Marvel Bringing Back Original Wolverine, Bruce Banner, Jean Grey, And More With ‘Marvel Generations’

marvel generations

Marvel is bringing back what can be quantifiably considered a “fucking shitload” of legacy characters, and will be pairing them with contemporary counterparts. Folks like Wolverine, Bruce Banner, Jean Grey, and more are returning. In what is just another confusing development in the Marvel comic book world for this old man.

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DC and Warren Ellis are reviving the Wildstorm imprint in February 2017

warren ellis dc wildstorm

Warren Ellis is helping DC revive the Wildstorm imprint, which they never should have fucking canned. IMO, IMO. I’m stoked! Goddamn stoked. Yeah, this is weak copy. I’m tired. But excited. Excitired.

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Comic Book Sales are the Highest they’ve been in 20 Years


I’m not an economist, I’m too lazy to really dig in-depth into what this news means, so I’m just going to make like a good Millennial. Read the headline, browse the content, and fit the story to my own agenda. Comic books are doing well, fuck yeah!

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Weekend Open Bar: Arcade Summer

weekend open bar | arcade summer

Welcome, friends. To the Extended Weekend Open Bar! Carrying us through the Fourth of July. For those of you lucky enough to have a long weekend, salutations! For those of you unlucky enough to have to work either this Weekend, or the Fourth, salutations anyways! I imagine there’s going to be some seared-flesh breath being aspirated at the computer screens and black mirrors as you folks hopefully join the Bar. Contributing to the camaraderie on the Space-Ship omega whenever you take a break from doing your duty of celebrating God’s Finest Creation, America. By consuming animals, hops, and igniting conversations at cookouts and fire-based sky sparkles.

If you don’t know, the Weekend Open Bar is your virtual one-stop for shooting the shit during the weekend. As Head Czar of the Space-Ship, I encourage one and all to share what they’re up to. Share the animal-flesh you’re going to sear in supplication to George Washington. Share the movie you’re going to see, doing your American best to prop up our economy. Share what you’re reading at the beach. Whatever you’re doing, join in.

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Weekend Open Bar: All’s Left Is The Entropic Collapse

you can dance if you want to

Man, I don’t know what’s going on with my country. We’re spinning apart at both ends of the rigged political, we got heat waves, virii, droughts, colossal tornados. Both cheap metaphorical, and literal storms brewing. Man, I don’t know what’s going on with this planet. Same problems, larger scale, fewer solutions. Man, I don’t know what’s going on with this Universe. Fucking Fermi Paradox like “Hey”, fucking Entropy like “Stop Me, Bro!”

What do I know, though? It’s a long weekend. This is the Open Bar. And despite the being up to our knees in calamities on a cosmic, planetary, and national level, I’m still enjoying my life. What can you do, but dance as the Palaces burn (If you’re lucky enough)? What can you do, but share the weekend with your loved ones, friends, family, and hopefully me (If you’re lucky enough)?

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Monday Morning Commute: how to slowly .exe yourselves and others in 20XX


Monday Morning Commute! On a Monday Evening! Better than a Tuesday Afternoon, not as good as a legitimate Monday Morning! Feelin’ pretty good, man. Classes are finally over, man. Doing a bit of tutoring, but hey. Can’t complain about that. Making money. Still having to drive into Boston during quasi-rush hour, but hey. Can’t complain about that. I’m getting to sleep until 9:00, which is a fucking blessing from the Elder Ones.

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Comic Book Legend Darwyn Cooke has passed away at 53


Frakin’ terrible, man. I don’t know Cooke’s work as well as I would like, but even still, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve consumed, and regret that which I haven’t.

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Weekend Open Bar: King For A Day, God For A Lifetime

weekend open bar [weekend open bar] weekend open bar [weekend open bar]

Oh come all ye degenerates, the Bar is Open. It’s the Weekend. Let us gather around the slime-soaked tavern fire, spitting whimsy and regret. Spitting about what we’re doing this weekend. Be it a movie we’re going to see, a meal we’re going to eat, a transdimensional omnisexual Manta-Beast we’re going to bang.

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Tuesday Afternoon Commute: Status Check from Space-Ship Omega

status check

Oh shit! I’ve been gone for a minute. Went deep, deep into a Star Wars-induced blackout last week. Then every time I began to peak my head out, someone wanted to know: what did I think, how did I feel, was it as good as the originals? (c’mon now!), how many times have you seen it? (three!), how many times do you want to see it? (seven, at least), when are you seeing it again? (tonight, by myself!) did it meet your expectations (my logical ones, not my emotional ones), on and on. And I realized, in that moment, that I really just wanted to digest the entire thing by myself. Or rather, not on the internet. Writ large.

But I’m back! This is Tuesday Afternoon Commute! Semester break finally begins for me, today. And it’s mere days until Christmas. So let’s hang out. What’s on your mind, what’s on your plate this week?

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Weekend Open Bar: It’s Fine To Be The Sidekick


I am no great leader of men. I am not good at planning, or issuing commands. For many that may be difficult to admit, but I find leaning into your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses is the best route. I am no great leader of men, but I’m certainly quite adept at being their right hand man. I think this is one of the reasons I get along with my wife, Sam. She is an Alpha-Human, designed to implement designs. Bend reality to her will. And I’m there to. You know. Make her laugh at the end of a long day of being professional and powerful and whatever. I can’t budget, I can’t conceive of running conferences like her. But when she’s hungry I can get her a bagel. Listen, it’s not the most glamorous life. But when you’ve caught the tail of a brilliant, gorgeous comet, you play to your strengths.

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