[OL Exclusive] OMNI: A God-Awful, Small Affair

OL is proud to present OMNI: A God-Awful, Small Affair!

On Mars nothing’s impossible.

Which is great if you’re an artist or a dreamer. But Farmer Murdock is one of the planet’s most hardboiled detectives, and as such he’s spent his entire career cleaning up messes that Earth never could’ve imagined. Lucky for Murdock, he’s only got one more mission before he’s free to spend the rest of his days sitting on the beach, digging his toes into red sand, and drinking himself into a stupor.

The catch? Murdock’s been tasked with assassinating two of the planet’s most beloved statesmen. Oh, and he has to do it in the planet’s most popular nightclub.

Written by Allen Drinkwater and illustrated by Manny Hernaez, A God-Awful, Small Affair is twenty-six pages of neon grime, rock’n’roll science fiction, and miraculous violence.

If you want to see what vengeance looks like on the fourth rock from the sun, this is the comic for you.