Officially Official: Michael Keaton is Playing Batman in ‘The Flash’ movie. Fucking A, glad they locked it in!

michael keaton batman the flash movie

First some time, we all thought Michael Keaton was going to be returning as Batman in The Flash. But then murmurings of scheduling conflicts killing the prospect emerged. However, it seems we all collectively shit our pants for no reason. The dude himself will be officially donning the mantle once again.

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Michael Keaton is going to be the DCEU’s Main Batman going forward. Time is an awesomely flat circle.

michael keaton main dceu batman

Goddamn! Michael Keaton is going to be the primary Batman of the DCEU. Not Robert Pattinson, not Ben Affleck. The motherfucking OG himself. This news has me both surprised and positively torqued.

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Michael Keaton returning as Batman in ‘The Flash’ movie, maybe more. This is so fucking good.

michael keaton batman the flash

Friends, the best Batman is returning. Michael Keaton will once again be donning the cowl, beginning with The Flash movie.

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Rumor: Next Batman game is ‘Batman: Arkham Legacy’ and will let you play as entire fucking Bat-Family!

batman arkham legacy

Man, it’s been a hot minute since Arkham Knight. A hot, hot minute! No follow-up game. Not even any news about the follow-up. But if this leak is to be believed, the game is coming! Batman: Arkham Legacy. And, it’ll feature the entire Bat-Family as playable characters.

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Ben Affleck is officially out as Batman in a move we all saw coming three years ago

ben affleck out as batman

Finally, confirmation. And, I say, good.

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Matt Reeves ‘Batman’ script rewrites are due by the end of the year. Get hopping, broseph!

matt reeves rewrites batman end of year

I’m sure Warner Bros. is glad that they’re about to have another hit with Aquaman. But as with anything in the DCEU, all roads lead back to Batman. So, what’s going on with that project? The latest has it that a final draft is due by the end of 2019.

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Tom King teases Frank Miller joining ‘Batman’ on art duties and holy fuck yeah

frank miller tom king batman

Wait, Frank Miller is providing art for Tom King’s Batman run? Please, please let it be more than cover work.

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Rumor: Matt Reeves already has Ben Affleck’s replacement in mind for ‘The Batman’

matt reeves ben affleck replacement the batman

What, what the fuck are we doing here? Ben Affleck clearly doesn’t want to be Batman. Furthermore, Matt Reeves already got a fucking replacement in mind. Can we just call the BatFleck experiment over, already?

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‘Batman Ninja’ anime dropping in 2018 with designs by the ‘Afro Samurai’ creator

batman ninja anime

Hey, you know what? I’m never going to fucking watch this, unless it blows the tits off of humans and dolphins alike. However, it sounds pretty goddamn cool.

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Ben Affleck not starring in ‘The Batman’ according to a new report. Round and round we friggin’ go

ben affleck not in the batman

Can we, just, like shit or get off the fucking Bat-Toilet at this point? Holy shit. Ben Affleck is yet again questionable to play Batman in his solo movie. This time the EchoChamber is reverberating about the possibility thanks to a report from the Hollywood Reporter.

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