m fucking drained! So I’m gonna sprint through my images this week, but I still hope you’ll share views of your own world in the comments section!

This is Views From The Space-Ship!

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Views From The Space-Ship: There Will Be Blood (For Vampires)

Somehow we’re doing this column three weeks in a fucking row, friends! Like, this has got to be a goddamn victory. At least in recent memory. That’s right, I’m here to blast your ass with the strong shaft of Views From The Space-Ship for a third week in a row! Don’t worry, don’t bray, don’t neigh, though. I’m a heat-seeking missile for your geek prostate, and all you’ll end up saying is “thank you” as you quiver on out of here.

Oh, where the fuck was I? What am I prattling on about? Madness! Ichor! Mad ichor, and estranged senses of sanity. Anyhoo, let’s get into this week’s edition of Views From The Space-Ship. Join me in the comments section, you fucking punks!

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