‘EASTBOUND & DOWN’ Getting Fourth Season. I Hope It’s Better Than Season Three.

I didn’t really give a shit about Eastbound & Down‘s third season. This runs contrary to some of the other OL regulars, but what can I say. Imma drop the truth. Powers went full douchebag, and the underlying heart that made him quasi-redeemable wavered in and out. I’m hoping the fourth season can crawl its way back to a happy medium.


Earlier this week, Eastbound & Down fans got a nice little holiday present when HBO announced that the comedy would actually be back for a fourth season, despite earlier plans to end the series after Season 3. HitFix’s Drew McWeeny called up co-creator/star Danny McBride to get the scoop on how the surprise fourth season came to be, and what the upcoming episodes would hold for Kenny Powers.

McBride acknowledged that he and co-creator Jody Hill had felt “very creatively fulfilled” by the way the third season ended, but that they started thinking about what they might do if the show continued. “Even as we were shooting the third season and Jody and I were like, ‘This is it,’ we still sort of were thinking ‘If we did do one more, this is sort of where it could go,’” he said. “We did have an idea for a sort of an epilogue to the show. […] And for a while, we thought of this epilogue as something that was maybe like an hour and a half special, and the more we talked about it, the more we thought it could be one more season.”

McBride revealed that the new season would explore “what life would be like once April (Katy Mixon) and Kenny were together,” which is “what the third season was going to be” before Mixon’s commitment to Mike & Molly wound up conflicting with her involvement in Eastbound & Down. “That was the one story arc we felt like we were unable to finish the way we imagined,” McBride said. “What would that be like for Kenny Powers to finally get what he always wanted?” Happily, HBO was able to rearrange the schedule to get better access to Mixon in the new season, so she’ll feature more prominently in the upcoming episodes.

“We wouldn’t have signed up for it if we weren’t confident about being able to deliver something that won’t take away from what we’ve done, that will add to it and give us one last encore performance of this disgusting man,” McBride added. Head to HitFix to read more.

What say you?