Michael Keaton’s return as Batman in ‘The Flash’ teased in image from movie’s director!

michael keaton batman returns the flash

Will Keaton be in The Flash? Will he not be? Folks, we finally got some fucking clarity from the director himself. Dude has officially teased Keaton’s return on Instagram. Fuck yeah.

Hit the jump to check it out!

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Officially Official: Michael Keaton is Playing Batman in ‘The Flash’ movie. Fucking A, glad they locked it in!

michael keaton batman the flash movie

First some time, we all thought Michael Keaton was going to be returning as Batman in The Flash. But then murmurings of scheduling conflicts killing the prospect emerged. However, it seems we all collectively shit our pants for no reason. The dude himself will be officially donning the mantle once again.

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Michael Keaton is going to be the DCEU’s Main Batman going forward. Time is an awesomely flat circle.

michael keaton main dceu batman

Goddamn! Michael Keaton is going to be the primary Batman of the DCEU. Not Robert Pattinson, not Ben Affleck. The motherfucking OG himself. This news has me both surprised and positively torqued.

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Michael Keaton returning as Batman in ‘The Flash’ movie, maybe more. This is so fucking good.

michael keaton batman the flash

Friends, the best Batman is returning. Michael Keaton will once again be donning the cowl, beginning with The Flash movie.

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Michael Keaton Is Confirmed To Be The Vulture In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

michael keaton vulture spider-man homecoming

Michael Keaton is the superhero movie star turned superhero movie star critic turned superhero movie star, again. The circle is complete.

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Watch: Retro ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer pits Keaton against Reeve

This, this is the fucking movie we deserved. Just know, if this depresses you like it does me, that somewhere in the OMNIVERSE is a reality where it happened. Take solace in That-Earth-You having watched it, and loved it.

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Michael Keaton back on as ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ villain


Where once there was darkness, now there is light! Keaton was up for the Homecoming villain last month, but reports had him bowing out. Well, he’s bowed back in! Can you back in?! Who fucking cares, you can!

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Report: Michael Keaton in talks to join ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ as the villain

Michael Keaton

I will take this. Happily.

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‘BIRDMAN’ International Trailer: Michael (Keaton) Meta Magic


I get the broad strokes of Birdman. Washed-up superhero actor attempting a comeback. Aside from that, not really sure. And I don’t fucking care. It looks beautiful.

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Monday Morning Commute: The Hero We Need.

The Hero We Need.

Life is tricky and heroes help out.

There’s no doubt that there’re plenty of problems to be had. Even the strongest amongst us is still, ultimately, an insatiable consciousness traveling in a meek meat-vehicle. While many are bound to experience transcendence at some point, all must deal with turmoil. Hell, dealing with bullshit might be the very yarn woven throughout the entire fabric of the human experience.

“We are all bitched from the start,” Hemingway once wrote.

Luckily, the variety of problems running amok is matched by an equally impressive assortment of heroes. There’re all different sortss, some real and some fictional and others somewhere in between. What do they do? Well, right now they’re at work doin’ medical research and teachin’ guitar and writin’ plays and demonstratin’ the high-jump and makin’ pots of coffee and intermediatin’ conflicts and givin’ earnest advice and huggin’ it out. So if it seems like shit’s gettin’ mad-daunting, keep your eye out for a hero.

In the same letter mentioned above, Hemingway instructed his friend to “Forget your personal tragedy.”

That friend was F. Scott Fitzgerald.

My hero du jour? Michael Keaton. As a self-diagnosed maniac (diagnose yourself otherwise the man with the clipboard will tell you what you are), I need my inspiration to come from superheroes and ghouls and Tarantino characters. So, Keaton’s pretty perfect.

Us maniacs, we need Michael Keaton.


Welcome to the MMC. I’m goin’ to show you some stuff I’ll be doin’ this week. Check it out and then hit up the comments section and describe what you’ll be rockin’ in the upcoming days.

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