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Neil Gaiman and DC Comics announce ‘Sandman Universe’ imprint

neil gaiman dc comics sandman imprint

Sandman is coming back late this year in a big way. Neil Gaiman and DC Comics have announced that there’s going to be a whole Sandman Universe imprint.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing ‘Captain America’ starting on the Fourth of July and I don’t know what to think

ta nehisi coates writing captain america july 4

Yo, I don’t know what to make of this. I love Ta-Nehisi Coates’ prose. I didn’t love his run on Black Panther. And putting him on Captain America? Seems equal parts intriguing and intentionally provocative. What does this add all up to? Me confusingly buying the first issue at the very least.

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‘Back to the Future’ getting a manga courtesy of the ‘One-Punch Man’ artist. This is so oddly fucking cool

back to the future manga one punch man

What the fuck? Thanks to friend of the site Jerkface for bringing this to my attention. But, again. What the fuck? This is such a goddamn odd confluence of things that I enjoy, that I’m just going to lean into it.

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Brian Michael Bendis has signed an exclusive deal with DC, holy shit. Nothing makes sense anymore

brian michael bendis dc exclusive

What the fuck? Brian Marvel Bendis is no more. The writer who sort of totally fucking *is* Marvel comics has signed an exclusive deal with DC. Honestly, I’m having a little trouble wrapping my brain around this.

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Marvel is finally resurrecting Jean Grey after 13 long-ass years, thank goodness

marvel resurrecting jean grey

I don’t know why I’m excited about Marvel is finally resurrecting Jean Grey. I don’t read Marvel comics, let alone X-Men titles. But, I have always had a soft spot for the bad ass, and I’m happy to see her finally returning. Again.

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John Carpenter co-writing ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ sequel comic so that’s some fun news

john carpenter big trouble in little china sequel comic

Following the whirlwind of disappointing, feces-flecked news surrounding Lord and Miller being fired from Han Solo, here’s some neat news about a creator I love. Woof! Look at that run on sentence. Anyways! Yeah!

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Greg Pak writing ‘John Wick’ prequel comic book series, lest no mystery be sacred

john wick prequel comic book series

Last week, news dropped that a John Wick TV show was in the works, that would delve into the mysterious world of assassins that Wick inhabits. And I was like, eh, I don’t know, I like it being mysterious and undefined. But! It could be good. So, just cut and paste that same sentiment of mine when it comes time to ask me how I feel about a John Wick prequel comic.

How about you?

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‘Rick and Morty’ comic coming from the minds behind ‘Firewatch’

rick and morty firewatch creative team

Rick and Morty. Awesome, niche television show and comic book. Firewatch. Awesome, niche video game. Why not have an installment of the former, from the minds of the latter?  There ain’t no damn reason, why not!

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Greg Pak and artist Takeshi Miyazawa reuniting for ‘Mech Cadet Yu’

pak miyazawa mech cadet yu

Apparently, Greg Pak and artist Takeshi Miyazawa are kicking ass on Totally Awesome Hulk. I wouldn’t know this, because I’m a dumpster-trafficking garbage lord. I mean, man, I’m so fucking detached from the Big Two’s comic book offerings. But! But, I’m very excited for their next effort, Mech Cadet Yu.

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DC’s ‘Doomsday Clock’ miniseries has Superman throwing down with Dr. Manhattan

doomsday clock superman dr manhattan

I…couldn’t care less about this shit. Or rather, I would I could, because I’m vaguely annoyed by it, despite being out of the comic books game.

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