Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix Horror Anthology series has an official name and absolutely stacked fucking cast!

guillermo del toro netflix horror anthology

Man, I didn’t even know del Toro was working on an anthology series for Netflix! But the glorious motherfucker most definitely is and it’s got a glorious title and cast. The series will be titled Cabinet of Curiosities, and you can drink in the cast below.

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Netflix acquires Will Smith action movie from ‘John Wick’ and ‘Atomic Blonde’ director and I guess I care!

Netflix acquires Will Smith action movie from 'John Wick' and 'Atomic Blonde' director and I guess I care!

I’m pretty much fucking down to watch anything by David Leitch, even if said anything involves Will Smith. In fact, involving the dude behind John Wick and Atomic Blonde is one of the few ways to get me to care about a Will Smith project at this point.

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‘Gundam’ live-action movie coming from ‘Kong: Skull Island’ director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Netflix

Hey! The dude behind Kong: Skull Island is directing a live-action Gundam movie for Netflix! My take? Hey, sure! Why the fuck not, right?

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‘The Sandman’ Netflix series has announced its whole cast and I wish I could care more!

netflix announces the sandman main cast

Netflix has announced the main cast of The Sandman. Wee? I guess? Listen, nothing against The Sandman, friends. As well, nothing against Neil Gaiman. But I just can’t find the juice to care about this news! However, maybe you can give me the juice! If you’re excited, you know. Squeeze me. Milk me. Make me…care.

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David Fincher has signed a four-year exclusive deal with Netflix. Give me fucking ‘Mindhunter’ Season 3, I beg you!

david fincher has signed a four-year exclusive deal netflix

It’s true that Mindhunter is probably dead. But, I can’t help but wonder now, you know? Given that David Fincher has signed a four-year exclusive deal with Netflix. Fucking let me dream, you fools.

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‘Assassin’s Creed’ live-action series diving onto Netflix. Get it? Like, diving? Eh whatever the fuck!

assassin's creed netflix live-action

Can Assassin’s Creed follow-up The Witcher as Netflix’s next great video game adaptation? I’m not sure! But, we’re all about to find out together. How do I feel about this shit? Pretty optimistic, honestly. I don’t know if I’ll fuck with it, but Netflix’s floor is pretty high when it comes to quality.

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Netflix testing feature to speed-up episodes. Nothing says we’re fucking pop culture slobs like this, eh?

netflix speed up feature

Hey! Pop culture pig! Stuffing your brain with distraction and garbage! Want to stuff more into your brain much quicker? Well, does Netflix have the test feature for you! That’s right! Watch MORE shit EVEN MORE MINDLESSLY in order to avoid the Big Scary Unknown.

The company has gone from hosting Black Mirror to becoming one of its episodes. Wee!

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David Cronenberg writing and directing Netflix mini-series based on his novel ‘Consumed’ and goddamn hell yes!

david cronenberg netflix series consumed

David Cronenberg getting into the Netflix game? Give me a hell fucking yeah! The Master of Body Horror is going to be writing and directing a mini-series based on his own novel, Consumed.

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Lame ass ‘Game of Thrones’ showrunners sign 9-figure deal with Netflix. Fuck these nerds, man

game of thrones showrunners netflix

One of the more gratifying things about the final season of Game of Thrones was (pretty much) everyone realizing what I already knew: the showrunners were fucking idiots. That said? Apparently Netflix still hasn’t realize it. Signing these chumps to an insane deal.

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‘The Division’ movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain is heading to Netflix. This is cool by me!

the division movie jake gyllenhaal netflix

Man, I had completely forgotten that The Division was being made into a movie. And that’s fair, right? It was announced in 2016, which is about 3,000,000,000 pop culture news cycles ago. But, it is! And, it’s starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain, and being directed by David Leitch.

That’s enough talent to have me interested, especially since I enjoy the source material.

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