Watch: Retro ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer pits Keaton against Reeve

This, this is the fucking movie we deserved. Just know, if this depresses you like it does me, that somewhere in the OMNIVERSE is a reality where it happened. Take solace in That-Earth-You having watched it, and loved it.

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Jesse Eisenberg confirms Lex Luthor is in ‘Justice League: Part One’

Lex Luthor.

Shitty Jesse Eisenberg has confirmed his shitty rendition of Lex Luthor is going to be in the shitty Justice League: Part One.

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Geoff Johns in charge of DC Films Division in wake of ‘Batman v Superman’ reaction

Batman from Dawn of Justice.

The good news: Warner Bros. realizes they need to shake things up in their DC Films division. The bad news: they’ve chosen Geoff Johns (and Jon Berg). The good news: it can’t be any worse. The bad news: I’m not sure how much better it can get under his (their) stewardship.

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Ben Affleck has written script for ‘Batman’ solo movie; only contracted for ‘Justice League’ movies

Ben Affleguysz

Thing we probably thought we knew, but didn’t know for sure, but now is sure: Ben Affleck has written a script for a Batman movie. Thing we probably didn’t think we knew, but didn’t know for sure, but now is sure: despite having written the script for a Batman movie, Ben Affleck ain’t contracted for one. I have to imagine this will get done, though, I mean, right? The common refrain coming out of BvS is, is, is, is, “well, I can’t wait for the solo Batman movie”, right?

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Hans Zimmer (‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy, ‘BvS’) has retired from composing superhero films

Hans Zimmer.

Hans Zimmer is done with the Whole Superhero Thing. Which to me is a good thing, since while I love the dude, I felt he was spinning his wheels (in general, maybe) lately. That thin line between having a distinct voice and becoming derivative, it challenges us all. From talentless hacks like me, to powerhouse composers like Zimmer.

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Monday Morning Commute: They Thought It Was An Accident

they thought it eas an accident

Welcome to Monday Morning Commute! On time, half-assed, and here for your whole-hearted dismissal. I am currently supine. Clad in sweatpants and malaise. Trying to see Monday Night RAW over my laptop. This is my worldview. This is my worldview: we live short lives in absurd conditions, and goddamn if I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to Monday Morning Commute! The column where I share the various things I’m looking forward to during a given week. This is a neat little week, filled with a substantial amount of anticipated-things and enjoyed-objects. I hope you’ll share your own MindMusings after reading through my little lame assed list.

Let’s do this!

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‘Batman v Superman’ International Trailer: *Even* *More* *Intensity*

‘Batman v Superman’ TV Spot: Wayne is like, “Here I am, Breh”

‘Batman v Superman’ TV Spot: A Smoke Grenade Tricks Superman. Seriously.

So, uh. In this spot, Superman looks pretty fucking dumb. Like, a smoke grenade tricks him. Definitely not Grant Morrison’s Genius Superman from All-Star.

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Rumor: Affleck rewrote parts of ‘Batman v Superman’ while *dressed* as Batman on set

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ TV Spot: “The Bat is dead. Buried.”

How is this for an absurd rumor & confirmation that the script for Batman v Superman is garbage (not that you probably needed any)? Apparently the Bat-Fleck would spend time on the Batman v Superman set, in his Bat-Suit, rewriting his dialogue and shit the day-of.

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