Weekend Open Bar: Dusk, Of A Summer Evening

weekend open dusk of a summer evening

We’re getting deep into summer now, friends. With such a progression brings deeper, more rewarding dusk. However, it also brings with it shorter days, longer shadows, and hints at a Fall which promises to be seemingly chaotic at best. But as I said Monday, in the end we’re promised nothing. Nothing! Fucking nothing at all. Which means I might as well enjoy the beautiful dusks and the welcoming evenings while I can, no? Who knows what next week will bring for me. Really, for all of us. Why sweat it? And if we’re not sweating next week, let us definitely not begin to contemplate whatever the fuck is about to happen this winter.

Instead, let’s fucking hang out this weekend! Balls out in the air. Toes in the existential pool. Let’s fucking hang out, here at the Open Bar!

Tell me, Comrades-In-Existence! What are you up to this weekend? Watching some playoff basketball? Grinding through your backlog of comic books? Or, maybe you’re doing some yard work. Mowing the lawn, trimming the trees. Or, maybe you’re doing some pubes grooming! Mowing the metaphorical lawn, trimming the metaphorical trees.

I want to know! Let’s hang out, baby!

This is Weekend Open Bar!