Monday Morning Commute: They Thought It Was An Accident

they thought it eas an accident

Welcome to Monday Morning Commute! On time, half-assed, and here for your whole-hearted dismissal. I am currently supine. Clad in sweatpants and malaise. Trying to see Monday Night RAW over my laptop. This is my worldview. This is my worldview: we live short lives in absurd conditions, and goddamn if I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to Monday Morning Commute! The column where I share the various things I’m looking forward to during a given week. This is a neat little week, filled with a substantial amount of anticipated-things and enjoyed-objects. I hope you’ll share your own MindMusings after reading through my little lame assed list.

Let’s do this!


Seeing: Batman v Superman this weekend with Bateman.

Here’s hoping I’m high enough to enjoy it. To some extent.


Playing: The Division. I love UbiSoft games.

I love shoot-and-loot games. I love The Division.


Podcasting: Limetown. More radio dramas.

Centered around quasi-supernatural concepts.



Sunday: Wrestlemania, baby!


Saturday: The last two Lucha Underground episodes, baby!


Listening: Chon‘s latest album, Grow.

Been hard into instrumental bands lately.


Listening (2): That Echosmith song, Cool Kids.

I know, like, a year late.


Probably Finishing Up: Daredevil, Season 2.

Holy fuck, does it pick up about halfway through the season.


That’s it for me, folks. What’s getting you through the work week?