Views From The Space-Ship: Milk Was A Bad Choice

Goddamn, is it ever fucking hot out. I mean, look at a map of the United States (and the UK, and Europe, et cetera) and you’re just seeing nuts-meltingly high temperatures. Not good, Rob. Not great, Bob! Fucking Hell. It’s a race between Catastrophe and Mild Catastrophe when it comes to this planet, and goddamn do I hope the latter wins. Cross your fingers, legs, and genitals.

Here are some Views From The Space-Ship for Your Eyes.

Facetiming my Mom, drinking a Dew, with Lucy beckoning me. Peak Ian, said Sam.

Glorious panel from Department of Truth. Delving into Pizzagate. So good.


Couple of absolute units enjoying the AC in my fucking room.



Glorious shots from the local pond at dusk last Friday.


Show me your world.