Greg Pak and artist Takeshi Miyazawa reuniting for ‘Mech Cadet Yu’

pak miyazawa mech cadet yu

Apparently, Greg Pak and artist Takeshi Miyazawa are kicking ass on Totally Awesome Hulk. I wouldn’t know this, because I’m a dumpster-trafficking garbage lord. I mean, man, I’m so fucking detached from the Big Two’s comic book offerings. But! But, I’m very excited for their next effort, Mech Cadet Yu.


Writer Greg Pak and artist Takeshi Miyazawa have collaborated on multiple comic book projects — including the Kickstarter-funded Code Monkey Save World and a few issues of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter at Dynamite Entertainment — but they’re best known collectively as the creators of Marvel’s fan-favorite supporting character Amadeus Cho, the seventh most intelligent person on that Earth who has recently moved into a gamma-powered starring role as the Totally Awesome Hulk.

Pak and Miyazawa latest work together is Mech Cadet Yu, a four-issue creator-owned miniseries set to debut in August from BOOM! Studios, and another series starring a young Asian-American protagonist. Mech Cadet Yu is set in a world where giant robots arrive on Earth from outer space to bond with cadets from the Sky Corps Academy in order to defend the world from evil aliens dubbed “the Sharg” — except the main character, Stanford Yu, is not a cadet, but a janitor’s son who works at the school as support staff. As Pak puts it, things go “gloriously wrong,” and the story begins.

CBR has the first interview with both Pak and Miyazawa to learn more about Mech Cadet Yu, which started life as the “Los Robos, Arizona” short story from 2012’s Shattered anthology. Pak and Miyazawa discussed their partnership, the world of Mech Cadet Yu and the importance of giant robots to both creators in their formative years.

pak miyazawa mech cadet yu