Watch: ‘Rogue One’ Gets Retro VHS Commercial

Rogue One was, by and large to me, a mediocre turd (oh, turds come in *all* sorts of qualities, obviously) masquerading as a worthy installment in the Star Wars franchise. However, this fan-made VHS commercial for it is fantastic.


Before the weekend, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was made available on digital download. But those who are still standing by physical media are stuck waiting to relive the first Star Wars spin-off until it hits Blu-ray and DVD on April 4 next week. It might not be easy to wait until then, but perhaps a retro commercial pretending as if Rogue One is coming to VHS will help hold you over.

Star Wars fan Damien Kazan created this trailer for the home video release of Rogue One that looks like it was ripped straight from another VHS that has been through the VCR one too many times.

Here’s the Rogue One VHS trailer from Damien Kazan’s YouTube.