Views From The Space-Ship: A (Synth)wave of relief

Sup, my brethren? ‘Tis I, the Caffeinated Power! Coming to you today with a bit of a clipped installment. You see, I am experiencing a synthwave of relief today! Finally, I’ve been vaccinated against the Motherfucking Plague! Goddamn, fuck, yes! However, I gotta cop that I’m feeling some of the side effects. Burning eyes, a bit of a throbbing temple, and a pretty unusual amount of fatigue. All of it? All of it completely fucking worth it. To walk within the world again, just a bit more confident. To walk within the movie theaters again in two weeks, to see Mortal Kombat.

That said, I’m fucking drained! So I’m gonna sprint through my images this week, but I still hope you’ll share views of your own world in the comments section!

This is Views From The Space-Ship!


.salem’s lot (tangible)

Bought myself an older copy of Salem’s Lot to compliment the newer, more boring edition I’m reading. Will probably end up buying a couple more. I dig this cover, but I hate the reference to the CBS series.


.desk area

You can probably tell I’m under the weather because I absolutely do not fuck with how messy my office is today. But I ain’t cleaning shit! Enjoy my in-the-moment capture of my desk.


.vaccine card!

I know it’s basic to show your vaccine card, which is why I’m only sharing it with you, my bone-deep friends. I have to admit, I got a little teary-eyed yesterday after I received my dose. What a colossally butt-fucking thirteen months (and counting). The Johnson and Johnson work of science coursing through my veins! Fuck yeah.


.salem’s lot (prose)

Another batch of what I find to be killer prose from King’s Salem’s Lot. This dude came out of the gate on absolute fucking fire, huh?


That’s it for me, my friends. About to go collapse on my couch and scroll idly through the MediaFeeds while I hope my eyes stop burning. Hit me up with some pictures of your own in the comments section!