‘Rogue One’ TV series adds Stellan Skarsgård and Kyle Soller to its cast. Give me all the fucking Skarsgård!

stellan skarsgard kyle soller rogue one

The Rogue One TV series is plugging along in preproduction. And, here’s some dope news. It has added Stellan Skarsgård and Kyle Soller to its cast. Skarsgård fucking rules, having most recently blown my nips off in Chernobyl last year.

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Disney’s streaming service getting ‘Rogue One’ prequel series starring Diego Luna. I’m actually stoked by this

rogue one star wars story prequel disney

Well then! While I didn’t really enjoy Rogue One, I did enjoy Diego Luna’s portrayal of Not Han Solo. Therefore, I’m pretty fucking jazzed at the idea of him starring in his own prequel series.

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Watch: ‘Rogue One’ Gets Retro VHS Commercial

Rogue One was, by and large to me, a mediocre turd (oh, turds come in *all* sorts of qualities, obviously) masquerading as a worthy installment in the Star Wars franchise. However, this fan-made VHS commercial for it is fantastic.

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Watch: Darth Vader’s Big ‘Rogue One’ Scene Remade In LEGO

darth vader rogue one scene remade lego

I’m pretty whatever about Rogue One. But man, of course *that* Darth Vader scene made my fanboy geek-prostate explode. Now! Now it’s been remade in LEGO.

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OMEGA-CAST #21: Garbage Lords Gone Rogue (One)


Hope. Hope! Hope, hope, hope. Did you know that Rogue One was about hope? Yes! Yes, it is. Talk about Hope and everything Roguish with us here. Here’s a Rogue One-centric podcast. Done in one take, shuffled out into the night quickly so we can get the conversation coming.

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Weekend Open Bar: Cold Out There In Cosmoblivion (Warm In Here)


It’s the Weekend Open Bar, man. Come, come join me. But for Space’s Sake, slam that hatch closed tight. It’s cold out there, in Cosmoblivion. Yes, yes indeed. Cold out there, but warm in here. At the Open Bar. Familiar fellows who frequent these grounds know the drill. They’re already perched atop their favorite stool, ready to rock.

For those not familiar, for those just embarking on the Space-Ship Omega, I’ll help you out. Throw you a Martian Ale, or prep-up the mind-gun with the finest of Jovian dust. Introduce you to the rest of the gang. Introduce you to what this here Open Bar is all about.

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‘Rogue One’ IMAX TV Spot: Oh, It’s Beautiful

New ‘Rogue One’ Poster: Did You Know It’s About Hope?!

rogue one hope poster

Did you know Rogue One is about hope? Oh, you missed it despite all the marketing bludgeoning you with the theme? Well, here’s a new poster. To really get the point across.

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‘Rogue One’ Tickets Are Going On Sale On Monday

rogue one tickets monday

This is not a drill. This is not a fucking drill. Rogue One tickets are going on sale on Monday. What time? Some are saying 12:01 am EST. I hope that’s true. I hope!

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‘Rogue One’ TV Spot: What Chance Do We Have?