Views From The Space-Ship: You Trust That Dude?

Hey ya’ll! It’s a new edition of Views From The Space-Ship. Albeit, a day late and a dollar short! Admittedly I don’t have fucking much to share this week. I suppose I can always take a picture of my actual desk, in media res! You know, show what it’s looking like. So let me go do that…*takes photo, seriously*…and I’m back! But maybe I should also try and take some shots of my life? I don’t know! Sharing is caring or something?! Yeah, I’m just fucking babbling.

Anyways! Here’s look into my deeply, deeply unexciting life this week.

I hope you’ll join me in the comments section! Show me your world(s).


.cthulhu totem

I bought this little motherfucker to haunt my bookcase. You never know when you’re going to need to summon an Eldritch One.


.salem’s lot [1]

Speaking of Eldritch ones, I enjoy how¬†Salem’s Lot plays around with some Cosmic Horror. Can definitely see Lovecraft’s influence on Early King.


actual desktop!

.actual desktop

Here’s a look at my actual desktop. Eagerly looking forward to taking my fucking laptop off the desk, which will signify the official end of the work see.


.salem’s lot [2]

Finally, here’s another cut from King’s work. Love the delving into the human psyche as it confronts Things That Should Not Be, But Are.


That’s it for me, my friends. What do your worlds look like this week?