Officially Official: Michael Keaton is Playing Batman in ‘The Flash’ movie. Fucking A, glad they locked it in!

michael keaton batman the flash movie

First some time, we all thought Michael Keaton was going to be returning as Batman in The Flash. But then murmurings of scheduling conflicts killing the prospect emerged. However, it seems we all collectively shit our pants for no reason. The dude himself will be officially donning the mantle once again.


It’s official. Michael Keaton’s Batman will return for Ezra Miller’s solo The Flash movie. After months of carefully worded reports, and at one point, hesitant quotes from Keaton himself that he might not say “yes” to the project because of COVID, his agency have confirmed to The Wrap that Keaton will be reprising his iconic role as The Dark Knight for The Flash. In an interesting tidbit, The Wrap also reports that when The Flash catches up with Keaton’s Batman through some sort of time-travel, multiverse shenanigans, the film “will disregard the latter two entries entirely,” meaning Batman Forever and Batman and Robin starring Val Kilmer and George Clooney, respectively.

Fans of Keaton’s Batman — which let’s be honest, is the best — will no doubt be glad to hear the news that the actor is locked for The Flash. Just a few weeks ago, Keaton gave an interview that sounded a whole lot like he was going to take a pass on the film, and for a very understandable reason.

“I keep my eye more on the Covid situation in the UK than anything,” Keaton told Deadline. “That will determine everything, and so that’s why I’m living outside the city here on 17 acres, staying away from everybody, because the Covid thing has got me really concerned. So, that’s my first thing about all projects. I look at it and go, is this thing going to kill me, literally? And you know, if it doesn’t, then we talk.”

Fortunately, Keaton’s concerns were addressed, and he’s now ready to fly to London and slap on a full-body rubber suit for the first time in 30 years. Holy nostalgia, Batman!