Watch: Retro ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer pits Keaton against Reeve

This, this is the fucking movie we deserved. Just know, if this depresses you like it does me, that somewhere in the OMNIVERSE is a reality where it happened. Take solace in That-Earth-You having watched it, and loved it.


If the recent launch of DC’s shared movie-verse has you wondering what the endeavor would have looked like if it was launched a quarter century earlier, then this new fan-made trailer is for you. Makers of trailers, origin stories and mash-upsstryder HD have spliced together clips and audio from Tim Burton’s “Batman” as well as the original “Superman” film franchise starring Christopher Reeve and Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs Superman” to make a 4-minute nostalgic dream for all superhero fans. There’s even a cheeky cameo of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman in there too.

The Stryder HD trailer gives fans the chance to imagine what the 2016 film would have looked like if Tim Burton and Richard Donner had directed it — and also if it had been set in the late ’70s/’80s.

In the video, fans get to see the polemic contrast between the dark, brooding Batman of Keaton/Burton and the brilliant, hope-filled Superman of Reeve/Donner.On top of that, there are some grin-inducing appearances from Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor, Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane and even the wonderfully over-the-top Nuclear Man.