Weekend Open Bar: Cold Out There In Cosmoblivion (Warm In Here)


It’s the Weekend Open Bar, man. Come, come join me. But for Space’s Sake, slam that hatch closed tight. It’s cold out there, in Cosmoblivion. Yes, yes indeed. Cold out there, but warm in here. At the Open Bar. Familiar fellows who frequent these grounds know the drill. They’re already perched atop their favorite stool, ready to rock.

For those not familiar, for those just embarking on the Space-Ship Omega, I’ll help you out. Throw you a Martian Ale, or prep-up the mind-gun with the finest of Jovian dust. Introduce you to the rest of the gang. Introduce you to what this here Open Bar is all about.

Why — why, it’s the weekly gathering at the end of the Grind. Where us members of the Space-Ship, and any and all visitors come together and spend the weekend together. Chatting about what we’re watching, sharing GIFS of cats lighting roman candles, reveling in the maniac caloric consumption we’re embarking upon.

Space is cold, but it’s warm in here. So let’s spend the the weekend together.

What are you up to the next couple of days? What’s on your mind?