OMEGA-LINKS: Episode VIII, Bustin’ Ghosts, Bustin’ Wallets


Every once in a while I feel the need to do a cleansing, uncontrollable purge of my RSS reader’s “Saved for Later” folder. Today is the day, folks! Open your mouths, close your eyes, and thank whatever Deity you subscribe to. In this edtion we got some Rian Johsnon on Episode VIII love, pulsating stars, space-suits, Amazon buyin’ shit, and more.


A Lightsaber In My Pants: 
Rian Johnson Talks With Terry Gilliam About ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’

Square Enix announces Shinra Technologies, a new cloud gaming service for 2015

Netflix orders two seasons of a new Judd Apatow comedy before it’s even created

Don’t Do Drugs, Kids: 
Dan Aykroyd Says He’s Looking At The Marvel Model For The Future Of ‘Ghostbusters’

Space Porn: 
Powerful, Pulsating Core of Star

Mediocrity Sells:
Destiny sales total $325M in first five days, Activision says

Obviously Our Alien Creators:
Israeli Archaeologist Discovers Huge Monument Older Than The Pyramids

Where’s My N7 Suit? 
MIT’s New BioSuit Shrinkwraps Astronauts to Hold Them Together

Fascist Bezos Is Capitalist Pig:
Amazon Beat Google to Buy the .Buy Domain Name for $4.5 Million