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‘Saga’ is finally returning to comic stands in January, 2022. It’s been eighty-four years or some shit!

saga returns january 2022

I don’t know what’s fucking crazier: that Saga has been around since 2012, or that it’s been on hiatus since 2018. Both confirm what my bones and balls already tell me: that I’m getting old. However, it ain’t all grey beards, creaking joints, and dalliances with death! Nah! I also some shit shit to look forward to, such as Saga fucking finally returning in January of 2022!

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Marvel has signed deal with Penguin Random House to handle their direct market comic distribution. Times are wild, dude!

marvel penguin random house

Remember last year when DC punted on Diamond Comics? And it was a big, honkin’ deal? Well, now Marvel has joined in the madness. The House of Ideas has signed an exclusive, multi-year contract with Penguin Random House to handle its direct market distribution. I am not a smart man, so I really don’t know the ramifications of this switch. Someone educate me.

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Daniel Warren Johnson is writing and drawing ‘Beta Ray Bill’ miniseries. Holy fucking yes, dudes!

daniel warren johnson beta ray bill miniseries

DWJ is objectively fucking awesome, dudes. ExtremityMurder Falcon, and Wonder Woman: Dead Earth confirm as much. Now? Dude is taking his heavy metal aesthetic to Beta Ray Bill. Let’s go!

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Jeff Lemire’s ‘Sweet Tooth’ is returning in November with a miniseries. Cryptid Hell Yes!

jeff lemire sweet tooth returning november

Man, Sweet Tooth! One of the few comics’ creative teams from days of yore I’m relying on to find my way back into comics. And, get this! It’s returning in November with a miniseries!

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Warren Ellis is writing a T-Rex Batman story. Yes, a Batman that’s a fucking T-Rex. Amazing.

warren ellis t rex batman

Warren Ellis is my favorite goddamn comic book writer of all time. Granted, I haven’t followed him as closely the past couple of years. But, that’s more about my failing to read any comics. That said? Ellis writing a T-Rex Batman may be just the juice needed to power my ass back into a funny book shop.

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Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch are reteaming for ‘Batman’s Grave’ and I really need to get back into comics

warren ellis bryan hitch batmans grave

I’ve been feeling the itch, lately! The itch to read comics on the regular. And, if that itch wasn’t already flaring, this news certainly gets it going. Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch are teaming-up once again, this time for Batman’s Grave.

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John Carpenter is writing a Joker one-shot for DC’s Year of the Villain. I am horrifyingly excited. Get it? Terrible pun!

john carpenter dc year of the villain joker

John Carpenter is writing a Joker one-shot for DC. John motherfucking Carpenter! Am I going to read it? Questionable. Am I excited it exists at all? Hell yes.

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A ‘Spider-Man’ comic miniseries is coming from J.J. Abrams and his son. Yeah, his son. Insufferable times two.

jj abrams spiderman son

Nothing like a nice, young-ass shit head getting a break into comics because of his fucking insufferable dad. Just look at that fucking smug face.

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Tom King teases Frank Miller joining ‘Batman’ on art duties and holy fuck yeah

frank miller tom king batman

Wait, Frank Miller is providing art for Tom King’s Batman run? Please, please let it be more than cover work.

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Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95

stan lee dead 95

Stan the Man has sloughed the mortal coil at the age of 95.

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