Tom King teases Frank Miller joining ‘Batman’ on art duties and holy fuck yeah

frank miller tom king batman

Wait, Frank Miller is providing art for Tom King’s Batman run? Please, please let it be more than cover work.

Comics Beat:

Tom King is teasing a Batman collab with Frank Miller. I’ll repeat for emphasis (in Tom King style), Tom King is teasing a Batman collab with Frank Miller.

King shared some seemingly brand-new Batman artwork from Miller via his Twitter Tuesday afternoon, with the caption: “Coming up in Batman. Art by Frank Miller.”

The cautious money says this is probably Miller doing a cover or a variant for the book. But! I should point out that King has teased work from past interior artists in this exact manner, doing so fairly recently to tip that a few pages would be forthcoming from rising star Jorge Fornes (they’re in this week’s Batman #60 and they’re spectacular). Could he be doing the same for Miller? You know, legendary Batman creator of both The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One (of course you know). Time will obviously tell.

Meanwhile in related news, there’s now a soft-but-persistent voice way in the back of my head that keeps asking, “But what if he’s doing interiors? WHAT IF?”